Everything You Wanted to Know About Credit Cards

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					Everything You Wanted to Know About Credit Cards

Today, credit cards are the most popular things owned by an individual. A
credit card would basically allow the holder to purchase products and
services without paying up any cash.

Not all can buy everything that they need or desire. This is where credit
cards come to our rescue. As the name suggests, the purchase is on a
credit basis. This is basically an agreement between the bank or the card
issuing company and the user. This agreement gives you access to instant
money that you can use up immediately. The repayment terms such as the
interest and the set up charges differ from one bank to another. Hence,
you will need to check these up before you accept a credit card from any
of the lending organizations.

There are a number of benefits associated with such cards. One of the
main advantages is that a credit card offers convenience and flexibility.
You won't have to carry hard cash every time you shop. You can simply
swipe your card and the payment will be made instantly.

There are a couple of points that you need to bear in mind before you get
yourself, a credit card. Firstly, these cards can be used for purchasing
just about any commodity - be it apparels, furniture or even an expensive
item such as jewelry. Secondly, you will always need to check the monthly
statements provided by your lender. This offers a great overview of your
expenditure. Once you understand this, you can actually save money the
next time you go shopping.

You should also remember not to make any extra expensive purchases using
your card. This is because your interest rates will start increasing if
you do not pay them off on time and very soon, things will go out of your
control. Depending upon your requirements and your financial condition,
you can apply for any type of card such as MasterCard or Visa verified
cards, Diners Club Card, or Amex Card. There are a few aspects you need
to understand about these.

Every bank will have certain interest rates and these rates differ from
one bank to the other. Interest rate refers to the extra cost that you
pay whenever you use your card to make any purchases. These rates even
affect the Annual Percentage Rate that you pay on an outstanding balance.
Mostly, interest is charged as a percentage of the remaining balance.

There are a couple of reward programs that the banks and lenders offer to
their clients. You get certain points whenever you make any purchase on
your card. Once these points get accumulated, you can redeem them and get
some incentives. An yearly tariff would get charged by your card issuer
for maintaining your account.

Whenever you get a credit card, you should make sure that such a card is
accepted in all countries. Master cards and Visa Cards are recognized
worldwide. These would be perfect especially when you want to travel
abroad and do not wish to visit banks for currency exchanges.
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