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PrimaryContact                                                                  A magazine for Canadian chiropractors from the Canadian MeMorial ChiropraCtiC College

                                                                                  CMCC Students Unleash Their Potential
                                                                                  On August 26, 2005, in St. John’s, NF, a group of five CMCC
                                                                                  students cycled the last leg of a gruelling bicycle marathon begun 10
                                                                                  weeks and 7,700 kilometres earlier in Victoria, BC. Their goal was to
                                                                                  showcase chiropractic and demonstrate to Canadians the value of a
                                                                                  wellness-based lifestyle. Lorenza Aldea, Ali Amiri, Kristian Dorken,
                                                                                  Katrin Grenacher, and recently graduated Dr. Jody Freedman had
                                                                                  set out from the shore of the Pacific Ocean on June 17. Over the
                                                                                  next 71 days, the students visited Rotary clubs, children’s camps,
                                                                                  seniors’ homes, and street festivals. During the course of their
                                                                                  tour, they garnered 78 newspaper stories, five magazine spots, 25
                                                                                  radio programs, and 18 television appearances. “It was an amazing
                                                                                  experience and a great opportunity to promote a healthy, active
                                                                                  lifestyle,” says Amiri. “Our team is grateful for the support and
                                                                                  hospitality we received from the profession across the country.”

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PrimaryContact                                                                            Dr. Jean Moss on continuous improvement

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                           As I look at photographs of 1900 Bayview coming
                           down, it’s impossible not to feel a pang of sadness.
                           So many memories; so many challenges overcome
                           and milestones celebrated. By my count, the Bayview
                           campus graduated 4,363 chiropractors over the span of
                           its existence. Each of our graduates touches the lives of
                           many people, making the world a better, healthier place.
Dr. Jean Moss, President  This will be our second spring here at the new Leslie
                          Street campus—any sense of loss at the demolition of
the old building is more than made up for by the tremendous gains we’ve made
at this wonderful location. The cycle of growth and renewal continues. We are
now in the process of revising our Mission and Vision Statements. Throughout
the fall, we held a series of workshops, followed by a strategic planning retreat.
These sessions provided for productive dialogue among faculty, staff, students
and members of our Board of Governors. Now in the final stages of this
planning process, we look forward to unveiling our new vision—which will
move chiropractic education and research to a new level of excellence—in the
next issue of PrimaryContact.
Progress comes from having a clear vision and a process for continuous
evaluation. Recent improvements to curriculum delivery have moved us
forward, along with the introduction of three new education coordinators—
Drs. Rahim Karim, Rhonda Kirkwood, and Oryst Swyszcz—who are skilfully
providing students with direction to manage and master their course load in
the modular learning system. As well, we are actively collecting input from
our student body and feeding it back into the curriculum. This spring will be
our first opportunity to objectively measure the effectiveness of this feedback
loop; until then I am pleased to report that initial indications point to positive
changes in student performance and satisfaction.
Understanding and serving our membership, and the profession’s continuing
education and supply needs is also critically important to the ongoing growth
and development of CMCC. I am delighted to announce the development of
our new Profession Survey. This instrument will enable us to receive important
feedback from field practitioners, both CMCC alumni and non-alumni,
helping to strengthen and enhance our product selection and service delivery.
The survey will be randomly sent by mail to approximately 2,000 chiropractors
across the country. For those who receive it, we would be grateful if you would
take the time to provide your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.
As some of you may be aware, in the fall CMCC’s faculty selected the Canadian
Union of Public Employees to act as its exclusive bargaining agent. Contract
negotiations have not yet commenced, but as this process unfolds we remain
committed to providing top-quality education, patient care, and research.
For all of you who have come to know and love 1900 Bayview, may you take
solace and pride in our continued efforts to improve our relationship with you,
whether you are one of our members, students, staff, faculty, or alumni. For
those wishing to hold on to a piece of chiropractic history, please refer to page
four for information on our commemorative brick program.

Farewell from Dr. Dave Olson...                                  Introducing Dr. Ward MacDonald...
                    Having now enjoyed more than                 The new Chair of CMCC’s Board of Governors maintains
                    a year in our new building, our              a solo practice in the beautiful university town of Wolfville,
                    memories of 1900 Bayview are fading          NS, on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Originally from the
                    like the memories of 252 Bloor               Ottawa Valley, MacDonald says he fell in love with the East
                                                                 Coast during a visit to Halifax. He moved to rural Nova
                    Street West before them. Due to the
                                                                 Scotia after graduating in 1994 and now takes full advantage
                    dedication of the administration,
                                                                 of its opportunity to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. He is an avid
Dr. Dave Olson,     faculty, and students, it has been a         athlete, coaching varsity athletics, and competing in both
Past Chair
                    year of challenges successfully met.         marathon and Iron Man Triathlon races.
We now move forward to ensure the continuing success of
                                                                 Dr. MacDonald’s involvement with the profession began
CMCC and the profession in Canada.
                                                                 while he was still a student. He served on CMCC’s Interns
As part of our vision to lead CMCC into the future, I am         Committee and as a representative on numerous administrative
pleased to announce that Dr. Moss has agreed to a new            committees. He was honoured to be elected by his peers to
five-year term as President. We are very fortunate to have       the CMCC Board of Governors in 1996 and the Council
                                                                 of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors in 2001, where
such a dedicated and internationally respected individual
                                                                 he currently serves as Treasurer and Chair of the Legislative
to lead CMCC. I would specifically like to congratulate
                                                                 Committee. Dr. MacDonald describes the profession as rich in
Dr. Moss and her staff on the successful conclusion of the       talent and diversity, but also feels that chiropractors ought to be
application to the Ontario Government for degree-granting        united in the things they hold in common. “After all, we share
status. This has been a monumental task that will have           the same faith that chiropractic helps our patients,” he says.
far-reaching impact. Dr. Moss has been able to face what
                                                                 MacDonald wants to see CMCC recognized as a global
appeared to be insurmountable obstacles with confidence,         centre of excellence. He is convinced it is the best
while competently moving CMCC on to bigger and better            chiropractic college in the world and is grateful for the
goals. She perfectly epitomizes that adage of being able to      opportunity to give something back during his tenure as
see not only what is, but what should be.                        Chair. “We have wonderful people here. Some of the best
                                                                 and most talented in the profession.”
The activities of the Board over the past year have
continued to ensure the ongoing success of CMCC and its          His goal, and the goal of the Board, is to ensure that
Hands on tHe Future® Capital Campaign. I extend my               CMCC continues to move forward as a centre of excellence
                                                                 and a leader in the profession. “Vision and commitment to
personal gratitude to Dr. Ron Brady for his tireless efforts
                                                                 the greater whole will carry our profession into the future.”
on behalf of the Campaign. He has been travelling across
the country collecting pledges and setting a wonderful           Dr. MacDonald believes in the value of communication,
example for us all.                                              and in the benefits of building strong interpersonal
                                                                 relationships. “Collaboration, respect, and trust,” he says.
It has been an honour and a privilege to chair the CMCC          “These are key to
Board of Governors. I am grateful to the Board members           bringing people
and many other dedicated individuals who make this               together for the
institution and this profession such a fantastic one to be       greater good.”
part of. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Ward MacDonald
as the new Chair of the Board. I wish him every success as
he takes the reins in our quest for excellence in chiropractic
education and research.

