Post:                  Administrative & Finance Officer
                       Post Holder:
                       Contracted Hours:      17 per week
                       Salary Scale:          SCP 15-21 (pro rata £16,054-£19,126)


To carry out a range of administrative and financial duties related to specific activities and
functions of the Council at the direction and under the supervision of the Town Clerk. Also to
be familiar with and undertake, at the direction and under the supervision of the Town Clerk
of the Council, administrative and financial duties normally carried out by other
administrative staff during their temporary absence from work due to holidays, sickness or
for any other approved reasons.


1.     Accounts

       (i)   To receive, verify and check all invoices for the supply of goods and services to
             the Council ordered by authorised members of staff and to input information onto
             the accounts computer system

       (ii) To prepare all schedules of accounts for authorisation by Council

       (iii) To collect all monies received in the office, reconcile and bank.

2.     Cemetery Management

       (i)   To maintain and keep up to date all records both written and computerised
             relating to interments, exclusive rights of burial, memorials and the maintenance
             of graves at Sprowston Cemetery and St Mary & St Margarets closed

       (ii) To receive and deal with all enquiries and orders for interments, exclusive rights
            of burial, memorials and the proper management of graves from funeral
            directors, monumental masons, next of kin, members of the clergy and the
            general public.

       (iii) To issue instructions for the digging of graves and placement of memorials to the
             Grounds staff and contractors.

       (iv) To complete all certificates of burial and make all other necessary returns to the
            Registrars of Births and Deaths and to Coroners.

3.     Delegated functions

       (i)   To assist persons visiting the Council Office

       (ii) To assist in the administration of the cutting of highway verges in Sprowston
4.    Streetlighting

      (i)   To receive reports of faulty streetlights, input these into our computerised system
            and forward to our Contractors, or in the case of non-parish owned streetlights,
            e-mail Norfolk County Council with information.

5.    Council Premises Hiring

      (i)   To maintain the Council booking system for the hire of premises and facilities at
            all sites, and all associated forms and notices

      (ii) To prepare the paperwork for invoicing

6.    General Administrative Support

      (i)   To assist the Town Clerk in the word processing, printing and distribution of
            reports, correspondence and information as may be required.

      (ii) To assist in the filing / electronic filing of all minutes, correspondence,
           documents, records and accounts and the general maintenance of the Council's
           filing system.

      (iii) To receive and log all telephone calls & messages

      (iv) To receive and log all complaints / comments / queries from personal callers to
           the office and, if unable to be addressed, direct the issue to the correct person.

7.    Planning Applications Register

      (i)   To receive, date stamp and verify all applications for planning permission upon
            which the Council has been asked to comment.

      (ii) To register with the appropriate planning authority the Council's observations on
           all applications considered by the Council and to input these, together with
           details of the decisions of the planning authority or Secretary of State, in to the

      (iii) To file all plans received and, in consultation with the Clerk of the Council,
            periodically review and destroy unwanted or out of date plans.

8.    Skills Training

      (i)   To receive, during normal working hours or at such other times as are mutually
            agreeable, skills training and attend courses in the use of all office equipment
            and computer programmes as is necessary to use or understand for the
            performance of normal duties whilst an employee of the Council.


The Terms and conditions of Service of the Post Holder shall be in accordance with the
National Joint Council for Local Government Services' Scheme of conditions of Service
(Green Book).

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