Ten Ways to Practice Telling Time by U1188KY


									1.   Daily Schedule- Have your child track his schedule for one day. Get a large piece of
     paper and have him record his actions throughout the day. Along with each activity,
     have him draw a picture of a clock and write the digital time underneath.

2.   Create a Clock- Make your own clock with poster board. Use a brad to fasten the hands
     to make them moveable. Use this clock to quiz your child on telling time.

3.   TV Guide- Allow your child to create her own TV guide. Fold a piece of paper in half and
     have her write down the names of her favorite TV shows. Have her draw a picture of a
     clock beside each listing to show what time each show comes on.

4.   Time Concentration Game- Create your own time concentration game. Program 10 index
     cards with digital times. Draw clock faces on ten more cards and program them with
     matching times. Place the cards face down on a playing surface. The first player draws
     two cards. If he gets a match, he goes again. If not, the next player goes.

5.   Telling Time Worksheets- Visit Free Worksheets.com and print out time worksheets for
     your child to complete.

6.    Floor Clock- Program large 4x6” index cards with the numbers 1-12. Make a set of
     clock hands from construction paper. Create a clock face on the floor with the numbers
     and clock hands. Call out a time to your child and have her move the hands on the clock
     to show the appropriate time.

7.   How long is a Minute? - To give your child an idea about how long a minute is, have him
     perform various actions while timing him for a minute. Record how many repetitions of
     each action he completes.

8.   A Watch of My Own- Purchase a watch for your child to wear on a daily basis.
     Make sure that the watch has a clock face and is not digital. Ask her for a time
     check throughout the day.

9.   A.M./P.M. Pictures- Review with your child the difference between a.m. and p.m. times.
     Have your child choose and time and draw a picture of what they do at that time in the
     a.m. and in the p.m.

10. Shaving Cream Quiz- Get a cookie sheet, a clock and a can of shaving cream. Put a small
    amount of shaving cream on the cookie sheet. Set a time on the clock and show it to
    your child. Have him write the time with his finger in the shaving cream.

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