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cecycle cfl is a important issue to environment

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									The earth warn of 6500k cfl lamps
Thomas edison likely would not imagine a light that bring brightness can
cause environmental contamination one day. The source of contamination
is not Edison's invention of traditional light, but the energy saver cfl
also called 6500k cfl. An economical cfl includes an average of 0.5
milligrams of mercury contamination on the environment. When govt
intensely publicize energy-saving cfls to the countryside, the
corresponding thrown away 6500k cfl recycling working principle is a blank.

Edison created the incandescent bulb, allow the mankind to realize the
hopes for brightness. Within a century time, incandescent bulb as a result
of low cost, has turn into a lot of the lights of choice for the family.
With the progression of economical science of incandescent lamp, only 5%
of electrical power for lighting, 95% be heat ingestion. Under the same
exact energy 6500k cfl efficiency is 5 times in the same illumination
situations than incandescent lamp, 6500k cfl spend less 80% electric power.

After the European Union, the Usa planned incandescent light out plan,
China in the previous yr also indicate their own plan. But the energy
saving and ecological safeguard not necessarily capable to draw an equal
signal. It's learned, a typical 6500k cfl mercury content on average about
0.5 mg, but if treated inaccurately, may damage ten tons of water Simply
because Mercury is a very low boiling point, can be created at regular
temperature evaporation, once wasted energy saving cfl is broken,
immediate will make the mercury in surrounding air levels go beyond the
regular times.

Energy saving light pollution, also brought on main concern in foshan.
In Foshan Qiandeng shop stockroom, still holds greater than one hundred
wasted cfls, in the highest point, there are a lot more than three thousand
units. Qiandeng retailer general manager Liang Guojian stated, they're
respectively in 2009 and 2011 kept 6500k cfl recycling actions. They
brought back a lot more than 800 wasted energy saving cfl with 1 yuan per
piece. For a long time, there will be a large number of used cfl returning
to the manufacturing facility.

However, apart from the irregular merchant recycling, used energy saving
cfl recycling route is nearly equal to zero. Not to mention energy saver
cfl packing failed to tell the rural residents how to discard cfl lamp.
If someone throw the lamp into the water or in the fields, it's going to
be a disaster to the environment.

In company view, to build energy-saving cfl recycling structure is quite
difficult. "First is the recycle of links in the tube is fragile, hard
to complete the recovery. " In the electric battery, thermometers and
other potential contamination product recycling system is not ideal,
carry great hard work to develop economical cfl recycling platform is not

6500k cfl recylce system is usually used by venture recycling their own
model items. If recycling some other companies energy saving cfls, from
viewpoint of Return on investment it isn't worth it. According to the
national electrical lights supply quality administration and inspection
center data, for a fluorescent bulb, company recycle cost is a minimum
of 0.6 yuan, and the economic value following recovery is less than 0.1
yuan.. Many elements together make the wasted economical cfl not reused.

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