September Prayer by U1188KY


									                              SEPTEMBER CORPERATE PRAYER

                   AND BOWEN UNIVERSITY

Day 1: The Alumni Multipurpose Hall in the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso is under
construction. Pray for God's provision.

Day 2: Thank God for the vision of the founding fathers of our Colleges of Theology and Seminaries as
well as Pastors' schools. Pray that the purposes for which the schools were established will continue to
be the focus of the trainers and the trained.

Day 3: Thank God for the following leaders of our seminaries and colleges of Theology and Pastors'
schools; their lives and family members:
Rev. Dr. D. Ayegboyin NBTS Ogbomoso
Rev. Dr. S. Kolawole BCT Oyo
Rev. Dr. E. Nihinlola BCT Lagos
Rev. Dr. J. Enyinnaya BCT Obinze
Rev. Dr. Friday Aghawenu BTS Eku
Rev. Dr. M. M. Oboh BCT Benin
Rev. Dr. R. Chuga BTS Kaduna
Rev. Ayuba Illiya BPS Jos
Rev. John M. Ibrahim BPS Gombi
Rev. Dr. S. Akinbobola BCT Igede-Ekiti

Day 4: Pray that God will provide the funds for running the institutions. Pray that all the lecturers, staff
and students will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit in order to adequately fulfill the mandate
given to them.

Day 5: Pray for BCT, Isolo, Lagos that as they plan to embark on further structural development of the
campus, God will assist them to do so.

Day 6: Pray for open doors for BTS, Kaduna that as they plan to develop their new site, God will assist
them by raising resources.

Day 7: Pray for Dr. Mike Oboh and Dr. Friday Aghawenu that as they settle down as new Rectors, God
will endow them with knowledge, wisdom and understanding with which to carry out the task of
Day 8: Pray for the annual Ministers' Conferences of the theological institutions that God will use the
conferences to reeducate, encourage and edify all the NBC pastors as they gather every year for spiritual

Day 9: Pray for all the lecturers from the schools that are on study leave, that God will grant them good
health and re-empower them both spiritually and academically so that as they rejoin their schools, they
will strengthen the Lord's work.

Day 10: Pray that our schools may understand the theological training, pray that the schools will come
up with curricula that are balanced; spiritual, biblical, life-applied, and contemporary and pray for
lecturers that they will be called teachers and not frustrated academicians.

Day 11: Pray that the teachers will lead by example i.e. from their personal experiences. Also pray that
the students will be those who are called, who understand Christ and not job seekers.

Day 12: Pray that the emphasis of training will be on the Gospel and not on grades. Pray for structures
that will be conducive for learning. Pray that leadership will be selected on track record of ministry
performance not human connection.

Day 13: Pray for our libraries to be fully equipped to meet the challenges of contemporary ministry. Pray
that the intake of students into any course will be guided based on candidate's call and vision for

Day 14: Pray that lecturers will be empowered economically for effective research. Pray that lecturers
will be well paid and be sent for refreshers' courses so as to enhance performance. Pray that tribalism,
envy and favouritism will not be heard of in our schools.

Day 15: Pray that the training schools will be revival and deliverance centers. Pray that the schools will
be holy grounds where spiritual leaders are incubated and hatched.

Day 16: Bowen University is one faith-based institution with a difference. It was instituted to promote
Godliness with Excellence in all sphere of human endeavour. Pray that God will fashion out an
atmosphere, both spiritually and physically for the attainment of these goals and the realization of His
vision in Iwo land in Jesus name.

Day 17: Rev. Dr. Ademola Ishola is the outgone General Secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention
and the former Visitor to Bowen University. Pray that the strength of this committed visionary man will
never weaver and anointing of God upon his life will be refreshed from on high daily. The Chancellor of
the University and President of the Convention is Rev. Dr. B. U. Enyioha. Pray that his walk with and
work in God will continually be enhanced by the demands of his office. Pray that his health will never
Day 18: The Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council is Deacon Prof. Adebisi Adebowale. Pray that he
and other Council members will continue to enjoy divine protection in pursuit of progress in Bowen.
Pray for the Vice Chancellor, Prof. T. O. Olagbemiro and his family. Commit him to God for wisdom,
divine health and uncommon leadership to carry out this task to the glory of God.

Day 19: Pray for Mr. E. A. Lawale, the Registrar of the University. Pray that he will continue to enjoy
godly wisdom so that Bowen University will forever match forward. Pray also for the Bursar, Mrs. E. O.
Adeleke, that she will ceaselessly enjoy God's leading in the discharge of her duty. Join her in praying for
open heavens for the University in funding of capital projects and obtaining funds for recurrent

Day 20: Dr. A. Ojedokun is the University librarian. Pray for God's leading in stocking the library with
journals and books. Prof. M. O. Fawole is the Director of Academic Planning. Ask God for wisdom to
bring to fruition the laudable plans of the school.