Dr. Dave Olson was recently awarded The CCA’s Award
                                                                   Dr. Ward MacDonald,
of Merit, recognizing his exceptional dedication and                        Board Chair
service to the profession.
CMCC Researcher                          chiropractors happily intent on           lectures and hosted two workshops
                                         learning and sharing new techniques       of his own. “Our goal was to
Wins Investigator Award
                                         and wisdom.”                              stimulate fresh thinking in the minds
                                                                                   of practitioners and increase their
                                         The conference—titled Technique
                                                                                   awareness of what is new in the field
                                         Tune-Up Workshop: Demystifying
                                                                                   of manipulative therapy. We then
                                         the Chiropractic Adjustment—
                                                                                   used this information to expose them
                                         unfolded as a series of six workshops
                                                                                   to techniques that they may not have
                                         interspersed with short lectures.
                                                                                   used or even seen before.”
                                         Participants rotated through the
                                         different workshop offerings over the     The CMCC Supply Centre and
                                         course of the weekend.                    Bookstore remained open throughout
                                                                                   the event, providing participants with
                                         Dr. Terry Elder’s presentation on
                                                                                   full access to a substantial array of
                                         the neurology of the chiropractic
                                                                                   products in an impressive new retail
                                         adjustment was very well received, as
                                                                                   space. The store also donated books
                                         was his hands-on workshop, Supine
                                                                                   as prizes for draws, which were won
                                         and Standing Thoracic Adjustments
                                                                                   by Drs. Hoang Dinh, Patrick Freud,
                                         and Lumbar/Pelvis Adjustments.
                                                                                   and Scott Miller.
                                         Dr. Robert Cooperstein presented
                                         his groundbreaking research into          All in all, 117 chiropractors
Researcher Dr. Gabrielle van der Velde   functional leg length inequality          participated. Alumni Affairs Director
(Class of ‘94) has received a New        and led workshops in diagnostic           David Coleman toured first-time
Investigator Award in recognition of     blocking. One of the more popular         visitors through CMCC’s striking
the outstanding paper she presented      workshops was that given by Dr.           new campus. “It’s always a pleasure
at the annual conference of the          Ayla Azad, a former CMCC faculty          to take guests on a tour of our
International Society for Quality        member. Using drop tables and toggle      new facility,” he says. “People are
of Life Research (ISOQOL). She           boards, she showed participants           in awe of this building and what
accepted the honour in San Francisco     some interesting new techniques           the profession has been able to
on October 22, 2005. ISOQOL              for use in their own clinics. Other       accomplish thanks to the generous
promotes the investigation of health-    workshop highlights included Dr.          contributions of so many supporters,
related quality of life measurement      Paul Gold skilfully demonstrating         in particular all of those individual
from conceptualization to application    Gonstead-type adjustments for the         chiropractors who have donated to
and practice, and fosters the            neck and low back, and Dr. Leonard        the Hands on tHe Future® Capital
worldwide exchange of information.       Faye from California, who expertly        Campaign.”
Dr. van der Velde’s paper was titled     and dextrously displayed classic
“Item-Response Theory Analysis of                                                  “I was impressed,” said participant
                                         chiropractic adjustments for the
the Neck Disability Index.”                                                        Dr. Howard Wasser of Richmond
                                         shoulder, spine, ribs, and lower limbs.
                                                                                   Hill, immediately after the
                                         “The line-up was amazing,” says Dr.       conference. “I picked up some
CE Conference                            Kim Ross, CMCC’s Chair of Applied         excellent and useful material I will
Comes to New Campus                      Chiropractic, who presented three         use tomorrow in practice.”
Participants from across the
country converged on CMCC for
the eleventh annual Conference on
Advancements in Chiropractic. The            Purchase a Piece of CMCC History from 1900 Bayview
two-day event was held in October
2005 at the new campus for the first         Cost: $125
time. “It was a great opportunity to         (includes shipping and handling)
be able to hold a hands-on seminar
of this scope in the new technique           To order:
rooms,” says Continuing Education            Call 416-482-2340 ext. 270
                                             Fax: 416-482-3629
Director Dr. Jerry Grod. “And it   
was very rewarding to see so many
Interview with Dr. John Super,                                         Only as Old as You Think...
chiropractor and artist
with Bonaparte Galleries                                                                                                Have you ever
                                                                                                                        been told that
What is Bonaparte Galleries?                                                                                            you can’t do
                                                                                                                        something? This
Bonaparte Galleries is a website/company launched in 2005                                                               has happened my
that offers unique artwork to chiropractors. It is an online gallery                                                    whole life. “You
created by me… and my computer. There are almost 80 pieces
                                                                                                                        are too short, too
so far, all based on diagnostic x-rays obtained from my office and
clinics. The artwork in most chiropractors’ clinics is educational                                                      slow, too young,”
or informative, but not aesthetically pleasing. My motivation was                                                       or my personal
to create something colourful, artistic, unique, and inherently                                                         favourite…“too
chiropractic, hence the artwork is all based on x-rays.                                                                 old.” I have worked
                                                                                                                        out pretty much
How are the prints created?
                                                                                                                        all of my adult
All the pieces are created on Adobe Photoshop CS, Illustrator                                                           life. So, when a
CS, and CorelDRAW 12. I scan in the x-ray and “extract”                                                                 thirty-something
the shapes of the bones I want to use. Then I create a unique                                                           who was working
background using colour and shape. Next I blend the two                                                                 out in my gym
images together, working them so that the bones appear three-                                                           told me that I was
dimensional but remain opaque enough for the background
                                                                                                                        too old to train for
colour to pass through.
                                                                                                                        a bodybuilding
How do you choose the x-rays?                                          Dr. Doug Pooley, Winner, Grand Masters Men       competition, I
Some x-rays lend themselves to                                         (over 50) class, 2005 Brantford Bodybuilding,    decided that I had
                                                                       Fitness & Figure Championships                   to prove him wrong.
the art, some do not. The lateral
lumbar view is very distinct; even                                                                                       I still hate those
patients who do not read x-rays
                                                                       four words: You can’t do that. People know me as an easygoing
can tell what it is. The shoulder
external rotation view is not easy                                     and jovial person who has somehow managed to bounce his
for a layperson to pick out of the                                     way through life. Not that I don’t listen to, or respect, what other
artwork. But to someone trained in                                     people have to offer, but my experience has been that most of
x-ray, both are recognizable.                                          the world lives by a “tribal mentality” that dictates we should all
                                                                       queue up in a certain fashion, eat promptly at 5:30 p.m., have 2.5
What’s next for Bonaparte
                                                                       children, and drive a Chevy.
I started with classic chiropractic                                    My point is that at 54 years of age, I have learned some pretty
x-rays. Now I have expanded to                                         solid and sometimes painful life lessons. By far the most
                                                   Gray Shoulder       important is that age is the worst part of that tribal mentality. The
some podiatry x-rays, neurological
prints (such as the brachial plexus), and dental x-rays.               old saying “You are only as old as you feel” should be rephrased
                                                                       to read “You are only as old as you think.” I am the walking
                                                                       definition of average, but I also believe that health, vitality,
                                                                       and performance are a mindset. They are nothing more than a
                                                                       decision to commit to doing whatever it takes to reach our goals,
                                                                       and I believe age is just not part of that equation. I trained with
                                                                       the goal of reaching a level of excellence to allow me to stand on
                                                                       stage and not embarrass myself. The fact that I won was a bonus.
                                                                       By the way, 50 really is the new 30.
                                                                       Dr. Doug Pooley
                                                                       Class of ‘78

                                               Gray Lateral Elbow                                                                PrimaryContact 
Homecoming 2006 Alumni Profiles
                   Dr. Donald Ryan                                                       Class of 1956
                   I went straight out of high school into CMCC in 1952. At the time, a bad back from playing
                   football sent me to a local chiropractor; that got me interested in chiropractic. I graduated
                   in 1956, got married the same day I received my chiropractic licence, and practised in West
                   Toronto for 33 years. In 1989, I relocated to Etobicoke and I sold that practice in 2000.
                   Now semi-retired, practising from home about 10 hours a week, I spend my spare time
                   singing with five different choruses and one barbershop quartet. My wife and I will have
                   been married 50 years in June. We have five children and nine grandchildren.

