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Digital Video Editing by 4v91VvF


									Digital Video Editing
      By Rob Hunt
          Digital Video Editing
•   Intro
•   Hardware and hiding poor camera quality
•   Software
•   Green Screen basics
•   Green Screen and miniatures
•   Sound Effects from around the house
•   A good Cook Book
•   The future and Machinima
• With the home computer becoming more
  powerful and the fall in prices of digital
  video cameras amateur digital video
  editing is becoming more and more
  attainable to the average person. Online
  series such as Pure Pwnage and
  RedvsBlue are examples of these.
            Intro Video clip
• Here is a video clip of some of the effects
  that can be easily created with a few
  inexpensive materials. Similar effects
  where used in classic movies such as the
  original Star Wars trilogy.
 Hard Discussion of Hardware
• The good
• The bad
• The ugly
       Hard Discussion of Hardware
• The good (what I want)
Panasonic AG-HVX200 around $6000
• The good: Superb HD video; a raft of frame-
  rate choices; supports solid-state P2 media
  as well as tape; terrific, relatively wide-angle
• The bad: Steep learning curve;
  noninterchangeable lens; low-res viewfinder
  and LCD; heavy for handheld shooting.
• The bottom line: With its AG-HVX200,
  Panasonic raises the bar again, bringing us
  professional HD versatility and quality at a
  lower price than ever.
• The bad
• The ugly
        Hard Discussion of Hardware
•   The good
•   The bad (what I’m getting)
•   Sony DCR-HC90

•   $600-$800
•   The good: Top-loading tape compartment; built-in
    lens cover; wide-screen LCD; novice-friendly Easy
    mode; crisp, colorful video; supports true 16:9
•   The bad: Autofocus can be slow to lock on; LCD
    seems small for shooting in 4:3 mode; some
    onscreen menus difficult to navigate; no manual
    shutter-speed control.
•   The bottom line: If you're ready to make the move
    to 16:9 videography or want to shoot a lot of
    romantically lit scenes, look no further than Sony's
    top-of-the-line single-chip Handycam
•   The ugly
     Hard Discussion of Hardware
• The good
• The bad
• The ugly (what I used for the next clip)
$ 399.00
• 22X Optical /440x Digital Zoom
• Built in video light
• Color viewfinder
• FlexiZone AF/AE
• Digital Effects
• Pre-Set and Custom title Function
   Poor camcorders can look like
           vintage film
• With the use of video filters it is possible to
  hide poor film quality to a certain extent.
• What everyone loves
• What I Love
• Whats In the future
• What everyone loves
Apple Final Cut Pro $1000
• The good: Extremely broad and deep feature set;
  fully customizable industry-standard interface;
  strong real-time capabilities; excellent value.
• The bad: Tough learning curve for beginners and
  casual users; requires a powerful Mac system; no
  multicamera support; no PC version.
• The bottom line: If you're ready for advanced video
  editing and you have a Mac G4 or better, look no
 What I Love
• Whats In the future
• What everyone loves
• What I Love Ulead MediaStudio Pro $250
• The good: Power-packed application suite;
  advanced features and deep options; fast tape
  scan to DV-clip index; real-time preview.
• The bad: Busy and inconsistent interface;
  complex settings for even simple tasks.
• The bottom line: This is a great tool for
  experimentalists who want to tweak under the
  hood for more power and better performance.
• Whats In the future
• What everyone loves
• What I Love
• Whats In the future $600
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
Apparently the best for pc Video editing
With its 24P support, Premiere is closing in on the
  competition from Apple and Avid, but the race is very
  tight. The Adobe Video Collection, which also includes
  updated versions of Adobe After Effects, Adobe
  Audition, and Adobe Encore DVD, will run you $999, or
  you can buy Premiere by itself for $699. You'll pay $99
  to upgrade from Premiere Pro and $199 to upgrade from
Blue and Green Screen basics
 Miniatures and other applications

• A commonly used technique used with the
  blue screen effect is to build a miniature
  and film it on a blue screen. Using this
  you can create castles and spaceships
  from household items.
• With 3d modeling the techniques are
  similar to those used with miniatures.
   Sound Effects from around the

• Recording a microwave or a car engine
  running can make for some interesting raw
  materials. Add in some audio filters such
  as a speed up or slow down and pitch shift
  and suddenly you have a spaceship or
  tractor beam
• (play sound)
   Sound Effects from around the
          house cont’d
• Banging plastic on metal or metal on metal
  can make gun shots and lazer beams.
• Adding in recordings of animals can create
  alien languages or explosions
                  A good Cook Book

Digital Video Production Cookbook
: 100 Professional Techniques for
Independent and Amateur
      The future and Machinima

• Creating movies with video games.
• With a screen capture and some editing
  software people are creating entertaining
  and popular video series available free
  from the net
• Movie contests held by Blizzard using

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