Writer Resume by U1188KY


									                                           WILLIAM K. BATNICK
                                               871 Collins Drive, #428
                                               Los Angeles, CA 90095
                                                 Tel: (310) 555-8657

Education       MCGILL UNIVERSITY                                                                     Montreal, PQ
                Masters in Psychological Writing                                                           June 00
                Excelled much beyond academic requirement: (1) created a new category of
                Master’s program tailored to my interests; (2) published a book
                independently, The Spiritual Renaissance, 2000

                WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY                                                                St. Louis, MO
                Journalism: 20 graduate credits earned                                                        1993

                THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT STONY BROOK                                   Stony Brook, NY
                B.A., Psychology, Political Science                                                        May 92
                Graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude honors
                British Parliament intern, London (91)
                Total Spanish Language Immersion: Madrid, Spain (90)

Psychology      THE PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNAL                                                              Los Angeles
Experience      Contributing Writer                                                                          2000

                COUNSELING SERVICES MAGAZINE                                                        New York, NY
                Contributing Writer                                                                         1999

                EUROPEAN PYSCHOLOGY REVIEW                                                      London, New York
                Contributing Writer                                                                  1995 to 1999

                PSYCHOLOGY TODAY                                                                           London
                Staff Reporter and Contributing Editor                                                1996 to 1998
                Wrote articles for family of psychology-related newsletters
                Covered findings in Madrid, San Francisco, Bombay, Edinburgh and Tokyo

                PSYCHO-BABBLE                                                                        San Francisco
                Staff Reporter and Managing Editor                                                    1994 to 1996
                Wrote for light-hearted psychological venue targeted toward students

                PSYCHOLOGY AND YOU MAGAZINE                                                             New York
                Staff Reporter                                                                        1990 to 1992
                Wrote features and analytic pieces for each issue

Entertainment   PSYCHOLOGY-RELATED PRODUCER AND FREELANCER                                      L.A. and New York
Experience                                                                                          1997 to present

Film, TV,          Produced and directed Miles Away From Ego, an independent feature film I wrote.
and                Wrote Wishbone Diaries, the full-length play performed in Sydney, Australia.
Theatre            Wrote three spec screenplays, including Charismatic Notions, winner of U.K. Film Award.
                   Associate-produced Talking It Out, an after-school special airing on ABC in 2001.
                   Produced, wrote, and cut a short film on non-linear digital editing systems (2000).
                   Assistant-directed (First A.D.) Psychology Revisited, a short film, 16mm format.
                   Assisted in post-production on Predetermination, Premiere Entertainment.
                   Rewrote Knowing and Believing, a feature film, for Hamilton productions.
                   Produced three short videos for The Tube Media, London

Additional      Interests include jogging, tornado-chasing, horseback riding, skydiving  Fluent in Spanish
                Passion for both creative and analytical thinking; verbal and written communication.

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