                   Dr. J. Kenneth Goldie                                                 Class of 1966
                   I enrolled at CMCC, on 252 Bloor Street West, in 1962 after two years at the University
                   of Saskatchewan. In the 40 years since my graduation, I’ve followed an amazing path. I’m
                   very proud of CMCC, the Class of ’66, and the tremendous contribution it has made to
                   our profession! Homecoming plays an integral part in maintaining my zest and passion for
                   chiropractic. I encourage everyone in the anniversary years to come back to CMCC for your
                   reunion! Those of you who have not seen the new campus are in for a very pleasant surprise.

                   Dr. John P. Mrozek                                                    Class of 1976
                   I am currently Dean of Undergraduate Education at CMCC. In addition to entering
                   practice after graduation, I completed a residency in Clinical Sciences, became a Fellow
                   of the College of Chiropractic Sciences, and then later received a master’s degree in
                   Health Professional Education from the University of Toronto. I maintain a small practice
                   to this day. I serve on the editorial board for the Journal of Chiropractic Education,
                   the peer review Board of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, and the Board of
                   Directors of the Council on Chiropractic Education of Canada. My wife Elly and I have
                   been married for 32 years and have two grown children, Stephanie and Natalie.

                   Dr. Igor Steiman                                                      Class of 1981
                   After graduating, I went through the Clinical Sciences residency program. I’ve been
                   in private practice and a CMCC faculty member since graduating. In 2004, I was
                   seconded by CMCC, along with Dr. Deborah Kopansky-Giles, to a demonstration project
                   integrating chiropractic services into a teaching hospital. The chiropractic service at St.
                   Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, has been successful and well received by all stakeholders.
                   My long-suffering wife Judy and I are the proud parents of Amanda, 24, and Eric, 19.

                   Dr. Paul J. Grittani                                                  Class of 1982
                   Since graduating I have been in a family practice with my father Norm (CMCC Class
                   of ’53). I have been married to my wife Suzanne since 1978; we have no children
                   and one tough five-year-old Manchester terrier. I’ve been actively involved in CMCC
                   fundraising and Ontario Chiropractic Association Society business, and this is my fifth
                   time as Homecoming Rep (still haven’t seen some classmates!). Hope to see as many
                   as possible at Homecoming 2006!

Dr. Dena “Newf” Churchill                                         Class of 1996
I have been practising in Halifax, NS, since graduation. I’m grateful for my wellness
family practice that continues to grow as I grow more focused and enlightened each
year. My husband Philippe and two boys—Dominic, 8, and Gabriel, 5—bestow love
and balance in my life.

Dr. Mohsen Kazemi                                                 Class of 1996
After graduation in 1996, I completed my Sports Sciences residency at CMCC. I’ve been
very involved in sports injury management as team doctor with Canadian and Ontario
taekwondo teams; in 2003 I served our Canadian athletes as one of the chiropractors
on the Canadian core medical team at the Pan Am Games in Santa Domingo. I’ve
also completed the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Sciences program and received my
fellowship. In 1998, I started working at CMCC as a clinician. Today, in addition to my
private practice at the Sports Specialist Rehab Centre in Toronto, my work continues as
Associate Professor and Sports Sciences Residency Program Coordinator.

Dr. Karlo (Doc) Suek                                              Class of 1996
I am in private practice in my own clinic (Universal Chiropractic in North
Mississauga) with two massage therapists and two great chiropractic assistants. We are
in the midst of expanding our clinic to include more space for laser therapy, another
chiropractor, and an exercise/traction area. On a personal note, I have recently become
engaged. My fiancé Tracy and I are planning our wedding for sometime in 2006. For
those of you who know me well, I’m still an avid soccer player and hope to be going
to Germany to watch the World Cup shortly after Homecoming.

Dr. Stacey Cooper-Latimer                                        Class of 1996
My husband Dean and I have been married for 14 years. At graduation, we were
expecting our first child. We now have four: Lyndsay, 9; Kayla, 7; Derek, 5; and Jake, 3.
I practised with my dad until he passed away in 2001. (In 2005, the practice celebrated
its 93rd anniversary in Brantford.) Upon graduation, I also completed my fellowship
with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. I’m looking forward to
reuniting with everyone at Homecoming 2006!

Dr. Melanie Lopes                                                 Class of 2005
After graduating, I became a resident in the Sports Sciences Residency Program. I am
fulfilling the research component of the SSRP by completing an M.Sc. in Kinesiology
at York University. My related research is in its preliminary stages and will be dealing
with repetitive strain injuries of the upper limb, looking at the parallels between
occupational and sports injuries. At the same time as my master’s program, I’m doing
fieldwork with soccer athletes and working at the Sports Injury Rehabilitation Clinic.
Needless to say, life is busy, but I am enjoying it!

Celebrating Tomorrow’s Leaders
2005 Undergraduate Student Awards
 Master of Ceremonies Dr. Natalia Lishchyna with Year IV’s Sarah Jardine   Dr. Myroslava Kumka and Year IV student Tim Butler

On November 3, 2005, students, staff, faculty, Board
of Governors representatives, alumni, and members
of the community gathered in the CCPA Hall for a
celebration of the achievements and dedication of
CMCC students. More than 70 students received awards
for academic achievement, character, and leadership.
Master of Ceremonies Dr. Natalia Lischchyna lent an air
of lightheartedness to the occasion.
Dr. Myroslava Kumka presented the John W. A.
Duckworth Memorial Award in Anatomy to Year IV
student Tim Butler. Dr. Kumka spoke passionately about                     Dr. Kim Humphreys presents Dr. John J. Triano
                                                                           with the Dr. A. E. Homewood Award.
the outstanding impact of Dr. Duckworth’s teaching and
research. She commended this year’s recipient for the
skill and knowledge he brings to the subject of anatomy,
and for his willingness to mentor fellow students.
The Dr. William Peek Memorial Faculty Award was awarded
posthumously, upon recommendation from students and
peers, to Dr. David Tomlinson for his excellence in teaching.
Dr. Tomlinson’s wife Jutka, accepted the award and was
moved by the support for her late husband’s work.
Dr. John J. Triano received the Dr. A.E. Homewood
Memorial Professorship. This honour is presented to the
member of the academic health care community who best
exemplifies the scholarship of CMCC and the profession
and who has shown a dedication to the principles and
philosophy of health care through chiropractic.
A reception, supported by funding from the Dr. Stanley
Gdanski Memorial Fund, was held following the
ceremony. Students had the opportunity to mingle with
award donors and members of the Board of Governors.
Congratulations to all of this year’s outstanding
undergraduate achievers and award recipients.
                                                                                                                       June 2-3
                                                                                                                         all events at CMCC
                                                                                                                            6100 Leslie Street

At Home with family                                                                                1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976
                                                                                                   1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2005

  Friday, June 2, 2006                                                Saturday, June 3, 2006
  Continuing Education                                                Sunrise Breakfast, compliments of the Governors’ Club
                                                                      (to be followed by the Governors’ Club Annual General Meeting)
  Lecture Hall 1
                                                                      7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m., CCPA Hall
  1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Registration
                                                                      Our Saturday activities will begin with an all-you-can-eat buffet
  2:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Continuing Education Program                  breakfast compliments of the Governors’ Club, on the occasion
                                                                      of its 25th anniversary. Join hosts Dr. Jean Moss and Dr. Doug
  Opening Reception                                                   Brown, Governors’ Club President, for updates on initiatives at
  6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Atrium                                        CMCC.
  The Homecoming social activities will begin in
  CMCC’s spectacular Atrium as you share memories                     Continuing Education
  and stories of your time at CMCC and your career                    Lecture Hall   1
  in chiropractic. Celebrate the occasion with a                        8:30 a.m.    - 9:00 a.m.             Registration
  complimentary drink and enjoy delicious hors                          9:00 a.m.    - 12:00 p.m.            Continuing Education Program
  d’oeuvres. This elegant venue includes CMCC’s                       12:00 p.m.     - 1:00 p.m.             Lunch (for Continuing Education
  impressive Donor Wall. New donors of $6,500 and                                                            participants only)
  above to the Capital Campaign will be recognized as                  1:00 p.m. -         3:45 p.m.         Continuing Education Program
  their names join those already on the Wall.                         Anniversary Class Luncheon
  We encourage you to continue the evening by going                   11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., CCPA Hall
  out for dinner with your classmates.                                This special luncheon will honour the classes of 1951,1956,1961,
                                                                      1966, and 1971. Reminisce with former classmates and celebrate
                                                                      the anniversary of your graduation from CMCC.

