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                                                    BACK PAIN IN PREGNANCY
Back pain is one of the one most common complaints of women who are pregnant. In most cases, back pain does
                              not suggest a serious medical or obstetrical problem.

    1. Muscle Aches
           Most common source of back pain in pregnancy.
           These can be quick and passing or last for days to weeks.
           As the abdomen grows larger during pregnancy, great strains are placed on the spine.
           Can cause spasm or even injury to the muscles of the back.
           Most commonly affects the low back muscles.
          Prevention and Treatment of Muscle Aches
            As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, her enlarging abdomen forces her to walk, bend, and lift differently
             than she has before – effecting muscles in her legs, back, and shoulders.
            Treat with massage, stretching, and occasional Tylenol for pain relief.
    2. Lifting Injuries
              Lifting a heavy load, twisting, bending, or falling can injure a disc in the back.
              This can cause severe pain and associated muscle spasms.
              This pain typically lasts for days to weeks.

          Prevention and Treatment of Lifting Injuries
           Avoid many of the severe muscle and disc injuries by not lifting heavy loads regularly and by continuing
             a regular low-intensity, low-impact exercise regiment such as swimming or walking.
           Always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regiment during pregnancy.
           Check with your doctor to insure that there is no permanent injury.
    3. Inflammation
              Occurs in the buttock area.
              Called sacroilitis - inflammation of the joint between the bottom of the spine and the pelvic bone.
              Occurs because of the new strains on the spine and pelvic in pregnancy.

          Prevention and Treatment of Inflammation
           Treat with massage, stretching, and occasional Tylenol for pain relief.

Call Our Office If…..
   Low back pain or flank pain and symptoms such as burning with urination, bloody urine or fever.
   Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stool, or abdominal pain.
   Back pain in the first trimester of pregnancy with symptoms of fever, vaginal bleeding, or vaginal discharge.
   Back pain that does not resolve within a few minutes and occurs late in the second or third trimester of
    pregnancy with a fever, vaginal pain, or vaginal discharge.

        Never take medications other than Tylenol in your pregnancy without first calling your doctor.

Disclaimer: This fact sheet is designed to be an informational tool only and is not intended to provide medical advice or replace expert care by a qualified
medical practitioner. Duplication permission is granted for non-profit educational purposes. G. Gilson, MD, 2/98, Revised with permission by L. Gort, FNP,
4/2010, Institute for Family Health, New York, NY

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