Map Activity 2 Spain by 5IB3dq2k


									Activity 2 Map of Spain

Activity Type: Homework Assignment


To reinforce the material presented to students in this unit of study by requiring students to identify
and locate certain features on a map of Spain.

Lesson objectives addressed in this activity:

Students will be able to understand and develop map reading skills. Students will become more
familiar with abstract concepts found in working with maps.

Teacher Instructions:

       Assess the readiness level of your students. It is time to assign this activity when:
           1. Students have read the assigned pages in the textbook Fundamentals of Regional
           2. Students have participated in a discussion of the chapter’s major points.

       Prepare for this activity:
           1. Review learning objectives covered in this activity.
           2. Go over rubric with students and allow time for clarification of questions students may
              have regarding the assignment.

       Assessment of learning:
          1. Review the student copy of the grading rubric with your students so that
              they are clear on the outcome expectations.
          2. Have each student submit a copy of the rubric along with the assignment.
              Circle the level of competency met for each criterion and then write the total score at the
              top of the rubric. Return the scored rubric along with the assignment to each student.

Assignment Instructions:

Correctly locate specific features on the map of Spain found in the Assignments Section on the course

Criteria for success:

   1.   Review the assigned pages of Fundamentals of Regional Geography.
   2.   Conduct additional research from a website or websites of your choice.
   3.   Review the rubric to be sure all requirements have been met.
   4.   Complete the assignment by the due date for feedback and full credit. Points will be deducted
        for submitting assignment late and no opportunity for feedback or revisions may be made.
            5. Submit the assignment to the instructor in class in a hard copy or through the Digital Drop Box.

        Resources you can use:

        Lecture notes.

                                (10 point model) Map Activity Participation Rubric

        Student:                      Unit:                          Total points this week:
              Excellent                       80% - 90% possible                     59% or less
           100% possible
                                              8-9 points possible                 5 or fewer points
        10 points possible                                                             possible

                                        8-9 features are placed in their     5 or fewer features are
All 10 features are placed in their     correct position with clarity.       placed in their correct
correct position with clarity.                                               position with clarity.

(10 pts)                                (1 pt for each correctly             (1 pt for each correctly
                                        placed feature)                      placed feature)

        Mastery Learning Statement:

        Students who submit this assignment by the stated due date will be given instructor feedback and the
        opportunity to re-attempt within 48 hours. Students who submit this assignment late forfeit this
        mastery learning opportunity and unless prior instructor approval to be late is granted, will not receive
        any credit at all for the assignment.

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