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Ceramic tiles are very popular these days compared to wooden, stone or any other kind of flooring.

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									Different Types of wall cladding options

 An office is a place which has to have a very interesting and activating
  ambience. A positive ambience always encourages production. These days the
  run of the mill painting walls in the desired color is not the only choice left
  when it comes to decorating your walls to match your interiors. The times are
  changing and wall cladding times are becoming very popular due to the
  immense benefits they offer. One of the main benefits of the wall cladding
  tiles are that they offer a protective layer on the wall and protect the room from
  the external elements. Wall cladding available in the form of tiles are in various
  colors, designs and textures. Even they are available in different types of
  materials from wood, ceramic, brick, stone, metal, cork, fibreboard and more.

 Ceramic wall cladding tiles: Though these tiles were mostly used in the
  bathrooms, these days these tiles are used in interior of offices also because
  they are now available in various different textures and finished also. Though
  these tiles require a bit of maintenance they are still a good choice because of
  their ease of application and choice of colors and designs.
 Stone wall tiles: Stone walls look real stunning because of the textured wall
  feel they give. They actually provide a more natural and cozy look. These tiles
  are much more stronger than ceramic tiles to difficult to crack. These tiles also
  reduce the grout exposure and give a more tight setting.

 Wood Wall Tiles: Wood is an every green material, its make the interiors look
  so comfortable and homely. You feel in the midst of nature when you have
  wood tiles on your walls. Though wood is an expensive option, wood is the best
  option if you are not just looking for a budget friendly material for your office.
  Wood helps to maintain the temperatures of your room also. There are various
  choices in the type and wood colors which include, pine, bamboo, oak, maple,
  eucalyptus and more. The best advantage of wooden tiles is that are best in
  hiding flaws in the walls or in the electrical wiring, etc.

 So, if you are planning to decorate your office wall cladding tiles are an apt
  choice for a new dynamic and fresh look to your workstation.

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