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									     Volunteer Abroad Application for G-lish Foundation
                   Please email this application at least 60 days prior to your intended departure date.

A note on filling out this application: You can type over the lines, save and send us your application as an attachment.
Alternatively, print the document, hand-write your answers, scan and attach your scanned application. If handwriting,
please write neatly!

Your Contact Details:

Surname:                                                      First Name(s):

Legal Address:

City/Suburb:                                                  Postcode/Zip:

State/Region:                                                 Country:

Phone:                                                        Mobile/Cell:


Nationality:                                                  Gender (Please Underline): Female / Male

Country of Residence (if different from nationality):

Current Address (if different from legal address above):

City/Suburb:                                                  Postcode/Zip:

State/Region:                                                 Country:

How did you learn about G-lish Foundation? (E.g. Google search, friend):

                                  Volunteer Abroad Travel Planning
Volunteer program duration (in weeks). Please indicate how many weeks you wish to volunteer for. Most
projects last 3-16 weeks, depending on your interests and time:

Preferred start date:                                         Preferred end date:

Have you volunteered before? Please provide a short summary of your volunteer experience:

In which countries have you traveled outside your home country? (This helps us anticipate your support
needs in Ghana):

Have you traveled on the African continent before? If so, where? For how long?:

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                                      Skills Self-Assessment
This self-assessment helps us identify volunteer positions that suit your skills and experience. After receiving
your application, we will contact you to discuss your volunteer project preferences. This helps us plan our
projects and helps you prepare for your volunteer experience. We appreciate your time and commitment on
this section.

Please write the number that best suits your skill level next to each item in the fields below. Your hobbies
and life experience are of as much interest to G-lish as your professional skills. Please be honest about your
skill levels so we can best match you with our projects for a productive volunteer experience. If you have no
skill/experience, don't worry. We're interested in what you can do and what you prefer to do.

On a scale of 1-5, please rate your skill level in each of the following Skills Fields:

1 = Beginners skill/experience
2 = Beyond beginners, but not fully developed
3 = Competent skill/experience
4 = Regularly practicing professional standard
5 = Expert: more than 5 years experience

Please type the number that reflects your skill level in the box next to each item. If you
have no skill/experience, leave it blank and only fill those in which you do.

                                    Business Support Skills Sets

                                    Accounting              Monitoring and evaluation processes
                   Developing annual reports                      World Fair Trade Org principles
                       Small business basics                                  Fair trade monitoring
          Teaching small business to others                                   Fair trade evaluation

                         New market research                 Import/export planning and process
               New market access strategies                                  Supply chain analysis
                          Business consulting                         Organizational development

                              Eco-tour and Environmental Skills Sets

                   Tour planning and guiding                               Cultural travel research
                       Travel market research                           Environmental economics
                            Horticultural skills                           Climate change science
               Nursery (seedling) operations                Climate change impact in West Africa

                      Forestry planning skills                 Recycling and waste management
      Knowledge of Sahelian soil conditions                 “Cradle to cradle” design philosophy
            Environmental impact assessing                    Climate change adaption strategies

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                            Health, Youth and Education Skills Sets

                            Nutrition and diet              Working with children (bonus if you
                                                               have raised your own children!)
                             Herbal medicine                          Teaching children or teens
                    Yoga/osteo/chiro/physio                         Summer/school camp leader
         Communicable disease prevention                           Learning disabilities educator

                      Hygiene and sanitation                   Learning disabilities assessment
                 Tropical disease knowledge                        Educational counseling skills
       Health workshop training or teaching               General personal organizational skills

                                  Conflict Resolution Skills Sets

                                    Mediation                Train the trainer workshop delivery
        Group conflict resolution workshop                Traditional African conflict resolution
                                 facilitation                                           practices
   Teaching anger management techniques                     Establishing anti-violence networks

       Teaching active listening techniques                       Liaising with external support
              Domestic violence counseling                        Domestic violence prevention
            Intra-cultural conflict resolution             Teen violence and abuse counseling
           Cross-cultural conflict resolution                      Alcohol/addiction counseling

                                        Creative Skills Sets

                   Visual illustration: digital                               Art/design teaching
               Visual illustration: non-digital                                Gallery operations
                         Digital photography                             Business report writing
                          Digital film making                  Blogging and online/SEO writing

                           Digital film editing                                   Creative writing
                   Weaving and/or fiber arts                                         Grant writing
                 Any other artistic medium*                              Social media strategies

