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- highly unlikely Sure, touch on technical aspects of the job,

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									 The seo proposal is most definitely one of the
 most crucial documents that any consultant is
    likely to use, as it's typically the one that
    dictates closure or acceptance of the job
      requested by the client. For seasoned
  professionals the proposal might be simply a
turnkey template that is edited to suit each new
prospect, by way of ammending certain aspects
  such as the clients website, business name,
description of the job, and if included, the actual

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  Whilst this may not be an issue for larger firms, it may be somewhat of a
daunting prospect for freelancers new to the industry All the typical
questions come to mind What do I put in it? How long should it be? Do I
include my quote in it? What areas should I cover? What can I put in it to
increase my chances to secure the job?          I know when I was first
approached by a client who was seeking search engine optimization, I
had absolutely no idea where to start, and I too, was asking myself the
very same questions        I think while it's important to ask yourself these
questions, it is also important to be mindful of your clients needs and how
best to address them
 Also, it is equally important to be able to identify the nature of the project
itself and document your proposal accordingly           Firstly, by far the most
important thing I have learnt since having done numerous proposals for
dozens of clients myself, is to keep your proposal short, straight forward,
to the point, and most importantly - not full of technical jargon         By
keeping your proposal simple and to the point, you are most likely going
to find that the client will be more responsive and you will increase your
chances of securing more work Many make the unfortunate mistake of
overdoing it
 Whilst writing a 500 page proposal and packing it full of sales pitches
and technical jargon might seem impressive, in most cases the client
won't even bother to read it I mean, does a client who is running a
hairdressing salon really need to know what inbound keyword rich anchor
texts are? - highly unlikely    Sure, touch on technical aspects of the job,
but keep it brief and to the point If the client is unsure they will usually
ask, but always offer them further assistance
     Remember, a proposal is simply that, a "proposal" You should only
begin to elaborate further and in more detail once you know that the client
is interested in working with you Typically I submit no more than 9
pages, project depending Sometimes less, sometimes more
 It depends on the users requirements and the complexities of the task
ahead, however again, you want to be straight forward, to the point and
direct You most likely want to adopt this short and to the point strategy to
your seo contract as well     Secondly I have found that by following a
template strategy works very well also What I have made common
practice, is to simply do up a proposal, save it as a template and seo
optimizacija ammend it where necessary by 'filling in the blanks' so to
speak, with each clients details and technical requirements as needed
 There are several advantages of doing this Obviously you will fast track
the entire process by not having to write up a new proposal each time,
but most importantly you will begin to follow a methodical approach and
formalised workflow strategy with each client This approach ensures that
you expedite the process dramatically and streamline your business
    Thirdly, professionalism This is a big one You want to really make
an impression on the client and convey yourself as a total professional in
every sense
 I have been complimented time and time again, by numerous clients, on
how well my proposals and other documents have been presented and I
certainly believe it has been due to this that I have landed more work and
made more money          I now pride myself in this area and the continual
remarks made by clients assures me I am doing the right thing! John
Roberts is an independent seo consultant, web developer and freelance
internet marketer, having over 11 years experience in the online space
John provides ready made templates, documents and suitable for online
professionals, which you can find out more about by visiting
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