Team Members:
                             1.) Ericka Benson     Lead Investigator/ Tech Team
                             2.) Rick Benson       Lead Investigator/ Tech Team
                             3.) Jesse Booth       Investigator
                             4.) Jeremy Crawford   Trainee
                                 Jean Crawford     Interested bystander

Digital voice recorders                                              Cameras
2 Olympus WS-100PC Digital Recorders                              1 Cannon ZR-800 Mini DV Recorder
1 Olympus WS-300PC Digital Recorder                               1 Sony DCR SR-80 Video/Night Vision
1 Olympus VN 4100PC Digital recorder                              1 Kodak Z1275 12 MP Camera
1 Olympus VN 3100PC Digital recorders                             1 Kodak Camera ZD710 7.1 MP
                                                                  1 Sony Cybershot digital camera,
                                                                    Specifications unknown

EMF Meters                                                           Environmental
1 Trifield meter Model 100xe                                          Monitoring
1 Lutron EMF 822a                                                    1 Extech IR temperature meter
1 Gigahertz Solutions ME 3030b                                          1 Raytech IR Minitemp
  Electrostress analyzer                                                1 Kestrel 2500 NV
The building is a historic souvenir shop located in St. Ignace, Michigan. The building
was built approx. 1928 and there are no accounts of deaths at this building at this time
according to the client. The entire area however has a history of hardship and trauma.
The war of 1812 brought battles to this area

The client filled us in on the stories from staff at the building. One account was of toy
stuffed animals relocating from a top shelf to the floor over night as if someone or
something had relocated them.

 Sounds of footsteps in the balcony that is closed to the public. Footsteps in other areas of
the store are also heard by staff

Voices in the store when staff is by themselves.

Feelings of being watched.

                             BASE READINGS
 Base reading were taken though out the location prior to the actual investigation and the
                           readings were recorded as follows:

                          EMF STORE ROOM READINGS
          Flat with readings around the area from .1 to .3 with areas of interest:

Light switches were showing elevated readings beyond the capability of our gauss meter
                        dissipating within 1 foot from the switch.
      The refrigerator also showed elevated readings that dissipated within 1 foot.
 The overhead fluorescent light fixture over the refrigerator shows an EMF reading of
                 147.2 that dissipated about 5 foot away from the light.
                               EMF STORE READINGS
 STORE AREA was flat with readings from .1 to .3 with areas of interest as follows:

The hanging light fixtures emitted reading of 90.0 to 115.0 radiating to the floor directly
              under the light fixture but diminished to about 30.0 to 50.3

    Indian figure on the balcony gave a reading of .7 while base readings were taken
Exhaust fans at both ends of the store balcony emitted extremely elevated EMF Readings.
                           Cashier area was reading 3.3 to 14.0
 EMFs were detected in many areas of the Indian village leading the team to consider the
                                  condition of the wiring.
Inside temperature in the store room was recorded during pre-investigation base readings
 and was 60 degrees. The temperature readings in all other areas of the store room were
  steady with the acceptation of the back door area because it was not weatherized and a
                          constant draft from outside was evident
  The store area temperature readings were taken and read 60 degrees on the main floor
                     and were recorded at 67 degrees in the balcony.
  It must be noted that “cold spots” were evident throughout the building. BPI feels that
 they have to be discounted because of the drafty un-insulated condition of the building.