* Please type which artistic mediums:
                                        Software Skills Sets

                                     MS Word                                   Windows systems
                                     Ms Excel                                  Adobe Photoshop
                     Apple Mac Applications                                      Adobe Illustrator
                                        HTML                        Other illustration software **

                                          CSS                          Video editing software ***
                                   Wordpress                   Other photo editing software ****
           Other software specialization ****

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** Please tell us which other illustration software you can use:

*** Please tell us which video editing software you use:

**** Please tell us which other photo editing software you use:

***** Please tell us of any other software specializations:

  Other Skills and Abilities: General Teaching and Training experience which
                       may support your key skills above

                  Group workshop facilitation                   Primary (elementary) school teaching
                               Personal tutoring                                 High school teaching
         Workshop planning and development                                 Technical college teaching
                   Creating teaching manuals                              University/college teaching

Please list subjects taught, if applicable.

                                          Project Preferences
This is where it all comes together. In this section you tell us which Fields you would most like to work in, and
which specific skills you would like to use during your volunteer experience.
                                                           st                    th
Please list your preferred Field, e.g. Business Support. 1 is your favorite, 4 is your least favorite. Then
name a Specific Skill, e.g. accounting/finance. Feel free to list the same Field, e.g. Business, for each
preference if you're really keen on volunteering in that Field. Alternatively, feel free to list any Fields
                                                     st  th
according to your interests and abilities, from 1 - 4 preference. This helps us match you with the most
suitable volunteer position. And sometimes we receive a number of applications in the same skill area so this
helps us better balance project flow as well.

The six main Skills Fields, as per the Self-Assessment above, are:

         Business Support / Eco-tour and Environmental / Health, Youth and Education / Conflict Resolution /
          Creative / IT

Order of        Skills Field         Specific Skills You         Any comments about this
Preference                           Wish to Use
Example         Business             New market                  I work in international business and this is my
                Support              research                    main area of expertise.
My 1

My 2

My 3

My 4

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                        Any Other Skills We Have Not Mentioned?
If you have skills that we have not listed here, but you think might fit one of our program areas, please let us
know in a few lines and we will consider how we can match this with our core programs and volunteer

Please attach a separate CV with your application. If you rated yourself a 5 or 6 in any of the skills above,
please explain your professional or expert experience here.

                       Please give brief details about your education

   Level                 Name of School                           Core Subject/s                   Graduated
High School

Please write a short description about your main motivation for traveling to volunteer in Ghana:

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                                          Personal Attributes
This part helps us understand your natural strengths so we can try and match volunteers with each other and
with project managers. Please be honest; the better we understand your strengths and inclinations, the
better we can cater for your volunteer experience.

On a scale of 1-4, please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements below. Please
type the number that best reflects your position in the box next to each item.

                                            1) Completely disagree
                                            2) Mildly disagree
                                            3) Agree
                                            4) Hell Yeah, I Agree

                                                                                       I like to lead groups
                                                                                         I'm a good listener
                                                                                     I prefer to work alone
                                                                                 I prefer to work in a group
                                                                  I don't mind if I work alone or in a group
                                            I can live with power cuts (common in developing countries)
                                                                                    I have first-aid training
                       I can manage bucket baths (water shortages happen from time to time in Ghana)
                                       I'm willing to work outside my volunteer position scope if needed
                                                                        Most people would call me patient
                                            I like working under the guidance of more experienced folks
                                                                       I am able to finish projects on time
                                                     I prefer to work unsupervised, but I get the job done
                                                                          I enjoy collaborating with others
                                                                                    I enjoy teaching others
                                                                               I enjoy learning from others
                                                                        I enjoy leading group discussions
                                                          Leading group discussions is not my cup of tea
                                I don't know if I love or hate leading group discussions, but I'd like to try
                                                I can speak another language besides English? Which?
                       I plan to spend time traveling around Ghana during my time off from volunteering
                                                               I am good at picking up foreign languages
                                                                                I enjoy traveling by myself
                                                                               I enjoy traveling with others
                                                                                   I'm not fussy about food
                                               I'm a little fussy about food (please be honest about this)
                                                                                 I prefer to cook for myself
                                                                       I would like to try Ghanaian cuisine
                                      I am good at concentrating on one activity for long periods of time
                        I don't have much travel experience, but I'm open to new ideas and experiences
                                                          I like to overcome obstacles to get things done

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                                 Volunteer Abroad Fees

G-lish Volunteer Abroad Fees                                                    Table of Fees
Why volunteer fees?

