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									ASIF KHAN
Carolina Distinguished Professor
Director, Photonics and Microelectronics Lab
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208
Telephone: 803.777-7941 FAX: 803.777-2447 email: asif@engr.sc.edu


Massachusetts Institute of Technology       PhD 1979 Ph.D., 1979

2003 – Present Carolina Distinguished Professor (reappointed in 2006)
2001 - 2006    Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Carolina
1997 - Present Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Distinguished Professor of Engineering,,
               and Director of the Photonics and Microelectronics Laboratory
1987 - 1997    Vice-President, APA Optics, Incorporated
1985 - 1987    Production Development/Technical Marketing Manager Minnesota Manufacturing and
               Mining Company (3M)
1979 - 1985    Senior Principal Research, Scientist Honeywell, Incorporated
1977 - 1978    Visiting Scientist, Optics Section, Corporate Research Center, Honeywell, Inc.


   “Optical power degradation mechanisms in AlGaN based 280 nm deep ultraviolet light-emitting di-
    odes on sapphire”, Z. Gong, M. Gaevski, V. Adivarahan, W. Sun, M. Shatalov, M. Asif Khan, APL,
    vol. 88, 051903-1-3 (2006).
   “Matrix addressable micro-pixel 280 nm deep UV LED, S. Wu, S. Chhajed, L. Yan, W. Sun, M.
    Shatalov, V. Adivarahan, M. Asif Khan, JJAP, vol. 45, No. 12 pp. L352-L354 (2006).
   “Stable 20 W/mm AlGaN-GaN MOSHFET,” G. Simin, V. Adivarahan, J, Yang, A. Koudymov, S.
    Rai and M. Asif Khan, Electronics Letters, vol. 41, no. 13, p. 774-775 (2005).
   “Optically Pumped Lasing at 353 nm Using Non-polar AlGaN Multiple Quantum Wells over r-plane
    Sapphire,” C. Q. Chen, M. Shatalov, E. Koukstis, V. Adivarahan, M. Gaevski, S. Rai, M. A. Khan,
    JJAP, vol. 43, No. 8B, pp. L1099-L1102 (2004).
   "Pulsed Atomic Layer Epitaxy of Ultrahigh-Quality AlxGal-xN structures for Deep Ultraviolet Emis-
    sions below 230 nm", J. P. Zhang M. Asif Khan W. H. Sun, H. M. Wang, C. Q. Chen Q. Fareed, E.
    Kuokstis J. W. Yang, Applied Physics Letters, v. 81, pp. 4392-4394 (2002).


   IEEE Fellow – 2006
   Best Research Paper Award for 2007 by Japanese Applied Physics Society for “Room-temperature
    stimulated emission from AlN at 214 nm” (awarded 2007)
   Co-Chair and Plenary Speaker of the 2006 China International Forum on Solid State Lighting, Shen-
    zhen, China – 2006
   Carolina Distinguished Professor – reappointed 2006
   Best Research Paper Award for 2004 by Japanese Applied Physics Society for “Continuous Wave
    Milliwatt Power AlGaN Light-Emitting Diodes at 280 nm” (awarded 2005)
   Northrop Grumman Silver Supplier Award (awarded 2004)
   DARPA SUVOS Award for Outstanding Performance - 2003
   The Russell Research Award for Science, Math and Engineering 2002 – Dr. Asif Khan
   Best Invited Paper – Selected for Publication In Advanced Workshop on “Frontiers in Electronics”
    (WOFE)-02 Proceedings, “Strain Energy band Engineering approach to AlN/GaN/InN Heterojunction
    Devices” by Asif Khan, J.W. Yang, G. Simin, R. Gaska, and M.S Shur.

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