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									                          Timeless Photography
                             5506 Hewitts Cove

                            Rowlett, Texas 75089
                  469-964-5768 Timeless.Photography@hotmail.com

Dear GCDTA Directors,

Thank you so much for allowing Timeless Photography to do portraits for your
squads this season.

We are excited to be contracted by GCDTA Board and a portion of all sales go
back into your association.

   1. Timeless Photography will host one indoor and one outdoor portrait
        session and will have dates available as soon as the squads have received
        their uniforms These two dates will be able to accommodate as many
        squads that sign up and will give a 20% discount on portraits ordered
        from this session.
   2.   Team Directors will receive $20 off any package of their choice free and
        an additional 10% discount on any extras that they purchase over $50.00
        “not available with the special sessions listed above.”
   3.   ALL PROOFS will be viewed online. There will not be a hosted
        proofing session with the squads unless they request it. Proofs are
        available for two weeks for viewing.
   4.   Timeless Photography will have 3 to 4 designated portrait places for the
        squads to meet for portraits and the directors can choose which one they
        would like to have their squads portraits taken.
   5.   All Squads will receive a FREE funny portrait of the team with their
        package order.
   6.   A New Package listed as Unlimited pose package meets the needs of
        more parents so that they will be able to choose more than one pose.
   7.   New Online mystudioproducts.com is available to view all the
        products that we offer thru Timeless Photography.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. We can work together
and meet the needs of all the squads this season and if need be make changes.

Judianne Frampton
Bag Tag (Rectangle)          $15.00

Bag Tag (Round)              $15.00

Dog Tag                      $15.00

Key Chain                    $17.00

Mouse Pad                    $18.00

Aluminum Water Bottle        $32.00

3½x5 Ind. standUP™ w/ base   $28.00

5x7 Ind. standUP™ w/ base    $36.00

8x10 Ind. standUP™ w/ Base   $54.00

5x7 Ind. standUP™ Flex       $36.00

8x10 Ind. standUP™ Flex      $42.00

5x7 Group standUP™ Curve     $32.00

8x10 Group standUP™ Curve    $42.00


Sport Mount                            $8.00
Plain Mount                            $8.00
8x10 Ebony Mount                      $10.00
5x7 Ebony Mount                       $10.00
2012 Price Sheet On Individual Sheets and Single Portraits

                                                 Kodak        Kodak
    Timeless Photography
                                              E-surface      Metallic
Individual Portraits for Groups must all be     E-surface    Or Metallic
                                                            Add $2 each
And will be chosen by Coach or Director

8 Mini Wallets                                   $8.00
4 Wallets                                        $8.00
8 Wallets                                       $12.00
1 - 3½x5                                         $6.00
2 - 3½x5                                         $8.00
1 - 4x5                                          $6.00
2 - 4x5                                          $8.00
5x7                                              $8.00
8x10                                            $18.00
10x13                                           $20.00
16x20                                           $27.00
12 Trading Cards                                $17.00
12 Pro Wallets                                  $15.00
5 - 2x8 Sports Ticket                            $8.00
5x7 Trader                                      $10.00
5x7 Individual Calendar                         $11.00
8x10 Magazine Cover                             $17.00
8x10 Group Calendar                             $17.00
8x10 Memory Mate                                $18.00
10x13 Memory Mate                               $20.00
10x13 Individual Poster                         $25.00
16x20 Poster                                    $28.00
3" Pin Button                                    $5.00
3" Magnet Button                                 $6.00
2 - 2½x3½ Magnets                               $10.00
3½x5 Magnet                                     $10.00
Luggage Tag                                     $12.00
Flashlight Keychain                             $12.00
Travel Mug                                      $20.00

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