                                                                      President’s Welcome Home BBQ and Celebration
                                                                      1:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., Rear parking lot
                                                                      Attend the first Homecoming BBQ with a carnival feel! You, your

“We want you to think of CMCC as your home;                           classmates, and your families will enjoy delicious food, music,
                                                                      dancing and fun-filled activities such as volleyball, face-painting,

 Bring your family to Homecoming.”
                                                                      balloon sculpting and so much more!

                                 Dr. Jean Moss, President
  Every year, Homecoming represents a unique opportunity for          to think of CMCC as your home; bring your family to Homecoming.
  alumni from near and far to re-connect, to renew acquaintances      Whether you participate with your children or your classmates, our
  and to catch up on all sorts of things, from clinic successes       activities program promises to bring out the kid in all of us! In addition,
  to personal accolades, to family happenings. We all have            our Opening Reception, Sunrise Breakfast and Welcome Home Barbecue
  interesting stories to share and what better opportunity to do so   all offer great opportunities to mingle with your classmates.
  than at Homecoming 2006!
                                                                      We are once again offering a Continuing Education program that we feel
  Our many anniversary classes will be sharing different              will be of interest and value to you. Our Technique Tune-Up Workshop will
  milestones. Congratulations to you all! Of special mention          provide a choice of five workshops for you to sharpen your palpation skills.
  are the classes of 1951 and 1956, who are celebrating their
  55th and 50th anniversaries respectively – truly significant        Finally, a special thank you to your class representatives (listed on
  accomplishments.                                                    page 11), whose efforts have contributed greatly to the success of
                                                                      the weekend. I encourage you to contact your class representative to
  At Homecoming, we are committed to providing our guests             discuss plans for your Homecoming weekend. I look forward to seeing
  with a program that has something for everyone. For 2006,           you on June 2 and 3!
  “fun and family” is a big part of our itinerary. We want you
   PrimaryContact 9
                                                                                                                                       PrimaryContact 9
Continuing Education at
             Technique Tune-Up Workshop: Expand your adjusting armamentarium!
       Too	much	technique	is	never	enough!	Sharpen	your	                         This	workshop	will	focus	on	what	
       palpation	skills	with	the	experts.	You	will	have	a	                       chiropractors	actually	do.	Come	learn	
       chance	to	attend	5	workshops	including	assessment	                        and	review	some	of	the	practical,	
       and	treatment	procedures	in:                                              comprehensive	and	fundamental	skills	
       •	   Low	Force	Adjusting                                                  essential	to	evaluate	joint	function	and	
       •	   “Chest	bump”	and	other	such	tricks                                   deliver	chiropractic	adjustments.	Mastery	
       •	   TMJ	Adjustments                                                      of	chiropractic	technique	requires	much	
       •	   Slow-motion	video	of	your	adjusting	techniques                       practice	and	learning	by	example.	Join	
       •	   Gonstead-type	adjusting                                              us…and	have	some	fun,	too!		

Technique Tune-Up Workshop (8 hours)
All	participants	will	rotate	through	5	workshops	over	the	2	days	(see	below)

   Friday, June 2
   	   1:30	p.m.		 –		   2:00	p.m.	        	   Registration
   	   2:00	p.m.		 –		   2:15	p.m.	        	   Introduction	and	Workshop	Group	Assignments
   	   2:15	p.m.		 –		   2:45	p.m.		       	   The	Accuracy	and	Specificity	of	Thoracic	and	
   	    	           	     	                	   Lumbar	Spinal	Adjustments		        	       	      	       Kim Ross
   	   2:45	p.m.		 –		   3:45	p.m.	        	   Workshop	1

   Saturday, June 3
   	 8:30	a.m.		 –	 9:00	a.m.	             	   Registration
   	 9:00	a.m.		 –		 9:30	a.m.	            	   Spinal	adjusting…does	the	hand	really	matter?		   	       D. Bereznick
   	 9:30	a.m.	 –		 10:30	a.m.	            	   Workshop	2	
   	10:30	a.m.	 –		 11:00	a.m.	            	   Break		
   	11:00	a.m.	 –		 12:00	p.m.	            	   Workshop	3
   	12:00	p.m.	 –		 1:00	p.m.		            	   Lunch
   	 1:00	p.m.	 –		 2:00	p.m.	             	   Workshop	4
   	 2:00	p.m.	 –		 2:30	p.m.	             	   Break
   	 2:30	p.m.	 –		 3:30	p.m.	             	   Workshop	5
   	 3:30	p.m.	 –		 3:45	p.m.	             	   Wrap-up

   Workshop	1	                  	      	       Chest	Bump	and	other	such	tricks	   	      	      David	Bereznick
   Workshop	2	                  	      	       Slow	Motion	Video	of	adjustive	procedures	 	      Kim	Ross
   Workshop	3	                  	      	       Gonstead	type	adjusting	            	      	      Paul	Gold
   Workshop	4	                  	      	       Low	Force	adjustive	procedures	     	      	      Ayla	Azad
   Workshop	5	                  	      	       A	Simple	Approach	to	TMJ	           	      	      Astrid	Trim

