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									Position: 307301                                                                Date: September 21, 2009

TITLE OF POSITION:                                  Associate Director of Enrollment Research/Financial Aid Planning

DEPARTMENT:                                         Enrollment Services, Rose Hill

      Interprets federal financial aid data, proprietary admissions data, economic and demographic trends to guide allocation of
       financial aid.
      Performs environmental scanning to support institutional planning.
      Devises and promotes institutionally appropriate action plans based on data interpretation.
      Acts on behalf of Vice President in setting specifications and requirements for management information systems and
       institutional databases.
      Manages financial aid leveraging model.
      Discovers and explains trends in admission, enrollment, financial aid and other related data.
      Creates and assembles appropriate panels for focus group participation.
      Creates surveys and analytical tools that explain the relationship among the state of the economy, financial aid awards,
       college choice and institutional revenue.
      Maintains and manages student enrollment data integrity
      Develops and presents interpretative oral and written reports to Vice President for Enrollment and other senior university
      Supervises work of researchers on staff, integrating their efforts with that of external consultants and contractors.
      Formulates policy and program recommendation for action by the Vice President and Deans.
      Develops and reports performance measures for marketing and enrollment processes alerting senior management to important
      Proactively seeks out trends and advances best practices in this rapidly changing aspect of higher education.

      Must have a Master’s degree in economics, quantitative research methods, or related field.
      Minimum of 3 years experience working in a university setting to include experience in analyzing local performance
       measures in context of national and institutional data.
      Experience detecting and interpreting trends and formulating actionable recommendations for senior management;
       articulating complex relationships clearly in written reports and oral presentations for both experts in the field and audiences
       new to the topic; working with datasets related to the U.S. economy, financial aid, enrollment planning, demography,
       marketing and admissions necessary for insightful research design, and informed reporting in university settings;
      Knowledge of econometric modeling and optimization modeling with respect to enrollment and financial aid matters for
       graduate and undergraduate populations.
      Ability to work in team environment.

SALARY:                                             Commensurate with experience

STARTING DATE:                                      As soon as possible - Applications must be received by October 2, 2009

SEND LETTER & RESUME:                               The Office of the Vice President for Enrollment
                                                    Thebaud Hall 201
                                                    441 East Fordham Road
                                                    Bronx, NY 10458

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