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									                                 Faculty/Division                  Research and                           Job Grade
                                DATE PROFILE WAS LAST REVIEWED                July 2011


        JOB TITLE              Director: Library Services              INCUMBENT                                 Vacant

                                                                                                        Deputy Vice-Chancellor:
DEPARTMENT/SECTION                        Library                SUPERVISOR/MANAGER
                                                                                                        Research & Development

     JOB TYPE                                                                                           Deputy Vice-Chancellor:
                                         Support                     DIVISION HEAD
(ACADEMIC/SUPPORT)                                                                                      Research & Development

                                                MAIN JOB OBJECTIVE/S

The Director: Library Services is a specialised professional who will drive the strategic vision and scholarly support
trajectory for the provision of academic information services at a research intensive University; leads and manages the
University Library (including 2 branches); is a member of the Senior Management Team and participates fully in all
relevant leadership, management and governance structures of the University. The Director will have overall
responsibility for the staff budget, research and academic collection, services, facilities and equipment in the University
Libraries (including 2 branch libraries). The Director is also the line manager for the SEALS Trust and Library Systems
Manager based at NMMU in Port Elizabeth.

   DESCRIPTION OF KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS                                                    STANDARD EXPECTED

        Strategic leadership that aligns institutional library and                           Demonstrate depth & breadth of
         information needs with and advances the University’s values,                          knowledge & understanding of
         vision, goals & strategies                                                            academic information services
                                                                                              Demonstrate, as is exhibited
        Drive the scholarly support trajectory of the library services, and
                                                                                               through the general culture of all
         the integration of library staff activities and roles into the
                                                                                               library services a pro-active
         strategic research, teaching, learning and community
                                                                                               approach to service delivery and an
         engagement goals of faculties, departments, and other scholarly
                                                                                               appreciation of the critical scholarly
         entities of the University.
                                                                                               support role of the library
                                                                                              Demonstrate ability to identify
        Developing and overseeing implementation of strategies and                            opportunities & recommend
         policies to ensure appropriate levels and availability of                             changes
         information services and resources to the academic and                               Articulate a compelling vision that
         research community of the University                                                  provides direction for the Rhodes
                                                                                               University Library
        Ongoing assessment of the information environment within, and                        Identification of needs and design
         external to, Rhodes University, and adapting policies, strategies                     of appropriate strategies to
         and resources to manage such changes                                                  advance the strategic goals of the
        Drafting & proposing of policy related to the direction and                          Formulate strategies that are
         development of the University Library’s services and facilities                       achievable, realistic & current
                                                                                              Formulate strategies that are
                                                                                               clearly stated, communicated,
                                                                                               internalised and implemented by
                                                                                               Library staff

resources) including: -                                                                       Evaluation of resource
                                                                                               requirements is accurate and
        Leading and managing the Rhodes University Library (including                         resources are well-utilised.
         2 Branch Libraries)                                                                  Serviceis realistic in terms of
                                                                                               resources and compares favourably
        Holding financial accountability for all aspects of the Library’s                     to similar institutions with similar
         budget (includes Support Staff Temporary Assistance budget)                           resources.
                                                                                              Services provided by the Division
        Having overall responsibility for the Library’s collection and for                    meet accepted standards which are
        the design, implementation and evaluation of the Library’s             benchmarked with similar
        services and facilities                                                institutions.
                                                                              Realistic (in terms of staffing and
       Providing leadership in developing a professional, service-            resources and nature of institution)
        oriented and user-friendly environment within the Library and          targets and goals are set to ensure
        ensures effective management and development of Library staff          service delivery as well as ongoing
        and Student Assistants                                                 continuous improvement.
                                                                              Regular performance assessment
       Leading and managing innovation in the Library’s collections,          against agreed criteria contained in
        user services and the digital content arena                            job profiles
                                                                              Appropriate systems and processes
       Ensuring the University collections, services and facilities are       exist to ensure that sections
        developed and managed in response to the changing needs of             operate efficiently & effectively
        the academy and research enterprise                                   Collections and services delivered
                                                                               at appropriate levels
       Fully accountable for advancing and implementing the                  Quality library spaces supported by
        University Policy on Transformation in the Rhodes Library              advanced technology & expert staff
                                                                              Goals set by sections achieved
       Executive responsibility and oversight for all aspects of staff        within the timeframes negotiated.
        development across the library services                               Corrective action taken on non-
                                                                              Recognition given for excellent
                                                                              Institutional policies applied
                                                                               consistently across the sections
                                                                              Motivated and trained staff
                                                                              Diverse and talented leadership
                                                                               developed across Rhodes Library,
                                                                               especially at senior and middle
                                                                               management levels
                                                                              Increased cohort of academic
                                                                               librarians able to engage, shape
                                                                               and lead an academic library
                                                                              Rhodes Library staffing structure
                                                                               has a representative demographic

