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									                                    ServCheck– Action Plan


The purpose of ServCheck is to help you identify those things you are doing well in your aim to deliver world-
class service and those areas where there is room for improvement.

The purpose of this Action Plan is for you to identify areas for improvement and devise the actions necessary to
improve your ServCheck scores – because improving your scores will lead to improved service delivery. An
example action has been shown in each section.
There are two main reasons for a low score in any of the individual requirements:
1. non-conformance with the thrust of the requirement as evidenced by low scores from the respondents

         you need to devise actions, appropriate to your organisation, to improve conformance

2. a large percentage of respondents have ticked the ‘don’t know’ box – this equates to a score of ‘1’ for that

         you may need to devise actions, appropriate to your organisation, to improve conformance

         and/or you may simply need to communicate better within the organisation to ensure your people fully
          understand your commitment to the requirement

To help formulate your own aspirations and expectations, ICS believes that, for an organisation to deliver world-
class service, it should score over 80 in ServCheck. A score of 65 to 80 means that a good to excellent service is
likely being delivered and less than 65 means that urgent improvement is needed.
                                                  ServCheck – action plan
Dimension – Strategy & Culture

Service quality is a key corporate value, with associated goals, measurement and action programmes. Promises
are kept and superb service recovery systems are in place.

 Reasons                           Action                                                                      By whom                 By when
 staff consider that our           Conduct customer surveys to identify what customers’ needs and
 standards are not based on        expectations are and how much we are satisfying these.
 customer expectations or          First survey to be structured interview with selected key accounts
 priorities                        investigating all aspects of our service AND customers’ anticipated needs   Survey questions to     Questionnaires compiled
                                   and preferences. Will include set of questions on competitor service        be complied by          by end Q1, surveys
                                   levels and customers’ future/anticipated needs. Target 20 lead contacts     Marketing with          conducted during Q2 and
 Could improve measurement         across customer profile (i.e. large, medium and small). Interviews          support of customer     results first week of Q3
 of customer perception and        conducted by account managers and data collected and analysed by            service manager and
 what is important                 Marketing                                                                   sales manager.
                                   Second survey conducted by sales support agents during regular              Marketing to analyse
                                   telephone contact with operational contact. Key questions on service        data and feed back to
                                   delivery against standards and loyalty. Target 100 responses                all
                                   Review results of recent leadership development programme for team                                  Leadership training
 Lack of empowerment and           leaders with Training manager and heads of departments. Assess likely
 ownership for front line people                                                                                                       current.
                                   impact of this in empowering sales support staff and account managers.      Training manager        Assessment of impact –
                                   Bring forward roll out of team building workshops for sales support and     with head of sales      end of this month
                                   account management staff                                                    support and sales       Team building workshops
                                                                                                               manager                 Q2
 Uncertainty whether senior        Publish Senior Management Team (SMT) monthly service review on
 management monitor service        Intranet and in CEO monthly update.
 progress                          Briefing session for team leaders on SMT development activity re service    Marketing manager
                                                                                                               Heads of                Immediate

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                                                ServCheck – action plan
Dimension - People

People are recruited and developed against competencies that give high priority to customer-focused attitudes.
Retention, reward and recognition strategies focus on world-class service delivery.

 Reasons                         Action                                                                         By whom                 By when

 People unsure about products,   Review existing product manual and service standards. Produce new              Sales and Marketing     Review complete by start
 services and service recovery   electronic version (as well as print) and install on Intranet. Provide         Manager in              Q2
                                 briefing sessions and workshops for all staff                                  collaboration with
                                 Write service recovery policy (i.e. complaints handling process, errors,       Service Manager and     Recovery policy by end
                                 external supplier failures, etc.) including a customer charter. Publish        Training Manager        Q1
                                 service policy on Intranet and customer charter on Web site. Brief all staff   Briefings to be         Briefings during Q2
                                 as above                                                                       organised by Training

 Lack of flexibility and pro-    Review leadership training for “coaching” content and revise
 activity in staff               Review team building workshops for                                             Training Manager        Immediate

 Lack of support, reward and     Re-instate “employee of the month” across the business and introduce
 recognition in some areas       “Customer Champions”. Produce forms (print and on web site) for
                                 customers to recognise excellent service. Plan award ceremonies every          Training Manager and    Employee of the month
                                 six months when SMT will present certificates to award winners (incl.          Sales Support           immediate
                                 buffet lunch). Publish winners on web site and Intranet                        manager                 Customer Champions Q2
                                                                                                                                        with first award ceremony
                                 Medium/Long term consider professional training e.g. NVQ’s etc.                                        end Q2/start Q3

 Uncertain if people are         Revise recruitment process and communicate to all employees                    Training Manager and
 recruited for competencies                                                                                     MD                      Q2
 rather than experience

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                                      ServCheck – action plan
Dimension - Processes

Processes are designed from a customer’s viewpoint and are delivered consistently. Continuous improvement
and innovation are nurtured and encouraged to flourish

 Reasons                  Action                                                         By whom             By when

 Don’t always consider    Review outcomes of customer surveys and design process         Marketing           Q2/3
 customers and staff or   to incorporate into process and product review and design.     Manager
 build in customer        Consider how to assess customer needs regularly
 perspectives when        Introduce employee suggestion scheme to capture direct
 introducing change       feedback from customers and employee ideas with voucher
                          scheme as reward

 Unsure of support        Team leaders to run weekly team feedback sessions              Team leaders        Immediate
 provided to customers    covering customer and employee feedback                        with support of
 and staff who need       Review disability access policy and communicate to all staff   Training Manager
 special assistance       via team leaders

 Don’t support change     All of the above                                               All                 Ongoing

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                                                   ServCheck – action plan
 Further Comments or actions

 We recognise the need to seek customer feedback on a regular basis and to ensure that this, and the staff views, are fed back regularly into the product and
 service development activities. Also need to review all training activities for alignment with customer and staff needs.

 As a small organisation (45 employees) our training capabilities are limited so we also need to consider utilising effectively external training and development
 especially professional training for customer service skills.

 We are also considering developing a performance management process during Q4 and Q1 next year

           Action plan agreed by

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