   PrimaryContact 0
Anniversary Class Representatives
Class of 1951            Class of 1976                  Dr. Michelle Liberty
55th Anniversary         30th Anniversary               Scarborough, Ontario
Dr. Edwin J. Hunt        Dr. John P. Mrozek             Tel: (416) 755-7017
Sharon, Ontario          Richmond Hill, Ontario
Tel: (905) 478-8211      Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 136
                               Dr. Patricia McCord
                                                        Scarborough, Ontario           OFFICIAL HOMECOMING HOTEL
                                                        Tel: (416) 290-5100
Class of 1956            Dr. Roland Vander Beek
                         Kitchener, Ontario   
50th Anniversary
Dr. Donald L. Ryan       Tel: (519) 895-0765
                                                                                            The Sheraton
Etobicoke, Ontario            Dr. Astrid Trim
                                                        Mississauga, Ontario
                                                                                           Parkway Hotel
Tel: (416) 239-5318
                         Class of 1981                  Tel: (905) 712-1939                Toronto North
Dr. Donald H. Viggiani   25th Anniversary
Toronto, Ontario         Dr. Paul J. Grittani           Class of 1996
                         Toronto, Ontario               10th Anniversary
Tel: (416) 960-9388
                         Tel: (416) 652-1849            Dr. Dena Churchill
                                                        Halifax, Nova Scotia
Class of 1961  
                                                        Tel: (902) 455-2466
45th Anniversary
Dr. David W. Gohn        Dr. Andrew Pulinec
                         Downsview, Ontario             Dr. Stacey Cooper-Latimer
Arthur, Ontario
                         Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 310   Brantford, Ontario
Tel: (519) 848-2451
                              Tel: (519) 756-6311
Dr. George E. Tester     Dr. Igor Steiman
                         Toronto, Ontario               Dr. Mohsen Kazemi
Thunder Bay, Ontario                                                                   The Sheraton Parkway Hotel is the
                         Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 265   Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (807) 475-5339                                                                    official CMCC Homecoming Hotel
                              Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 112
                                                              for 2006. Located just 30 kilometres
Class of 1966                                                                          from Toronto’s Pearson International
40th Anniversary         Dr. Joanne G. Thicke                                          Airport, and only a 10 minute
                         Brampton, Ontario              Dr. Karlo (Doc) Suek
Dr. J. Kenneth Goldie                                                                  drive from CMCC. The 311-room,
                         Tel: (905) 456-2400            Mississauga, Ontario
Lumsden, Saskatchewan
                                                        Tel: (905) 567-8535            4-diamond hotel offers deluxe to
Tel: (306) 731-2587
                                                        moderate accommodations, including
                                                                                       complimentary access to the Athletic
                         Dr. Stephen A. Zylich
Dr. Jan J. Kempe         Toronto, Ontario               Class of 2001                  Club, which features outdoor and
                         Tel: (416) 925-1868            5th Anniversary                indoor pools, steam rooms, whirlpools,
Windsor, Ontario
                          Dr. Peter Cauwenbergs          tennis/racquet courts, and a workout
Tel: (519) 254-2222
                                                        Toronto, Ontario               gym. You will have no problem
                         Class of 1986                  Tel: (416) 482-2340 ext. 171   balancing your health and well-being
                                                         at the Sheraton. All rooms have
Class of 1971            20th Anniversary
35th Anniversary         Dr. Sandra Malpass                                            recently been renovated offering an
Dr. Suzanne L. Brown     Ancaster, Ontario              Class of 2005                  elegant and relaxing atmosphere.
                         Tel: (905) 648-9991            1st Anniversary                While at the hotel, satisfy your appetite
Toronto, Ontario
                        Dr. Stephen Burnie             at one of three restaurants, or at one
Tel: (416) 322-3619
                                                        Toronto, Ontario               of over 12 restaurants located within
                         Dr. Catherine M. Straus
                                                                                       walking distance.
Dr. K. Bruce Elliott     Kitchener, Ontario
                         Tel: (519) 579-2430            Dr. Wendy Carvalho             For reservations or more information,
Guelph, Ontario
                             Calgary, Alberta               please call 905-882-3108,		
Tel: (519) 823-1450
                                                      toll-free	at	1-800-668-0101,	
                         Class of 1991                                                 email:	reservationsmanager@
                         15th Anniversary               Dr. Melanie Lopes    	or	visit	
                         Dr. Kenneth Kinakin            Toronto, Ontario      Be
                         Mississauga, Ontario                  sure to mention CMCC to reserve the
                         Tel: (905) 812-0644                                           special discounted rate of only $119.*
                                                     (*Rates based on single or double
                                                                                       occupancy).            PrimaryContact 
                                   Please	complete	this	form	and	mail	or	fax	it	to	Special	Events	•	Canadian	Memorial	Chiropractic	College	
                                   6100	Leslie	Street	•	Toronto,	Ontario	M2H	3J1	•	Fax:	416-482-3629	•	Telephone:	416-482-2340	ext.	200

Last	Name:	_______________________________________	                       First	Name:	__________________________________

Address:	________________________________________________________________________________________	 	

City:	_________________________________________Prov.	/	State:	________Postal/Zip	Code:	__________________

Business	Phone:	_____________________________________	 Home	Phone:	_________________________________

Email:	_____________________________________________	 Fax:	_________________________________________

Spouse/Guest	Name:	_______________________________________________________________________________

Registration Fees:
Take	the	complete	weekend	package	or	build	your	own	package	selecting	from	the	continuing	education	program	and	the	various	social	
events.	All events are being held at CMCC.	Please	check	the	appropriate	boxes	and	include	the	fee	that	is	indicated.	Deadline	for	
registration	is	May	26,	2006.	

Complete weekend*
(Social events and CE)	              	        	          Prior	to	May	11,	2006	    On	or	After	May	11,	2006
	CMCC	Member		                                          		 $315.00	              		 $355.00
	Non-CMCC	Member		                                      		 $375.00	              		 $415.00
	                                                       Governors'	Club	Member/CMCC	Member	                                 $330.00
                                                                                                          $290.00	 weekend	 includes	
                                                                                                 		 *		 Complete		
	                                                   Governors'	Club	Member/Non-CMCC	Member	             one	 admission	 to	 all	 social	
                                                                                                          		       $345.00	 	       350
                                                                                                         events	listed	below.
	                                                   Spouse/CMCC	Student/COA		 		 $215.00	 	            $255.00
	 Anniversary	Class	Luncheon	at	6100	Leslie	Street	on	Saturday,	June	3	(for	the	Anniversary	Classes	of	1951,	1956,	1961,		 	
	 1966	and	1971	only.)			 ____	#	Complimentary	Ticket(s)	

       	              Education Program only
                       	      	     	     	              Prior	to	May	11,	2006	    On	or	After	May	11,	2006
	CMCC	Member		                                          		 $275.00	              		 $310.00
	Non-CMCC	Member		                                      		 $335.00	              		 $370.00
	                                                       Governors'	Club	Member/CMCC	Member	          		     $250.00	 	       $285.00
	                                                       Governors'	Club	Member/Non-CMCC	Member	              		       $305.00	 	        300
	                                                       Spouse/CMCC	Student/COA		 		 $175.00	 	            $210.00

Social Events: Individual Tickets Only                                     PAYMENT
Please	indicate	which	of	the	events	you	will	attend,		                     	 A	cheque	payable	to	CMCC	Homecoming	is	enclosed	for	
and	the	number	of	tickets	you	will	require.
                                                                           $	________________				or

	 Opening	Reception	on	Friday,	June	2	
                                                                           	 I	authorize	$_______________	to	be	charged	to	my	
_____	#	Ticket(s)	@	$35.00	=	____________
                                                                           	VISA		 	MC			 	Amex
	 Sunrise	Breakfast	on	Saturday,	June	3	
_____	#	Complimentary	Ticket(s)
                                                                           Card	#	______________________		Expiry	Date:	___________

	 President’s	Welcome	Home	BBQ	and	Celebration	on		
Saturday,	June	3	                                                          Name	on	credit	card:	__________________________________
_____	#	Adult	Ticket(s)	@	$20.00	=	____________	
_____	#	Child	(13	and	under)	Ticket(s)	@	$10.00	=	____________             Signature:	_______________________________________________
Exciting New Course for                                          Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
21st Annual Backs in Motion                                      All chiropractors are invited to join in, and by doing
CMCC has unveiled a brand new course for the 21st                so, promote a healthy lifestyle to their patients. “What
annual Backs in Motion event scheduled for Sunday,               a perfect way to reinforce the importance of physical
April 23, 2006. Organizers say the 5 km Run/Walk                 activity by being involved yourself,” says the event’s co-
presents an opportunity for participants—whether they            founder and technical director, Dr. John DeFinney. “Not
are first-timers or veterans—to get an early start on their      only will your patients, family members, and friends be
spring fitness programs.
                                                                 inspired, but they may want to run or walk alongside you
Taking place in the area surrounding the 6100 Leslie             or sponsor your efforts.”
Street campus, “the course will begin and end at CMCC,
combining city streets with scenic parklands to create a         Those who raise pledges of $50 or more are eligible to
                                     most unusual route,”        win a grand prize package. Additionally, CMCC will
                                     says race director          continue its tradition of providing great refreshments,
                                     Jennifer Adams.             awards for top finishers, and a variety of draw prizes.
                                     “Whether you are            Each participant will receive a Backs in Motion T-shirt.
                                     an avid runner or
                                                                 Backs in Motion is sanctioned by the Ontario
                                     walker, an occasional
                                                                 Roadrunner’s Association and is part of the Timex
                                     participant, a young
                                     person, or a senior,        Ontario Road Running Series.
                                     this course is for you.”

