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									Fact Sheet
                                                        Who will be leading the group
Who can take part                                       The event is organised by Expedition Wise,
                                                        an events company who specialise in
                       Costs                            organising challenge events for charities.
                                                        The event will be
Registration fee: £149                                  manned by their staff including a first aid
                                                        qualified expedition leader.
Option 1:        Pledge to raise £1,450, of
                 which                                  What is a typical day
                 £646 (the costs) must be               Wake early and pack bags. Have breakfast
                 received by 25 March 2011.             and load bags onto the support vehicle.
                                                        Have the briefing for the day ahead. Check
Option 2:       Pay the costs of £646 which             out of the hotel and warm up. Start the ride
                must be received by 25 March            and continue cycling until lunch with regular
                2011 and pledge to raise at             water and snack stops in between. Later
                least £804.                             you will carry on cycling in the afternoon
You do not have to be an athlete to                     arriving at the hotel in time to unwind and
participate in these activities but you should          freshen up. Evening meal and drinks in the
be reasonably fit, feel confident cycling up            bar.
and down hills and be aged over 18.
                                                        How fit do I need to be
How big is the group                                    You should be able to ride at a constant
The group will be between 24 and 40                     10mph as a minimum. It will be run as a
people.                                                 group challenge and although there will be
                                                        opportunities to speed along, it'll only mean
Do I need my own bike                                   a longer wait for those who are slower. If
Yes. This is a long distance, on road cycle.            you have never ridden before this ride is still
We would advise a touring bike or if using a            achievable with the ride preparation.
mountain bike, to have road tyres fitted.               Remember, it is not about the speed but
                                                        completing the challenge.
What about other equipment/clothing
                                                        What if I can’t keep up
You will need to bring your own helmet so
                                                        The event is not run as a race and there is
that the fit will be perfect. A full kit list will be
                                                        always a large discrepancy in people’s
sent on registration.
                                                        cycling ability, which is catered for. There
                                                        will always be a staff member at the back of
What will the accommodation be like
                                                        the group to ensure you are not left behind
All accommodation will be in good quality
                                                        and can take things at your own pace. If we
tourist class hotels of 2-3 star rating. Rooms
                                                        find somebody is unable to cycle at all, then
will be used on a twin share basis & all
                                                        we can transport him or her from one
rooms will have their own bathroom. If you
                                                        location to the next in the support vehicle.
are travelling with a friend or partner who
you wish to share with, please let Expedition           What is included in the cost of the
Wise Ltd know in advance.                               expedition
                                                        All support staff, full medical support, all
What is the food and drink like?                        refreshments on route, showering rooms in
In the hotels you will have a continental               Newhaven, 3 course meal at Newhaven,
breakfast buffet. At lunch time you will stop           ferry crossing to Dieppe, coach transfer to
and have a light yet energy filled pub /                hotel in Dieppe, all accommodation in 2 and
restaurant style meal. Dinner will be either            3 star hotels, all meals (using local
at the hotel or at a local restaurant. Water,           restaurants on route for meals), celebration
snack bars, fruit and energy powder will be             meal in Paris, special permission to finish in
provided throughout.                                    the Trocadero gardens (with the best view of
                                                        the Eiffel Tower for the finish line), coach
                                                        transfer to Gare Du Nord, Eurostar ticket to
                                                        King’s Cross St. Pancras, bike transfer back
                                                        to Princess Alice Hospice
                                      Fundraising how to!

The most important thing is to make sure its fun, the second thing is to make a plan and it’s as
simple as that!

Here are our ingredients to fundraising success, think about:

       Who you know, i.e. friends, family, work colleagues ……
       What you enjoy doing
       Who could help you, i.e. your local pub, church, community group, sports club, children

Then break down your target into smaller chunks and use all of these to help you produce a

For example:

To raise £1450:

£400:          sponsorship from friends and family on Just Giving, this could be £20 from 20

£200:          Ask your local pub if they will let you do a collection on a Saturday night

£500:          How about organising a quiz night or another event with friends and family

You have already reached £1100!!