Day 21: Prof. O. A. Adebo and Prof. J. B. Fakunle are the Provost, College of Health Sciences and Dean,
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. Ask God for wisdom and peace of mind for them. Pray also for Prof. J.
A. Adegoke and Prof. D. S. Izebaye serving as Dean, Faculty of Science and Science Education, and Dean,
Faculty of Social and Management Science respectively. Pray that the all-knowing God bestow upon
them all that they need to do His Will.

Day 22: Prof. E. A. Aduayi and Prof. P. O. Olutiola head the Faculty of Agriculture and the Post Graduate
School respectively. Pray that through them graduates of Bowen will impact and transform human life
to the glory of God. Prof. J. A. Faniran is the Director, Information and Communication Technology. Ask
the all sufficient God to empower all staff of this directorate to continually discharge their duties

Day 23: Prof. T. O. Aro is the Chairman of the Chaplaincy Committee and Head of Department of Physics
and Solar Energy. Ask God for unction to continue to perform to the glory of God. Pray also for Dr. Mrs.
Adeniran Sonola, the Medical Officer in charge of the University Hospital and other staff of the
hospital. Pray for both academic and non academic staff of Bowen University that the Lord will help
them to key into and diligently pursue the vision of the founding Fathers.

Day 24: Pray that all graduates of Bowen University, as they go out into this tempestuous world, the
words of God for Joshua in the book of Joshua 1:3-5 shall be their portion. Pray that the labour of love of
every parent/guardian upon the lives of students in Bowen shall not go unrewarded by God. Pray that
each of them will live long enough to see their children emerge as epitome of success.

Day 25: Bowen is located in an unchristian stronghold. Pray that the light of God emanating from Bowen
will permeate every facet of life in Iwo land. The Chapel stands at the heart of Bowen University. Pray
earnestly that God will use this citadel of learning to demolish strongholds, and take captive every
thought to make it obedient to Christ. (2 Cor. 10:4 5). Pray for the Chaplains: Rev. (Mrs.) Janet Oluwoye
(Acting Head Chaplain), Rev. Kunle Popoola, Rev. Reuben Olaleye, Pastor Akinwale Akinsola and Pastor
(Mrs.) Peace Ajiboye. Pray that their lives will never cease to honour God.

Day 26: Pray for Mr. Patunola Ayowole and Mr. O. Bamiduro the school's Internal Auditor and Lawyer
respectively. Ask God for divine enablement for both of them. Mr. Fadipe A. O. is the Chief Security
Officer of the school.Psalm 127:1b. Pray that the school will continue to enjoy divine protection.

Day 27: The Coordinator of Student Affairs is Dr. Ayansina Victor, while Mr. G. A. Aderoju is the school's
Public Relation Officer. Ask God for the grace to relate with, counsel and guide the students well for the
glory of God. Rev. (Mrs.) Olaniyi is the Matron in the female hostels while Mr. D. O. Ajiboye is the Hall
Warden. Ask God to imbue them with requisite tact and the spirit of discernment in handling issues that
arise from guiding and guarding young men and young women with different kinds of upbringing.

Day 28: Pray for Mr. Biola Akinola, the coordinator of the Works department, as he plan and
superintends the development of new ones under the Vice Chancellor and the school's management.
Pray for grace to continue to be diligent and efficient in all that is assigned to them. Bowen University
students come from diverse backgrounds. Pray that the “good” will get better and that the “bad” will
abandon their ways.

Day 29: Bowen University has always had a cult-free students' populace. Pray that this testimony shall
endure till eternity with Matt. 15:13. Pray for all HODs and the entire academic staff in Bowen
University; and that God will reward them for faithfully carrying out this noble task both here on earth
and in heaven.

Day 30: In the ship that set sail to Tarshish, Jonah was a misfit. Pray that every Jonah in this ship or other
persons that should be in this ship called Bowen University be fished out and relocated or located
appropriately in Jesus name! Bowen University is not an island. It operates under the auspices of the
National University Commission. Pray that the University will continue to enjoy divine favour as it relates
with other agencies for the accreditation.

Day 31: Pray that God will continue to raise men, churches and institutions to attend to the ever
increasing need for personnel and infrastructure in Bowen. Ask that God will bless all those that bless
His work in Bowen University. Pray for all those that offer catering, transport and other such ancillary
services in Bowen that they will not endanger the peace, the well being or the security of the
community or its occupants. Pray that the power of our living God will so pervade the atmosphere.

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