     Take the Backs in Motion Challenge!
     Exciting New Course!
     Backs in Motion 5K Run / Walk for Chiropractic Education and Research
     CMCC, 6100 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON

     Encourage •                          Lead             • Motivate
                                                                                                      Toronto, Ontario
                                                                                                 Sunday, April 23, 2006

     Three ways to be part of the challenge:
     1. Encourage your patients to pledge.                                                  ue
                                                                                     s Aven       fork                        CMCC
     2. Motivate your patients and their families to get involved.             Steele             in path
                                                                                                                              6100 Leslie Street
     3. Sign up to walk or run our exciting new course.                                                                       START/FINISH
                                                                               East Don
     Take the Backs in Motion challenge today! Support chiropractic            Park
     education and research at CMCC, and be eligible to win some great
                                                                                                              Leslie S

     prizes—including our super Grand Prize package!                           in path

     Run hotline: 416-482-2340 ext. 588
                                                                                         Finch East
     Online information:                                                     Greenbelt                          Ave. E
     Online registration:                                                                         Finch
                                                                                                            1 mile
                                                                                                            (right before
                                                                                                            railroad tracks)

  CMCC’s Board Executive                                                                                           David Olson,
                                                                                                                                D.C            .
                                                                                                                         Burnaby, BC
                                                                                                                          Past Chair
                                                                                            Canadian Mem
                                                                                                          orial Chiroprac
                                                                                            Simon Fraser Un                tic College, Clas
                                                                                                            iversity, Burnab                 s of 1980
                                                                                                                             y, BC
                                                                                           Professional Em
                                                                                          Private Practic
                                                                                                         e, North Vancou
                                                                                                                          ver, BC
                                                                                          Professional M
                                                                                                         em        bership
                                                                                         British Columbi
                                                                                                         a Chiropractic
                                                                                         British Columbi                Association (B
                                                                                                         a College of Ch               CCA)
                                                                                        Canadian Chiro                   iropractors
                                                                                                        practic Associa
                                                                                        Canadian Mem                    tion
                                                                                                       orial Chiroprac
                                                                                        Canadian Socie                 tic College
                                                                                                       ty of Chiroprac
                                                                                                                       tic Evaluators
                    Ward MacDonald,                                                     Professional Se
                                Wolfville, NS
                                   Chair                                               Past Chair, CM
                                                                                                      CC Board of Go
                                                                                       Member, CMCC                  vernors
                                                                                                       Governors’ Club
                                                                                      Past President,
                                                                                                      British Columbi
    Education                                                                         Past Member,
                                                                                                     Office Inspectio
                                                                                                                      a College of Ch
                                           ge, Class of 1994                          Past Member, Lia               ns Committee
                       l Chiropractic Colle                                                            ison Committee               , BCCA
     Canadian Memoria                                                                                                  , Insurance Corp
                                                                                                                                         oration of BC-B
                         Kingston, ON
     Queen’s University,                                                              Awards                                                            CCA
     Profes   sional Employmen                                                        Bill Lindsay Mem
                                                                                                       orial Award fo
                                                                                      Profession in BC                r Service to the
                          lfville, NS                                                                                                  Chiropractic
      Private Practice, Wo                                                            CCA Award of
                                                                                                     Merit for Service
                       be           rship                                              in Canada                       to the Chiropr
      Professional Mem
                                                                                                                                      actic Professio
                         ctic Rehabilitation
      American Chiropra
                         cti c Association
      Canadian Chiropra                        ge
                          l Chiropractic Colle
      Canadian Memoria
                        ge  of Chiropractors
      Nova Scotia Colle
        Professional Serv
                             of Governors
        Chair, CMCC Board                b
        Member, CM    CC Governors’ Clu             llege of Chiropracto
                               the Nova Scotia Co
        Tre asurer, Council of                    of the No va Scotia College
                              mmittee, Council
        Chair, Legislative Co
         of Chiropractors                          B Clinical Practice
                              entative, CCA/CFCR
         Stakeholder repres
         Guidelines Projec
                            t                                  Team and previous
                                           n’s Cross-Country
         Assistant Co  ach, Acadia Wome
                                oor Track Team
          for the Women’s Ind

           Herbert K Lee Aw                     d five Marathons
                             nman Triathlons an
           Completed five Iro

                                                  at I was a studen                                                I became invo
                 It wasn’t     very long ago th                                                                                   lved to
                                                   ity to work with                                             give back to th
     at CMCC. I’ve h            ad the opportun                                                                                 e profession,
                                                      the country—                                              to ensure a str
                                  chiropractors in                                                                             ong
     some of the best                          arding. It is truly
                                                                                                               chiropractic p
     personally         , it’s been very rew                       .
                                                 edible profession                                             in Canadian h
    PrimaryContact ling to
PrimaryContact b
      hum                    be part of this incr                                                                             ealth care.
                                                                                       I’m here beca
                                                                                                      use I care. I ca
                           ch, D.C.                                                the future of th                    re about
                 Lori Darro , AB                                                                   e profession.
                         Calgary                                                   the quality of                  I care about
                          Vice-Chair                                                              education. I c
                                                                                   public percepti               are about
                                                                                                  on. I care abou
                                                                                                                  t chiropractic.
  Education                                e, Class of 19
                                ctic Colleg
               emori al Chiropra
  Canadian M
                 Calgary, AB
  Un iversity of
              al     Employm
   Profession                                     n Integrati
                                        , Downtow
                           d ing partner
               ctice, foun
   Private Pra          gary, AB
   Health  Group, Cal
                    al Membe
     Profession                                COA)
                                   Alberta (C
                        ractors of
     Colleg e of Chirop                 ion
                            ic Associat
                Chiropract        practic Co
     Canadian         orial Chiro
      Canad  ian Mem

                      al Service
                          C Board of
        Vice- Chair, CMC          rnors’ Club
                     MCC Gove
        Member, C                  ors of Alber
                                                       d (CCOA)
                     Chiropract              eview Boar
         College of             , Practice R
                      xaminer                      (CCOA)
         Reviewer/E                    ommittee
                           iscipline C
          Inve stigator, D

                                                                                                             Kelli Blunt, D.C
                        t CMCC has
                                                                                                                Brockville, O
                                                                                                             Secretary-Trea N
     M y education a
                           le asset of my
         e most valuab
been th                   ve received
profess  ional life. I ha                                                           Canadian Mem
                                                                                                   orial Chiroprac
                                                                                                                     tic College, Clas
            ards from chir
                                                                                    Queen’s Unive                                      s of 1994
                                                                                                  rsity, Kingston
many rew
                                                                                                                  , ON
                                 ing back.
 It was time  to give someth                                                        Professional Em
                                                                                   Private Practic
                                                                                                  e, Brockville, ON
                                                                                   Professional M
                                                                                                  em        bership
                                                                                  Canadian Mem
                                                                                                  orial Chiroprac
                                                                                  Canadian Chiro                  tic College
                                                                                                  practic Associa
                                                                                  College of Chiro                tion
                                                                                                   practic Sports
                                                                                  College of Chiro                Sciences
                                                                                                   practors of On
                                                                                  Ontario Chiropr                 tario
                                                                                                   actic Associatio
                                                                                  Professional Se
                                                                                                  surer, CMCC Bo
                                                                                   Member, CMCC                  ard of Governor
                                                                                                    Governors’ Club              s


                                                                                    FCER Student
                                                                                                    Research Awar
                                                                                     Samuel F. Som                 d
                                                                                                    macal Clinic Pr
                                                                                     Canadian Foun                 oficiency Awar
                                                                                                     dation of Spin
                                                                                      Invesitgator Aw               al Research Aw
                                                                                                      ards                        ard—Student