SERVICE DELIVERY (specific to Division) including: -

       Provision of appropriate information services that relate to the      Rhodes University Library
        needs of academic staff, researchers and students                      recognised as a leader among
                                                                               academic & research libraries,
                                                                               nationally & internationally
                                                                              Satisfied library users (academics,
                                                                               researchers, students & external
                                                                              Exceeds library sector baseline

       Ensuring provision of well managed and cost-effective ICT             Well designed and equipped ICT
        systems, infrastructure, facilities and equipment that relate to       environment for academic
        the needs of users and align with the ICT strategies of the            community
        institution                                                           Ongoing management and use of
                                                                               appropriate technology that
                                                                               delivers information in a changing
                                                                               digital environment.


       Manage a robust communications and marketing strategy that            Regular and effective library
        promotes the University Library services & facilities                  communications within, & beyond
                                                                               university community
                                                                              Complete and accurate information
                                                                              Interactive communication

       Manage Library budget & funds in accordance with University           Awareness of resourcing issues and
        financial procedures and processes                                     needs
                                                                              Regularly monitor expenditure
                                                                                      against approved budget
                                                                                     Corrective action taken on

                                                                                     Appropriate structures for
        Develop & sustain well-managed relationships that advance the
                                                                                      accessible & open communication
         vision and strategic goals of the institution
                                                                                     Consultation where appropriate
                                                                                     Excellent knowledge of
                                                                                      environment & its influence on
                                                                                     Networking through good relations
                                                                                      with internal & external parties eg
                                                                                      SA University Library Directors

        Decision-making with the Library Management Team                            Make & communicate informed
                                                                                     Transparent & participative
                                                                                     Clearly documented & available to
                                                                                      relevant managers
        Participate fully at senior level in all relevant leadership,               Proactive engagement with the
         management and governance structures of the University                       Senate Library Committee & other
                                                                                      stakeholders on academic
                                                                                      information services eg strategic
                                                                                      direction, advise on policy, trends &
                                                                                      best practice
        Responsibility for additional areas that may be delegated after
         consultation by the DVC: R&D.



TYPE OF CONTACT                                      DAILY/MONTHLY         PURPOSE OF CONTACT
Deputy Library Director                              Daily                 Dealing with strategic & operational matters
                                                                           including HR, finances; deputising on behalf of
                                                                           Director; representing Library Services
Library staff                                        Daily                 Course of work, functioning of the Library and
                                                                           specifically with the service delivery of User
Library Management Team                              Daily                 Deputy Library Director & Line Managers
                                                                           responsible for managing, organising, planning
                                                                           of library services
SEALS Trust & Library Systems Manager                Daily                 Line reporting for effective running of SEALS
                                                                           Office (Port Elizabeth), shared server facility
                                                                           based at Rhodes University, oversight of SEALS
                                                                           funds and accounts held at Rhodes University,
                                                                           Staff member schedule and work content
Council                                              Quarterly             Stakeholder and policy issues
Senate                                               Quarterly             Stakeholder and policy issues
Library Committee                                    Quarterly             Stakeholder & policy issues
Senior Administrative Management Meeting             As required           Participation & input on library matters
DVC:R&D                                              Weekly                Dealing with strategic & operational matters
                                                                           relating to Library Services & relevant
                                                                           institutional matters
Deans, HoDs, Institute Heads                         As required           Input on library matters
User constituencies                                  As required           Collaboration to determine information &
                                                                           service delivery needs