    Upon arrival at Indian village, we met the client and entered the building through the
 employee entrance at the north end of the structure into what is the store room. A review
       of our equipment capabilities with the client (he has a background in paranormal
investigation) took place at this point. The client then gave the team a tour of the building
    and showed us the fuse box and where the key light switches were located. Again, we
  reviewed in the presents of the team all the stories that the client had been hearing from
  the store employees. Ericka and Jesse performed base readings throughout the structure
  and discussed camera placement and the conditions in the building that might effect the
  investigation. At this point the client left and the team further discussed the condition of
     the building. The team determined during this discussion that it would be difficult to
   detect “cold spots” during this investigation due to the drafty nature of the building and
 the falling temperatures outside. The lack of insulation and the glass display cases along
    with cement floors would cause an elevated echo effect that will be causing difficulty
                                   while recording for EVPs.
   We set up the mini DV camera in the museum area. We then set the HDD night vision
   camera on the shelves where employees claim the stuffed toys had relocated overnight.
      Audio was active on both video cameras to be reviewed for EVPs later. Still digital
pictures were taken throughout the building during the investigation. EVP recorders were
running continuously for review later. The team rotated into the store room and store area
            to reduce the noise in the area the teams were actively investigating in.
   Ericka and Rick set out to debunk employee claims of voices and footsteps in the store
when they are alone. Because they were alone when this happened, we wondered if noise
could travel into the store from outside. Using the two way radios for communication, we
 tried a couple of experiments…..Audio recorders were located in stationary locations the
store area at this time, the balcony, ½ way down the second isle to the south end of store,
  behind the clerk’s counter with Ericka. One recorder placed by the museum area in the
          store area. Jesse carried a recorder as she moved through the store room.
    …. Ericka sat behind the clerks counter in the store and Rick proceeded to the front
  outside board walk that runs the length of the building. We started our experiment with
     Rick walking down the board walk to the south, talking in a regular tone of voice
     “Testing, Testing”. It was determined at this time that Rick’s voice could be heard
  throughout the store but Ericka was unable to distinguish what direction it was coming
     from with the exception of when he passed the front store doors. The sound of his
footsteps also carried throughout the store area. We then performed the same experiment
at ten foot increments away from the building toward the street with similar effect inside
the store. The sound of the footsteps did not carry from the paved area. His voice carried
    from out by the street when he yelled like calling to someone on the street. He then
    walked around to the shoreline boardwalk and performed the same experiment with
similar results in the store room area of the building. It was noted that the shoreline board
  walk was used by bicyclist, joggers and people just enjoying the view across the water,
      the sound of these voices and footsteps could be carried easily into the building.
   We pounded on the outside walls to see if there was any movement that could explain
 the displacement of the stuffed animals on the display shelves as stated by employees of
   the store. We were not able to detect any movement from that attempt to debunk this

    We swept the store and store room areas for EMF and EVP. We took several digital
   photos and hours of video throughout the building. We search the building for access
   under the structure with no success. We found and gained access to the attic over the
store room and took still photos and recorded For EVP. We discovered an old news paper
     from the August 1973 in the attic and left it for the client to see outside the store
                                     manager’s office.
    Jesse and Ericka performed EVP work together while Rick recorded Audio and still
   photos from the balcony. Final EVP session was recorded behind the clerk’s counter.
                     Night vision video also documented this session.

                          EVIDENCE REVIEW
 Jesse took 76 digital color photos; these Pictures were reviewed by three investigators
          individually. One anomaly was noted and will be presented at reveal.

Ericka took 72 color photos; these photos were reviewed by three investigators and found
                                   to be unremarkable

     Rick took 82 color digital photos; these photos were reviewed and found to be
           5 hours of HDD Video was reviewed and found to be unremarkable
         2 hours of Mini DV Video was reviewed and found to be unremarkable

 25:42:21 of audio recording were collected between 5 digital recorders. Each recorder
           was reviewed multiple times and was found to be unremarkable

   I appreciate the opportunity to investigate this nice, historical place. Even though no
    evidence was obtained, it was a great experience. Thank you for the opportunity.
  I greatly enjoyed our time crawling around the Indian Village. As happens many times
in this field of research, I don’t feel that we obtained evidence to substantiate any claims
 of paranormal activity. I am grateful to be allowed access and the opportunity to pursue
                       evidence of paranormal existence. Thank You.

   I thought this was a great place to investigate and am thankful for everyone who was kind
enough to let us do so. I personally enjoy investigating places that are older with a lot of history
around it like Indian Village. I like to go into a place such as this and imagine how all the people
   years ago lived and worked. It is thought provoking to think that almost 100 years ago the
   people in this building heard the same sound of the waves crashing against the shore that
 I heard. Overall, I felt that everything went smoothly, and I had a great time, as always. Even
 though two sets of employees had similar paranormal experiences, I unfortunately can't say I
had any that night. Better luck next time :) But as I said, I had a very nice time and am thankful
                            that we could investigate this historical place!



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