£150:          Hold a sporting sweepstake

£100:          Donations instead of Christmas/birthday/mother/fathers day presents …..

£100:          Organise a dinner for 10 friends and charge £10 per head – you could raise even
               more money by asking each of them to do the same!

To name just a few ideas….

Once you have signed up you will be sent lots more ideas and you will also have the help of a
Princess Alice Hospice community fundraiser who will be able to give you lots of tips and
                           London to Paris Cycle Challenge Itinerary

 Your London to Paris cycling challenge will see you cycling 178miles (286kms) over 3 days
 and through 2 countries.

 Your expedition begins at the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher where you will meet the rest of
 your group and navigate your way out into the leafy suburbs. You will head towards Epsom
 and then off on relatively traffic free roads to Newhaven. You then cross by ferry from
 Newhaven to Dieppe where you can rest after a long day and a great cycling experience.

 Your second day is slightly less arduous and affords you the time to get to know your group
 and form a real team spirit as you journey through the beautiful French countryside.

 The penultimate day of your challenge pushes your stamina with 68miles (110kms) of cycling
 to the French capital and to the Trocadero gardens, opposite the Eiffel Tower for the best
 view of Paris’ iconic landmark. It is here you can celebrate in style with a glass of champagne
 overlooking the magnificent Seine from the Trocadero Gardens. You will then return home
 the following afternoon with some well earned comfort on the Eurostar.

Day 1: Friday
Princess Alice Hospice to Newhaven - 59miles / 95kms
Your challenge begins today at the hospice for an introduction to your expedition leader, support
team and the rest of your group and receives your introductory briefing. Once all your bikes are
set and ready to go you will begin your ride, heading east towards Claygate and then south east
towards Malden Rushett and Epsom. This is one of the quieter routes out of Esher and within 1-
2 hours you will be in the beautiful British countryside of Godstone, stopping for lunch after 30
miles at Turners Hill, Surrey. The afternoon route winds through the South Downs past
Haywards Heath and traversing Ditchling Beacon before dropping down into Newhaven. In
Newhaven you will load your bikes into the support van before having an evening meal together
close to the ferry port before catching the ferry to France. This is a long, tough first day with a
mixture of heavy traffic riding out of London in the morning, and ascend some big hills. All
cyclists are treated as foot passengers on the ferry and are required to ‘walk’ onto the ferry. Your
bikes will be in the support van for the ferry journey. The overnight ferry crossing takes
approximately 4hrs arriving early on the Saturday morning. Once in Dieppe, you will be taken by
coach to your accommodation as it will be just after 4.00am local time. Here you can go straight
to your hotel beds for a well deserved night’s rest and a late start for the following day.

                                       Day 2: Saturday
                                       Dieppe to Gournay - 51miles / 82kms
                                       This morning you can enjoy a lie in after your achievements
                                       yesterday. Due to the previous days ride and late finish,
                                       departure is not until later today. Heading inland on
                                       undulating quiet roads, passing through small villages and a
                                       bison farm, the ride today is a great opportunity for you to
                                       relax and settle into the whole weekend and get to know the
                                       rest of your group. After 23miles (37kms) you will stop for a
                                       leisurely lunch in the town of Saint Martin with its traditional
                                       church. After lunch you will enjoy a rolling afternoon through
some very picturesque French countryside. The roads are smoother, the traffic far quieter, and
there are no big towns to go through. It is quite simply a fantastic day’s riding for those who want
to stretch out a little or simply cruise along taking it all in. You will arrive late afternoon at your
hotel and will have the evening to relax at leisure as tomorrow is another tough day. Dinner and
overnight at hotel in Gournay.
                                               Day 3: Sunday
                                               Gournay to the Eiffel Tower, Paris - 68miles /
                                               This morning you will make an early start heading
                                               southwest through more spectacular French
                                               countryside. The ride until lunchtime is particularly
                                               challenging with several major climbs to overcome
                                               over 43miles (70kms). Once at lunch in Cergy you
                                               are already on the outskirts of Paris with only 25miles
                                               (40kms) remaining. The ride into town is fairly
                                               technical through the suburbs and busy streets with
                                               numerous junctions to overcome along with
negotiating the traffic. From Bois de Boulogne for the final 4miles (6.5kms) leg, the lead car will
lead you in as one group. You will cycle to the Arc De Triomph, cycle partly around it before
heading down Avenue Kleber to cycle around the Place Du Trocadero and finish at the
Trocadero Gardens with a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower. You will arrive at the Eiffel Tower
late afternoon where you can celebrate the pinnacle of your challenge at France’s most famous
landmark. You then have a 1mile ride to your hotel where your bikes will be loaded onto the
support truck to return to London tomorrow. You can then check in and spruce yourself up
before the final night’s celebratory meal after which, the evening is yours to spend at leisure in
Paris enjoying the nightlife of this fascinating city! Overnight hotel in Paris.