Volunteer fees help cover G-lish Foundation’s operating
costs so that we can continue to carry out projects and
activities in our main program areas. Fees help cover
programs such as tree planting and the Tree Bank
Project, and programs that don’t generate their own
income such as conflict resolution and health training,
working with schools in Green Clubs projects and with
special needs children.

Volunteer Fees help cover the cash-flow gap in
production, which can last several months. Fees
therefore allow us to cover costs, to produce more
baskets and to work with more rural families and more
weaving communities. Volunteer fees help us better
fulfill our mission to create income generation streams
for women and youth in impoverished rural communities
and to regenerate the degraded environment.
                                                                  Please check www.oanda.com for currency
Your volunteer fees cover:                                    conversions. If you are checking Ghanaian currency,
                                                                       use the “Ghana New Cedi” option.
      Airport pick up and drop off in Accra
      In-country orientation which takes place
       during your first week in Ghana
      Transport to your project
      Accommodation in a dedicated volunteer
       house with a comfortable bed, mosquito       You will be responsible for your:
       net, cupboard and your own shared
       bathroom                                              Airfare, visa, and travel insurance
      Drinking water at home and in the office              Vaccinations and medicine
      A G-lish basket of welcome goodies                    Personal travel within Ghana
      In-country support with G-lish staff and              Own meals. This makes for easy budgeting as you can
       team leaders throughout your project.                  eat quite cheaply in Ghana, and this helps vegans,
      Our popular travel guide to Ghana                      vegetarians and anyone with special dietary

Acknowledgment of the need to acquire medical insurance coverage

     I acknowledge that I must obtain an insurance policy specifically for travel and medical emergencies
 before I come to Ghana which covers the duration of my volunteer stay in Ghana. This is compulsory and
 important in case I should need emergency travel or medical emergency services while in Ghana. This is a
 standard requirement for international volunteer programs.

 Signature:                                                          Date:

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                                 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT
 Email your signed application form to volunteers@g-lishfoundation.org, godwin@g-lish.org and cc:
 young_consultants@bigpond.com (our back-up in Australia). You do not have any obligation to make any
 payments when you send your application. You can send your form with a digital signature, as is. Or you can
 print it your application, sign it, scan and email your application. Please make sure we can read your writing in
 the scanned document. We will always confirm that we received your application. If you do not get a
 confirmation email within 24 hours, please let us know.

 We will inform you whether your application is successful within the next two weeks. During that time we will
 contact you to discuss volunteer positions with you or to clarify any part of your application.

                              G-lish Volunteer in Africa Package

If your application is successful, we will request a deposit of US$150 to keep your volunteer position since
places are in demand and limited. This deposit is non-refundable and this amount will be deducted from your
total fees balance.

Once we receive your deposit, we will email your G-lish Volunteer Package. This includes:

       Project Outline: A 1-2 page document detailing your volunteer position.

       A confirmation email showing key planning dates and fees schedule.

       A budget planner in Excel showing 2 typical budgets, item costs and cost breakdowns to help budget
        for your volunteer experience.

       A fund-raising guide should you be planning to raise funds to cover your journey with fun and
        achievable strategies and activities to help you achieve your goals.

       A medical check sheet to help you plan your medical needs before you depart for Ghana.

       A check-list for things to do and remember during the 3 months before departure, in the week before
        departure, and during your flight.

       Our Volunteer Terms and Conditions Agreement which you must sign and return before or when
        you make your full payment of fees―which should be no later than 60 days prior to departure.

And When We Receive Your Volunteer Fees Payment in Full we will confirm your payment and send:

       An emergency contact form, which you must sign and return to us no later than 15 days before

       Your Ghana travel guide. We wrote a popular, digital (PDF) travel guide to Ghana (see: Ghana
        Guide page) which covers culture, history, language, travel preparation, festivals, nightlife, Ghana's
        major sites and a number of lesser known locations, climate and weather, a lengthy guide to Ghana's
        unusual public transport system, timetables (no other guide or transport company provides this), and
        much more. Our travel guide is now exclusively for volunteers.

       We will ask you to send your flight schedule so we can arrange to pick you up.

Thank you for taking the time to apply to G-lish Foundation. We know it’s an extensive application and we
appreciate your time and effort. We'll be in contact with you shortly. Visit our Volunteer in Africa page for more
information on volunteer abroad projects and our volunteer in Africa brochure.

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