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									Mac Support Committee                                     12/1/2006 11:09:00 AM

       Tim Ruggieri, Garvin Boudle, Kevin Marinelli, Dan Mercier, Desmond
        McCaffrey, Gordon Daigle, Todd LevESQue, Chris Burch, Matt Ross,
        Matthew Butwill, Karen Skudlarek, Debra Caruso, Alex Bothell, Clif
        Hirtle, David Logan, Devon McLaughlin – Apple, Paul O'Brien - Apple

 Apple Training / Certification:
       Bob Trikakis from Apple (regional resident pro-apps guru) will be
         on-campus January 11th to speak on:
            o ProApps Certification training for UConn
            o Podcast seminar
            o Paul O’Brien to forward more info as it becomes available
         Karen and Clif will work on putting together class(es) for January
         Most classes need min of 16 people for Apple to run
            o We can invite folks from other colleges if we can't fill a class
         Subjects interest…
            o Intro to Final Cut
            o Intermediate/Expert Final Cut
            o DVD Studio
             o Motion
             o Streaming Server Administration
             o Active Directory/Open Directory Integration
         Please look over the complete catalogue of current Apple Training
          courses and certification paths and get back to Karen and Clif with
          your votes on classes of interest!

 Change in UConn Fetch license code
         Upgrading to new version of Fetch may prompt for new code
         New codes for v4 and v5 are now located on the UConn FTP site,
          linked to off the SLG page

 Server Presentation Feedback?
       last 20 minutes most useful – tech specifics
       more talk on virtualization for next time?
UConn’s Institutional Apple Store NetID Authentication
     Switch over to requiring NetID logins for access to the UConn
       institutional purchase Apple Store online is imminent
     Why are we doing this?
          o Securing of the institutional online Apple Store to UConn
              faculty /staff allows the posting of lower-than-educational
              pricing on Apple products
     Individual purchase side UConn Apple Store will continue to remain
       open to all

As the Mac Turns (roundtable Mac happenings discussion)
      Demand from faculty for assistance in streaming/podcasting of
        course materials continues to increase across campus
           o IDD already testing capabilities of podcast server
      SOE’s application for iTunes U still in limbo at AG’s office
      Testing of Windows on Mac via Parallels and Boot Camp ongoing
           o SOE investigating migration to all-Mac, dual-OS environment
             for their laptop lease program

      If we have a specific topic/need to learn about then Paul O'Brien
        from Apple can arrange to have a consultant engineer come onsite
        to discuss it with us.

Change   in Meeting Days/Times
        Changing to 2nd Thursday in month (1 week before SLG)
        10:30am
        continuing with rotating meeting locations

December Meeting?
     No standard group meeting
     Targeted to looking into Apple training only
     Sometime in first 2 weeks of December (exact date TBD)
     Please email Karen/Clif if you’d like to participate!
Next meeting:

 January 11th

See you there!!!
12/1/2006 11:09:00 AM
12/1/2006 11:09:00 AM

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