                          Ron A. Brady, D.C
                               Regina, SK

                                            ge , Class of   1980
                        l Chiropractic Colle
     Canadian Memoria
                         a, Regina, SK
     University of Regin
                        oy           ment
      Professional Empl
                          gina, SK
      Private Practice, Re
                        be           rship
       Professional Mem
                           l Chiropractic Colle
        Canadian Memoria              ciation
                            ctic Asso
        Canadian Chiropra                         an
                                tion of Saskatchew
        Ch iropractors’ Associa
         Professional Serv
                             ard of Governors
                                                                                                 My fondest desire was to put
         Past Chair, CMCC Bo
         Charter Member, CM
                               CC Governors’ Clu
                                                                                               something back into the school that
                               ant, Functional Rehabilitation Pro
         Ch iropractic Consult                                                                 has given me so much. I believe CMCC
                              tion Centre
          Wascana Rehabilita                      of Saskatchewan                              is the beating heart of chiropractic in
                              d Science Council
          Sports Medicine an                                Junior Hockey Leag
                                         ts, Western Major                                     Canada and I will do everything in my
          Team Chiro  practor, Regina Pa
                                                                                               power to try to make CMCC and the
                                                        n Progress Club
                                                                                               profession stronger. That’s what I feel.
                                  of the Year, Canadia
            Na tional Progressian                                     b
                                                   dian Progress Clu
                                ent’s Award, Cana
            Outstanding Presid                        Canadian Progress
                                      an of the Year,
            Regin  a Centre Progressi                      atchewan Zone, Ca
                                       er, Manitoba/Sask
            Outst  anding New Memb                                                                                Len Goodman
             Progress Club
                                                                                                              Toronto, ON
                                                                                            Professional Em
                                                                                            President, CEO,
                                                                                                            First Financial
                                                                                           Founding Prin                    Corporation, To
                                                                                                          cipal, First Finan                 ronto
                                                                                           Founder, Good                     cial Corporatio
                                                                                                          man Group of                       n
                                                                                           Chairman, CEO,                  Companies
                                                                                                           First Resorts In
                                                                                          Professional M
                                                                                                         em         bership
                                                                                          Member, CMCC
                                                                                                           Board of Gove
                                                                                          Honorary Mem                   rnors
                                                                                                          ber, Canadian
                                                                                                                        Memorial Chiro
                                                                                                                                       prac   tic College
                                                                                         Professional Se
                                                                                         Member, The M
                                                                                                         ount Sinai Hosp
                                                                                        of Directors                      ital Foundation
                                                                                        Past President,
                                                                                                        The Life Underw
                                                                                        Member of Th                      riters Associatio
                                                                                                      e Advisory Coun                       n of Toronto
                                                                                       Superintenden                    cil, The Ontario
                                                                                                       t of Financial Se
                                                                                       Member, The Su                    rvices
                                                                                                        nnybrook Hada
                                                                                       Exchange advis                    ssah Orthopae
                                                                                                      ory board (SHO                     dic Trauma
                                                                                      CMCC Distingui
                                                                                                    shed Service Ci

                     I believe in chiropractic.
PASSAGES                                                         Continued, page 21

Dr. James Price
Dr. James A. Price, whose career as a Toronto chiropractor began before CMCC’s
existence, passed away January 9, 2006. He was 82.
Dr. Price took his chiropractic training at the National School of Chiropractic in Illinois
(now the National University of Health Sciences). Returning to Ontario after graduating
in 1944, he entered practice in association with CMCC founder Dr. Fred Clubine, then
purchased his own office on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue. His contribution to Canadian
chiropractic spanned 63 years.
His daughter Dr. Sharon Peterkin (CMCC Class of ’80) says her father kept office hours
and treated patients right up until just weeks before he died. At one point in his illustrious
career, he maintained three practices simultaneously. “My father worked so hard,” says
Dr. Peterkin. “He cared deeply about his patients.”
There was a strong chiropractic tradition in the Price family. Both of Dr. Price’s parents
were chiropractors, and in addition to his daughter Dr. Peterkin, the next generation is
continuing: one of his granddaughters is just beginning her journey into the profession.
“He was a great man, a positive chap,” recalls Dr. Dan Komesch (Class of ’50), who
fondly remembers Dr. Price’s positive influence on students. “He had a wonderful sense of responsibility.”
Despite not being a graduate of CMCC, Dr. Price served as Board Chair from 1954 to 1956. He also served on the Ontario
Chiropractic Association Board of Directors from 1964 to 1972, and was an examiner for the Board of Directors of Chiropractors
(now the College of Chiropractors of Ontario).
“He was a strong supporter of CMCC’s Capital Campaign,” says CMCC President Dr. Jean Moss. “He believed deeply in the
chiropractic profession.”

Dr. Kenneth W. Smith
Former CMCC Board Chair Dr. Kenneth W. Smith passed away December 27,
2005. His passing is a loss to chiropractic.
Dr. Smith was a native of Brantford, ON. Like so many members of CMCC’s first
graduating classes, he served his country during World War II. A member of the
Royal Canadian Air Force, he later volunteered for duty in the Pacific. Returning
from the war, he enrolled at CMCC in 1947 and graduated with the Class of ’51.
Throughout his life, Dr. Smith was a dedicated supporter of his profession. He was
a founding member and tireless advocate of the CMCC Governors’ Club; he also
served as Chair of the Board from 1986 to 1988.
“He did so much for CMCC,” recalls Dr. Moss. “He was dedicated to improving
chiropractic education in Canada.”
“He was just the nicest guy you would ever want to meet,” recalls long-time CMCC
staff member Margaret Butkovic, who is currently Director of Library Services.
Indeed, Dr. Smith was such a powerful role model for the profession that his two children followed in his footsteps. His son,
Dr. Ken Smith Jr. graduated from CMCC with the class of ’75, and his daughter, Dr. Sharon M. Smith with the Class of ’76.
His wife Shirley was the first spouse of a chiropractor to join the Governors’ Club.
“His support never wavered for an instant,” recalls fellow Board member Dr. Doug Brown. “During the years I spent on the
Board, Ken Smith was my mentor, my confidant, my inspiration, and my friend.”
Chiropractic Rehabilitation                                      Chiropractic Rehabilitation
Fellowship Program                                               Fellowship Program (Con’t)
Module I Sessions:                                               DISTANCE EDUCATION:
Richmond, BC                                                     Nutritional Concerns in the Elderly
Best Western Abercorn Inn
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.                                  • Identify the major nutritional issues associated with
Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.                                      healthy aging
Session 3: Spinal Stabilization Training                         • Identify the major physiological variables impacting
           with Gary F. Ierna, DC                                  nutritional requirements in the elderly in health and
           May 6-7, 2006                                           disease (i.e. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity,
• Stabilization Mechanisms: Local Stability vs. Global
   Stability                                                     • Identify and describe the major physiological and
                                                                   psychosocial variables impacting food intake and
• Understanding and Training Transverse Abdominis                  fluid intake in the elderly
   and Multifidus Workshop
                                                                 • Describe the variables influencing the functional
• Lumbar Floor Stabilization Training Workshop                     capacity to self-feed in the elderly
• Swiss Gym Ball Training Workshop                               • Determine nutrient requirements of the healthy elderly
• Home Exercise Programs                                         • Identify the major variables influencing energy balance
                                                                   in the elderly (physical activity versus dietary intake)
DISTANCE EDUCATION:                                              • Assess nutritional status in the elderly using nutrition
Outcome Assessment Measures                                        assessment techniques (anthropometric, biochemical,
•    Psychosocial Aspect of Musculoskeletal Pain                   dietary intake, etc.)
•    Identifying Yellow Flags & Understanding their Management   • Identify nutritional strategies aimed at improving
                                                                   nutritional status in seniors
•    Psychometric Testing for Various Psychosocial Issues
•    Low Tech Functional Testing
Module III Sessions:                                             Cox® Technic
Montreal, QC                                                     An Introductory Seminar on Cox Decompression
Hotel Gouverneur Place Dupuis                                    Adjustment & Manipulation
Saturdays: 1:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Sundays: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.                                   James Cox, D.C., D.A.C.B.R.
Session 7: PNF Techniques                                        Saturday, March 25, 2006
            with Cathy Jeremiason Finch, PT                      8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
            March 18-19, 2006                                    CMCC, Toronto, ON
• Understand the Basic Principles and Philosophy of PNF
   as applied to patients with neurological diagnoses            The Mechanism, Diagnosis, Classification and Treatment
• Identify correct diagonals for PNF trunk patterns to           of the Most Common Causes of Cervical, Thoracic and
   optimize patient performance                                  Lumbar Spine Pain
• Learn and practise PNF trunk patterns for the scapula          •   Increase in vertebral space height
   and pelvis and learn how to select appropriate patterns
   to address needs of patients with neurological diagnoses      •   Decompression intradiscally & neurally
• Apply specific PNF techniques to address the                   •   Return of physiological ranges of motion
   initiation of movement, stability, mobility and               •   Increase foraminal area
   coordination in the CVA population
                                                                 Some Topics Covered:
Session 8: Chronic Pain Management,
           with Eldon Tunks, MD and Odette Tunks, DC             • Low Back Pain
           April 22–23, 2006                                     • Stenosis
• Learn the Essentials of Chronic Pain Assessment                • Facet Syndrome
• Outcome Assessment Measures & Chronic Pain -                   • Contained and Non-Contained Disc Herniation
   Where Are We Now
• Course and Prognosis of Spinal Pain                            • Neuroanatomy of Spinal Cord and Osseoligamentous
• Epidemiology of Comorbidity and Chronic Pain
• Evidence-based Neck and Back Pain Management                   • Vertebrobasilar Artery Disease
• Validity Issues in Assessment                                  • Whiplash Injury
• Medical Legal Assessment                                       • Patient Management
Recognizing Serious Disease:                               Chronic Pain
Diagnostic Challenges and Risk                             and the Role of the Nervous System
Management in a Chiropractic Setting                       With Dr. Greg Fors
Dr. Ron LeFebvre                                           A three-part series beginning April 1, 2006
Saturday, April 29, 2006                                   Saturdays: 1:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
1:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.                                      Sundays: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 30, 2006                                     CMCC, Toronto, ON
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
                                                           These workshops will provide you with:
Westin Nova Scotian
Halifax, NS                                                • Practical therapeutic information from the latest
                                                             research in the prevention and management of
COURSE OUTLINE                                               chronic pain and neurological disorders