TYPE OF CONTACT                                    DAILY/MONTHLY            PURPOSE OF CONTACT
University Library Directors in SA &               As required              Professional & library issues, networking,
internationally                                                             determine best practice within research libraries
Community of Library & Information                 As required              Representing Library at professional
practitioners and specialists eg SANLiC,                                    organisations to develop & support academic &
CHELSA, LIASA, IFLA                                                         research library services. Contribute to best
ASSAf, NRF, OCLC                                                            practice for academic & research libraries
SEALS Trust and Consortium – contact with          As required              Rhodes University Library Director is a Trustee,
Trustees from member institutions                                           and currently also the line manager responsible
                                                                            for SEALS staff member
Service providers                                  As   required            To purchase materials etc
Contractors                                        As   required            Maintenance of buildings and equipment
Information service providers                      As   required            New developments & service agreements
Local community                                    As   required            Use of and access to library services
Fund-raisers & donors                              As   required            Mainly iro innovation and projects eg Library
                                                                            Building Project, CCNY funded Research
                                                                            Libraries Consortium

                                                 JOB REQUIREMENTS

Masters Degree in Library & Information Science OR;
Masters Degree in a subject discipline PLUS Post-graduate diploma in Library & Information Science
10 years relevant experience is required. Relevant experience includes: -

                 Previous experience in an academic or research library with exposure to all areas of Library operations
                  e.g. research collection development, user services for under- and postgraduate students, HR issues,
                  Performance Management, budget and financial management , ICT applications & electronic library &
                  information tools, scholarly communication trends, staff development & training
                 At least three years’ experience working at a strategic level with senior management in an institution
                 At least eight years’ management experience and with a proven track record for effective leadership
                  and management in budgeting , staffing and collection development
                 Expertise in managing teams and project management teams is essential
                 Exposure to ICT applications and electronic library and information tools
                 Previous experience should include introducing innovation, leading change and influencing individuals
                  to change current thinking and behavior
                 Having been an advocate for transformation and change



       Deep understanding of the academic information services sector and the challenges facing research
        universities and their libraries,
       Knowledge & understanding of Higher Education in South Africa
       Professional standing in the information services sector evidenced by eg invitations to present papers,
        publications, participation in national forums
       Sound knowledge and understanding of performance measurement and evaluation in academic libraries
       Sound knowledge and understanding of ICT practices, applications & tools in academic libraries
       Experience and understanding of marketing and promoting library services in a university environment.


       Ability to think strategically and creatively at library and institutional level
       Successful track record of experience at senior management level in a university/research library
       Highly collaborative orientation: ability to consult others and get their input on matters
       Decisive and innovative leadership
       Personal credibility and an ability to engender respect and instill confidence in people at different levels within
        the institution
       High level of professionalism and conduct that will enhance the reputation of the University


       Proven track record in ability to motivate and lead staff, manage human, financial and physical resources
       Strong track record of service delivery
       Extremely professional with high personal standards, able to produce work of a superior quality
       Excellent organisational and communication skills and proven ability to work effectively with a wide range of
       Decision-making skills, able to be objective, flexible but decisive
       Problem-solving skills: logical and analytical
       Ability to prepare policy documents
       Proven ability to understand, interpret and create budget documentation at library and institutional level
       Strong sense of accountability
       Commitment to transparent management, being open about decisions taken and mistakes made.


       Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to relate to staff at different occupational levels as well as across
        diverse cultures
       Champions diversity: culturally aware and sensitive, fosters an attitude of appreciating diversity in others
       Appropriately assertive, but extremely diplomatic in interactions with others
       Able to gain the trust of others, able to keep confidences
       Networking skills, able to persuade and influence others


       Sound computer literacy: able to work with a word processor (as per unit standard 117924), spreadsheets (as
        per unit standard 116940), the internet/web browsing (as per unit standard 116931), a presentation package
        (as per unit standard 116930) and e-mail (as per unit standard 116935)
       Critical administrative skills including good organisational and planning skills as well as problem-solving and
        time-management skills.
       Ability to develop logical and effective administrative systems and processes
       Sound numerical ability
       Ability to budgeting and interpret the detail of financial statements appropriate to a senior executive manager in
        a complex organisation, and an excellent cost control track record
       A sound ability to communicate both verbally and in writing (required to have strong writing skills) in English.
        The ability to communicate in other official languages will be an advantage.
       High level of time management skills
       Good problem-solving orientation, committed to continuous improvement
       Able to manage multiple demands

     Strong service ethic with a track record of good patron service and continuous improvement
     Strong service orientation with a results focus combined with a strong sense of accountability
     Able to work independently as well as a member of a team
     Ability and willingness to take and provide direction
     Actively seeks feedback, able to withstand criticism and use constructive criticism to improve
     Personal flexibility: willing to consider alternative perspectives and ideas
     Willingness and ability to make difficult decisions independently
     High level of professionalism that enhances the reputation of the University
     Shows initiative, can self-start and self-motivate
     Able to manage multiple demands