Day 4: Monday
Paris to London
This morning is free for you to wander around Paris or simply lie-in after your celebrations the
night before! The support truck leaves early this morning with your bikes and bike equipment for
you to collect from Princess Alice Hospice. Around lunchtime you will transfer by coach to Gare
du Nord Eurostar station for your journey back to London. Your challenge ends at Kings Cross
St Pancras and your bikes will be transferred back to Princess Alice Hospice.
                             Princess Alice to Paris                         attach a
                                   20 – 23 May 2011                          here

                                   Registration Form

 Preferably register on line by going to our website

If you wish to complete the Princess Alice to Paris Cycle challenge run by Expedition
Wise Challenges, please go to our website and complete the online form, you will need to pay a £149 deposit.

If you would prefer to pay by cheque please complet the below form and return it with a
                                  cheque for £149 to:

                                    Princess Alice Hospice
                                        West End Lane
                                   Esher, Surrey KT10 8NA

Cheques should be made payable to Princess Alice Hospice.

We recommend that you keep a copy of this form for your records.

Name (as on passport):

Name you prefer to be addressed as:

Date of birth:                                 Gender:

Home address:


Sex: (please circle) Male/Female

Occupation & Company:

Daytime telephone number:                            Mobile number:
Passport details (Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from when you return to the

Passport number:                                           Country of issue

Issue date                                                  Expiry date
Where did you hear about the challenge?

There are two payment options:
Please indicate which one you have chosen by ticking the appropriate box below.

              Option 1:    I will pay the registration fee and I will pledge to raise £1,450, of
               which £646 must be received by 25 March 2011.

              Option 2:     I will pay the registration fee and I will pay the full tour costs of
               £646 (£795 – the registration fee of £149) which must be received by 25 March
               2011 and pledge to raise at least £804.

Why are you raising money for Princess Alice

How much do you plan to raise?

Do     you  have     any    specific      dietary
requirements? e.g. Vegetarian

Please give us the names of anyone else you
are travelling with:

If travelling with others who would you like to
share the room with?

Would you like to receive a Princess Alice Hospice T-Shirt (please circle)?

Size:          Small           Medium         Large          X-Large          XX-Large

                                       Medical Declaration

Please complete the following by circling the appropriate answer. If you answer yes to any of
the following we may require a note from your doctor stating you are fit to go on the trip:

Are you pregnant or          Yes/ No         Have any allergies e.g.: Penicillin,        Yes/ No
trying to get                                food?
Heart trouble and or         Yes/ No         Fracture/tendon/ligaments/                  Yes/ No
blood pressure                               cartilage injury
Back problems                Yes/ No         Physical or other disability and or       Yes/ No
                                             registered disabled
Diabetes                     Yes/ No         Suffering from or carrying any
                                             contagious diseases?
Epilepsy or fainting         Yes/ No         Are you over 65?                          Yes/ No
Migraine                     Yes/ No         Have you had an operation or              Yes/ No
                                             any past illnesses we should be
                                             aware of?
Cancer                       Yes/ No         Are you receiving medical                 Yes/ No
                                             treatment at present?
Asthma/bronchitis or         Yes/ No
shortness of breath

If you answered yes to any of the above, please give further details.

