HUI O�HAWAII OF YUMA by HC120912055948


									                                       Membership Application
1. Name:

2. Spouse:

3. Children/Ages:

4. Address:

5. Telephone(s):

6. E-mail:

7. Are you interested in joining the Hui ‘O Hawai’i of Yuma?                           Yes        No

8. Would you be willing to volunteer for any of the below positions? (Please check all that apply.)

  Board Member         Officer      Committee Member          Treasurer      Secretary         Newsletter


Do you have experience with any of these positions? (Please explain.)

9. Do you have any talents, abilities or experience in the below areas? (Please check all that apply.)

  Dance (Hula)       Singing      Playing an Instrument       Cooking       Internet         Web Design

  Disc Jockey        Desktop Publishing        Computer Abilities       Legal Expertise         Eating

  Newsletters        Fund Raising         Charitable Organizations         Event Coordination


10. Do you have any additional comments, recommendations, questions or areas of concerns?

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