                                             ORGANISATION STRUCTURE

                                                 INSTITUTIONAL HEAD


                                          IMMEDIATELY ACCOUNTABLE TO

                                                         DVC: R&D

                                                        THIS POST

                                                 Director: Library Services

Provide leadership for 41 (2 Part-time) employees with regard to performance output, development, discipline &
grievance procedures, performance appraisals, motivation etc. This includes the SEALS Trust and Library Systems
Manage a large operational & capital budget
Manage and coordinate a variety of library systems and processes impacting across the University’s teaching, learning
and research environment.

Direct reports - 2 senior manager level namely: Deputy Director: Library Services, Head Librarian: Technical Services and
1 direct report at Secretary & PA level. The SEALS Trust & Library Systems Manager reports to the Rhodes University
Library Director.

Indirect – 36 staff and approximately 80 student assistants
2 Head Librarians (GR 16)
8 Principal Librarians (GR 15)
12 Librarians (GR 14)
1 Principal Technical Officer (GR 12)
6 Assistant Librarians (GR 11)
1 ICT Specialist (GR 11)
3 Senior Administrative Assistants (GR 7)
3 Administrative Assistants (GR 6)

Total posts: 39 (includes 2 Part-time posts)
None. This is the most senior post in the Library
What is the typical development path for a person entering this position and where is their next career move likely to
Principal Librarian, Head Librarian, Deputy Library Director, Director: Library Services (a senior executive position).
Depending on the whether the incumbent has the relevant education, experience, and competencies required for the
job, the individual could consider a move into Senior Administrative Management in the University. Career progression
is dependent on the availability of posts and the job incumbent doing a good job in his/her current role.
                               FUNCTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES (only if applicable)
Various library & institutional projects to ensure currency or to upgrade facilities, services & infrastructure and grow the
digital local content collections.

This individual is responsible for the processes of academic library and information services in the University to ensure
that sections operate effectively and efficiently in support of the institution’s strategic goals/initiatives.

(i) Is the jobholder responsible for any aspect of cost control or for materials, stock or equipment? If yes, what is the
monetary value and to what extent is the person accountable or responsible?

Yes, the University Council approves a budget that is allocated for the running of the Library Services Division and
includes cost control of the grants for Information Resources (print and electronic), capital furniture & equipment,
binding, , stationery & printing, telephone & postage, sundry. This is approximately R14.5m excluding staffing costs that
are managed from a central budget. In addition the Support Staff Temporary Assistance budget is managed within the
Library (approximately R0.75m per annum). Indirectly, the Library Director, in collaboration with the SEALS Trust &
Library Systems Manager, provides oversight for the SEALS Trust budget and accounts managed by Rhodes University
on behalf of the consortium (approximately R2.7m)

(ii) Does the jobholder have a direct responsibility for controlling operational costs or expenses? If so, what is the
annual budget (ignoring direct and indirect remuneration costs)?
Yes – as above

Who must authorize, review or clear decisions taken with regard to the jobholder’s functions?
This is the most senior position in the Rhodes University Library Services Division and is therefore empowered to make
Some decisions must, however, be made within the delegation of authority and will be with the DVC:R&D or Council

What percentage of tasks can be carried out without supervisory input and/ or control?

What critical decisions is the jobholder normally authorized and empowered to make?
All decisions relating to upholding the Library’ mission and vision
Decisions regarding effective/efficient use of the Rhodes University Library Services Division Budget
Decisions regarding administrative & staffing matters within the Rhodes University Library Services Division
Decisions regarding the daily operating costs associated with the SEALS office and staff member’s duties.

(i)      What is the longest (macro) period that the jobholder has to plan ahead?
         3 years

(ii)     Typically how long are the micro phases/time periods that the macro planning is divided into?
         1 to 2 years
Who prepared the job profile?
Director: Library Services in consultation with HR and DVC: R&D

Please list all those who have been consulted in the drafting of this profile.
Director: Library Services, Deputy Director: Library Services, DVC:R&D, HR

Signature of the line manager                                          Signature of the employee

Date                                                                    Date

Signature of the HoD / Director (where she/he is not the line manager


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