Using Digital Storytelling to Help Struggling Writers by U1188KY


									   Using Digital
Storytelling to Help
Struggling Writers
    A Collaborative Approach
       What is a digital story?
 A multimedia presentation that combines images with a
  narrated soundtrack to tell a story

 2 – 10 minutes long
 Personal stories, retellings of historical events, factual
  Helping teachers use digital
 We already have the technology
 Teachers need time and support to implement new
  teaching strategies

 The librarian and reading intervention teachers are the
  perfect people to help
   Targeting struggling writers
 Robust set of interventions in place for reading support
 RtI model is beginning for math
 Writing is still an area for development
 Focus training on special education and ELL teachers
  How does digital storytelling
       help students?
 Structure helps them maintain a coherent narrative
 Focus on multimedia product takes eliminates the
  pressure to create a polished written product

 Visual images help strengthen the story
 Clear audience for the story
 Fun and different
           Collaborative Model
 Program to last through December 2011
 Monthly group training sessions
     Writing: Storyboarding a personal narrative
     Visual literacy: Using images to support writing
     Reading fluency: Performing a script
     Putting it all together: Using iMovie to produce a digital

 Thursday planning meetings
 Co-teaching on Tuesdays
        Measuring effects on
         students’ learning
 Compare narrative writing growth for students using
  digital storytelling to students using traditional paper
  and pencil writing process
 The only additional cost to the district is $380 for time
  spent planning the new training sessions

 What a bargain!

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