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                                     Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Plans
      Lesson plans are the basis for effective instruction. They provide a framework for organizing
      content, learning activities and materials; assessing students’ progress and evaluating one’s own
      teaching. Effective plans give confidence and security to the pre-service teacher and clearly state
      for supervisors what will be accomplished in the lesson. Use this format when writing detailed
      lesson plans.

      What content will be covered in the lesson? List important facts, key concepts and skills.
      Performance is defined in clear, observable and measurable terms aligned with METS-S
      (Michigan Technology Standards for Students).

Learning Resources and Materials
      List the appropriate materials, equipment, resources and technology needed.

Development of Lesson
      Describe the sequence of the lesson. Provide adequate detail that includes:

      •How will you prepare students for learning?
      •How will you focus their attention and interest?
      •How will you connect the lesson to their past experiences?

     •What teaching strategies/best practices will you use?
     •Will you group students for learning?
     •What are the sequential activities for the lesson?
     •How will you facilitate learning (direct instruction, cooperative groups, individualized or a
     varied approach)?
     •What essential questions will be used to guide and focus the teaching and learning?

     •How will you differentiate instruction according to students’ needs?
     •How will you address different learning levels of students?
     Assessment/Evaluation (Assessment and evaluation is an on-going process that can take place
     before, during and after the lesson.)
     •How will you check for understanding, give feedback and monitor learning?
     •How will you determine (based on the benchmarks) if students met the benchmark?
     •Did assessment and evaluation provide evidence of student learning? (e.g., oral/written report,
     visual representations, or viewing a technology presentation)
       Assessment/Evaluation is an on-going process that can take place before, during and after the
      lesson is completed. Describe the material by which you can assess/evaluate student
      performance. What did the students learn? How do you know? What are the next steps? Did
      assessment and evaluation provide evidence of student learning (e.g., oral/written report, visual
      representations, or viewing a technology presentation)? How will you give feedback and monitor
      learning? How will you help students summarize what they have learned and prepare them for
      the next lesson? This does not need to be a test.

•How will you help students reflect on what they have learned?
•How will this impact your future curriculum decisions?

Teacher Reflection
      This section is to be completed AFTER teaching the lesson and is meant to help you gain insight
      into your practice. Were your benchmarks supported by your observations? Were the
      benchmarks reflected in student work? Which student teacher standard(s) did you demonstrate
      during this lesson? How did you react to unanticipated circumstances? Identify three things that
      you think went well with the lesson. Why? Identify one thing you will do differently when you
      teach this lesson again and explain your reasoning. What did you learn about yourself as a
      teacher? How will this impact your future practice?
                                LESSON PLAN FORMAT
                                [as you type, it will expand]

Student Teacher’s Name:                                         Date:

Grade Level       Topic/Unit:                        School:    District:


Benchmarks (Copy 1-3 of the METS-S from the First Column in the box below)

Learning Resources and Materials

Development of Lesson



Accommodations/Adaptations (Optional)



Teacher Reflection (optional)

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