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                             8 National Certification Examination for
                          Energy Managers and Energy Auditors - May 2009

                                                 Feedback Form
       Submit the feedback form latest by 2 June 2009, eight lucky winners will receive prizes.
Note: The candidates (fresh registered and supplementary) who appeared in the 8 “National Certification
      Examination” conducted by BEE and administratively managed by NPC, are requested to submit the feedback form.
The feed back will assist BEE in improving the certification process in future.
 a. Three lucky winners will be selected among the candidates who have submitted the feedback format by 2 June
     2009 by the computer at random basis. Each lucky winner will be rewarded with a prize money of Rs. 5,000.
 b. First 200 entries will also qualify for additional five lucky prizes of Rs. 2000 each based on random selection by
Please don’t miss this opportunity. The results of the lucky winner will be announced on 5 June 2009. Please e-mail the
feed back form latest by 2 June 2009 to feedback@energymanagertraining.com

Name Mr. / Ms.                               Registration No.                           Email address

Exam Centre                                  Tel. / Mob. No.
                        (Please Paste       or fill up information in the appropriate box as applicable)
Age of                                             30-40
                        below 30 years                                40-50 years             above 50 years
candidate                                          years
                                                   ME/ M.             Diploma                 Post graduate in
Qualification           BE/ B. Tech.                                                                                  Others
                                                   Tech.              Engineering             Science
Employment                                         Self
Status                                             Employed
Candidate                                          Self
Status                                             Sponsored
Examination             Energy Auditor
appeared                exam

1. How do you rate the overall process of certification of EM/ EA by BEE – Paste              
        Excellent                    Very Good               Good                   Average                   Poor

2. Do you feel that the knowledge acquired through certification process will be useful in strengthening your
    energy management and auditing capabilities. – Paste 
        Yes                          No

3.    If employed, whether the knowledge acquired through this certification will be helpful to your company.
     – Paste 
        Yes                          No

4. How do you rate the course material/ books provided by BEE in the following cases.              – Paste 
 (i) Contents of course books                        Excellent         Very Good          Good              Average   Poor

 (ii) Physical quality (paper, printing etc.)        Excellent         Very Good          Good              Average   Poor

 (iii) Usefulness in future                          Excellent         Very Good          Good              Average   Poor

 (iv) Overall rating                                 Excellent         Very Good          Good              Average   Poor

5. How do you rate BEE initiative of undertaking the certification process and its usefulness in the promotion of
   energy efficiency in the country. – Paste 
        Excellent             Very Good               Good                     Average                   Poor

6.    How do you overall rate the Certification exam administrating agency’s (Dr. Ambedkar
     Institute of Productivity, NPC, Chennai) capabilities of executing the overall job of conduct of certification
     examination. – Paste 
        Excellent             Very Good               Good                     Average                   Poor

7. Please rate examination paper: –    Paste 

                      Exam          Enough time to complete exam     Rate difficulty level of papers

                    Paper 1           Yes             No                       Rating guidelines
                                                                                A    Very easy
                    Paper 2           Yes             No                        B    Easy
                                                                                C Average
                    Paper 3           Yes             No
                                                                                D Difficult
                      EA 4            Yes             No                        E    Very difficult

8.   What are your expectations in terms of BEE support after the completion                                     of   present
   certification process:
Involve certified EM/EA while framing future rules/ regulations under EC Act / Others (Please specify)

9.    How useful did you            find    the   website     www.energymanagertraining.com            for   preparing    the
     candidates for – Paste 
 (i) Examination updates                          Excellent        Very Good          Good             Average        Poor

 (ii) Question Bank                               Excellent        Very Good          Good             Average        Poor

 (iii) Other examination queries                  Excellent        Very Good          Good             Average        Poor

10. Your comments, recommendations, suggestions to improve on next examination.

Declaration: I appeared for the 8 National Certification Examination conducted in May 2009 for which the feedback is
        Please submit your feedback form to: feedback@energymanagertraining.com latest by 2 June 2009.
                 We value your feedback and thank you for your time and efforts in providing this feedback.
                                                              Mr. Rajiv Garg,
                                                              Energy Economist,
                                                              Bureau of Energy Efficiency,
                                                              4 Floor, SEWA Bhawan , R. K. Puram,
                                                              New Delhi - 110 066


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