In the event of an emergency during the challenge, whom would you like to be contacted?


Daytime telephone number:                                 Mobile number:



Relationship to you:

                                 Booking Terms and Conditions

   1. I agree to abide by the booking terms and conditions.
   2. I agree that the information provided is a true and accurate description of my current
      health and medical state.
   3. I understand that failure to declare a medical problem may invalidate my health
   4. I understand that wearing a cycle helmet whilst on the bike is compulsory and I will not
      be permitted to cycle without one.
   5. If the provider (Expedition Wise Challenges) cancels the challenge, then an alternative
      date may be offered. If this date is not acceptable, then a full refund (including your
      deposit) will be paid to the client within seven working days.
   6. If you cancel your place on the challenge, the following penalties will be incurred. Your
      £149 deposit is non refundable. In addition to this if you:

               Cancel within 58 days of the challenge start date, you must pay the full costs of
                the challenge (£795 - the £149 deposit) £646.
7. Your booking deposit is non-refundable and your position on the Challenge is not
   secured until the deposit has been received. This fee is payable to Princess Alice
   Hospice and covers initial booking costs.
8. The non-refundable deposit is £149 in addition minimum sponsorship for this
   challenge is:
           Option 1:   You pledge to raise £1,450, of which £646 must be received by 25
           March 2011.

            Option 2:       You pay £646 (the costs) which must be received by 25 March
            2011 and pledge to raise at least £804.
9. £646 must be paid to Princess Alice Hospice 8 weeks before the event (25th March
10. The remaining sponsorship should be paid to Princess Alice Hospice six weeks after
    the event
11. Payment for both the deposit and minimum sponsorship should be sent to Princess
    Alice Hospice by the deadlines stated above. All cheques should be made payable to
    Princess Alice Hospice.
12. Princess Alice Hospice and Expedition Wise Challenges cannot be held responsible
    for participants pulling out of the challenge due to illness/injury. In the event of a
    participant pulling out due to illness/injury every effort will be made to transfer the
    participant to a similar event, but this is at the sole discretion of Princess Alice
    Hospice and Expedition Wise Challenges.
13. The person named above will be participating in an adventurous challenge run by
    Expedition Wise Ltd. These activities contain an element of risk, however Expedition
    Wise Ltd endeavour to minimise these risks through best practise and the use of good
    risk management.
14. By signing this form you agree to Expedition Wise Staff providing you with first aid
    treatment in an emergency. You undertake to inform the appointed leader in charge
    of the challenge, in the event of any changes to my health prior to the date of the
    challenge. You understand that the challenge will entail cycling involving physical
    exercise and know of no reason why you are not able to undertake this challenge.
    You also agree to photographs being taken and used for publicity purposes.

15. Medical Restrictions: You do not have to be an athlete to participate in these
    activities but you should be reasonably fit, feel confident cycling up and down hills and
    be aged over 18, if you are aged over 65 we will require a certificate from your doctor.
    Those who are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not take
    part and those with asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, a heart condition or any other medical
    condition which may be restrictive to their participation in this event should consult
    their doctor prior to signing up for the challenge.
16. Princess Alice Hospice uses Expedition Wise Challenges to organise the London to
    Paris cycle Challenge, a company specialising in this activity. We do not accept any
    responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages resulting from participation in this
    event. Expedition Wise Challenges is a member of Expedition Wise Ltd, whose
    registered offices are, Expedition Wise Ltd, Rock House, Rock, Place, Coedpoeth,
    Wrexham, LL11 3RS. Tel: 01978 750636, or visit
Declaration: I understand all of the above and accept the written terms of this contract.


Print name:


        Princess Alice Hospice is a registered charity no. 1010930 and a company limited by guarantee
                                      in England and Wales no. 1599796

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