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					JOB TITLE:              Head of Marketing - Theale

DIVISION:               Marketing

JOB LOCATION:           Theale

REPORTS TO:             Marketing Director


Responsible for managing the marketing team in their respective location across Arrow ECS UK’s
divisions of Infrastructure, Virtualisation and Security. The primary role is to lead the marketing team
to ensure all objectives are achieved.

The Head of Marketing will be required to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the marketing
objectives of their team’s vendors and work closely, where appropriate, with the relevant Divisional
Directors and Business Sector Managers. They must understand and own the vendor Marketing
Plans within their team and ensure they are executed upon within budget. The Head of Marketing
will continue to own their existing vendor’s plan (s) working with their respective vendors, Arrow
ECS’ vendor team and our channel partners.

The Head of Marketing will report directly to the UK Marketing Director.

Key Responsibilities

       Responsible for the overall performance, success and well being of your team
       Ownership and reporting on the team including monthly reports with accurate and timely
        information on Positives, Negatives, Reseller Activity Spend and ROI
       To ensure the team supports sales and vendor strategic and tactical programmes effectively
       To ensure a consistent and professional engagement with sales, vendors and partners
       To work with the vendor teams to drive through their strategies and business performance
       Escalation point for your team and senior representation in their vendors and partners
       Articulate and present the overall Arrow ECS Marketing Service proposition to vendors and
        partners at all levels

Specific Management Areas

       General Team Management
           o Team management including day to day supervision, coaching and mentoring to
               assist the team in achieving their responsibilities
           o Manage regular reviews for ongoing skills assessment to include identification of
               skill shortages, feedback, setting objectives, improvement plans and ongoing
        o   Ensure the team are capable of articulating the Arrow ECS Marketing Service and
            our overall Value Proposition
        o   Ensure the team fully understand each of their vendors including core strategy, key
            plays each quarter, MDF procedures, key contacts and also Arrow ECS’ annual
            business growth and goals for their respective vendors
        o   Ensure the team fully understand their key partners’ within their respective vendors
            and (a) the name of each account manager (b) the supporting BDM and (c) the
            associated vendor programmes and initiatives that will enable them to support
            profitability and growth within each partner

   Performance Management
        o Set objectives for the team and approve quarterly achievements
        o Driving and reviewing the team and individuals to achieve their objectives
        o Driving and reviewing the team and individuals to achieve specific vendor objectives
        o Ensure the team own, develop, maintain and execute their vendor marketing plans
           and where appropriate to include planning and review sessions (Quarterly and

   Review
       o Conduct and document monthly one to one business reviews with your team to
           ensure key performance metrics and objectives set out in the marketing plans are on
       o Conduct annual reviews of your personnel and ensure their online performance
           reviews and completed in a timely and professional manner

   Systems Adoption and Time Management
        o To drive effective time management and return on investment of the team
        o To drive and manage the adoption and effectiveness of our systems where
           appropriate i.e. Sales Portal, Intranet, MailAgent, Events Portal, Sales Lead Portal,
           Virtual Marketing Manager, Kentico CMS and Maginus
        o Ensure the team are addressing the following within each system:
                All the team fully understand the functionality and importance of each
                   system and provide training where appropriate
                All the team can fully articulate how to use all of our systems
                Ensure all our internal and external communication is accurate and up to

   Relationships
        o Maintain your visibility in high profile vendors and accounts across your team where
        o Maintain your knowledge and ability to communicate the entire Arrow ECS product
            and solution portfolio
        o Have peer to peer strategic relationships with vendor or supporting Divisional
            Directors and Business Sector Managers
   Reporting
            o   Report back to the Marketing Director on a monthly and quarterly basis of your
                team’s contribution, their overall performance, the strategic direction and the
                overall effectiveness of the team
                    Consolidation of Monthly Reports with an overview of your team
                    Review of your team’s quarterly objectives both ones you have set and ones
                         you would like to sign off
                    Quarterly review of any performance or mentoring plans you have in place

Person Specification

An individual with substantial experience in the IT industry or similar experience gained in a
marketing manager role in a commercial environment. Qualifications in Marketing are required and
commercial experience is essential.

The ideal candidate will have the following skills, attributes and experience:


        Leadership and motivation of the team
        Strong effective communicator: both written and verbal
        Ability to work to strict deadlines
        Excellent organisational and presentation skills
        Proven management , marketing and negotiation skills
        Good business acumen with planning and organising skills
        Effective and efficient under high pressure situations and environments
        Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and continuously improve marketing methods,
         approaches and contribution
        Creating marketing tactics, strategies, plans and targets for profit
        Ability to lead and adapt in an environment of constant challenges or change
        Keeping track of new business and marketing opportunities in targeted areas
        A results orientated individual

Specific role addendums

        An external/ internal based senior management role
        A flexible approach to hours of work (may be required to work away from home from time
         to time or work hours beyond the company standard)
        Management of both Internal support staff and external marketing professionals (some staff
         with more than 5 years experience)

Hours of work

The company’s standard hours of work are 9.00am – 5.30 pm with one hour for lunch.

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