• What are the relative values of the various diagnostic   • The role of the nervous system and spinal
  tools? When is it most appropriate to access them and      dysfunction in myofascial pain, fibromyalgia and
  how?                                                       neurological disorders

• Low Back Pain Referral Patterns: Chiropractic            • Science-based applications of nutrition and botanical
  clinical neurology and understanding how and why           medicines
  a particular pattern of pain can identify underlying     • Hands-on learning for the effective removal of
  organ involvement                                          myofascial trigger points and soft-tissue lesions
• Red Flags: How to readily identify the presence of         through passive and active therapies
  organic disease. A review of Deyo and Grieve’s work      Session 1
  will underscore the importance of early detection of     Integrative Approaches to Chronic Regional Pain and
  warning signs and symptoms                               Fibromyalgia
• Clinical Highlights: Fever and back pain, prostatic      April 1 – 2, 2006
  CA, headaches, aortic aneurysms, GI disorders, renal     Session 2
  disease, respiratory disease, chest pain and bone
  infections                                               The Width and Depth of Spinal Segmental Dysfunction
                                                           May 6 – 7, 2006
                                                           Session 3
Pregnancy and Chiropractic                                 Natural Support for Neurologic Health:
                                                           Circumventing Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s,
Randy Ferrance, D.C., M.D.
                                                           Parkinson’s and Dementias
Paula Stern, D.C., FCCS(C)
                                                           May 27 – 28, 2006
Saturday April 22, 2006
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
CMCC, Toronto, ON                                          Diagnostic Imaging of Sports Trauma
Course Outline Includes:                                   Two locations:
• Understanding from Whence We’ve Come: A Review           Saturday, March 11, 2006
   of Embryology                                           8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
• The Healthy Pregnancy                                    CMCC, Toronto, ON
• Special Pregnancies and Common Birth Defects             Saturday, April 29, 2006
• Pregnancy History Checklist                              8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
• Practical Case Studies                                   SAIT Campus, Calgary, AB
                                                           An eight-hour seminar featuring three of CMCC’s
                                                           chiropractic radiologists. This seminar will include
                        CMCC Continuing                    didactic and laboratory-based sessions and will focus on
                        Education                          sports trauma radiology.
                        Phone: 416-482-2340 ext. 191       Drs. Bill Hsu, Cynthia Peterson, and Tania Pringle will
                        Fax: 416-482-1696                  discuss and present plain film and special imaging of
                        Email:                  upper and lower extremities, sports injuries, and spine
                                                           and pelvis sports-related injuries.
                                                                                                           PrimaryContact 9
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Mr. Mark Abraham               Donations                      Golf North Properties Inc      Terry Howald Pools Inc.        Mr. Ronald Laferriere
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 of Chiropractors                                                                            The Plant Lady Inc.
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National Board of                                             Dr. Bryan Lawrence
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IN MEMORIAM                                                                 IN MEMORY OF
                                                                            MRS.          NINA              CAREY

                                                                             Passed away January 14, 2006

Dr. Jean Chagnon                          Dr. Michael Rostotski Sr.          The Carey family extends heartfelt thanks to
(Class of 1974)                           (Class of 1955)                    the many individuals who paid their respects
Passed away October 12, 2005              Passed away December 23, 2005      at the visitation or service, sent a card or
                                                                             personal note, called, or made a donation
                                                                             in Nina’s name. Your support has been
                                                                             sincerely and genuinely appreciated.

PASSAGES                                                         Continued from page 17
Dr. Bertram L. Brandon
Dr. Bertram Brandon was born and raised in Toronto. He
attended Moody Bible College in Chicago and San Francisco
College in California. Returning to his home city, he enrolled
at CMCC, where he quickly established himself as one of the
school’s most active students and was elected to the post of
SAC President. He graduated with the Class of 1966. Within
two years, Dr. Brandon was a CMCC Board Member.
Dr. Brandon went on to sit on the Council on Chiropractic
Education of Canada, serving as chair of its Commission on
Accreditation. In 1994 he was elected as the first President of
the College of Chiropractors of Ontario.
Ontario’s chiropractic community suffered a loss when Dr.
Brandon passed away August 19, 2005.

The World Federation of Chiropractic and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges present:
Education Conference 2006
Title:              Professional Identity and Curriculum – To What Extent do Educational Programs Support a Common
                    International Identity for the Profession?
Location: Gran Caribe Real Hotel, Cancun, Mexico
Date:               October 26 – 28, 2006
                    Deadline on call for abstracts: June 30, 2006
This event is co-sponsored by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) in the United States.

National Canadian Chiropractic Convention 2006
Location: Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina, Vancouver, BC
Date:               November 16 – 18, 2006
Co-hosted by participating colleges and associations as well as The CCA, this event will bring chiropractors together
from across the country to celebrate the tremendous value we contribute to the health care of Canadians. By virtue
of chiropractors coming together for this 2006 national convention, a sense of unity will be developed as well as an
appreciation for how our diversity makes us strong as a profession.
•     Delegates at the convention can choose to attend sessions from four concurrent tracks that feature an extraordinary
      line-up of speakers.
•     With more than 50 exhibitors from across North America, this will be the place to find the latest products and services
      available to chiropractors.

Join CMCC in a Special Evening Celebrating a Taste of Canada
Location: Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina, Vancouver, BC
Date:               November 17, 2006
Attending the National Canadian Chiropractic Convention in November? Even if you are not … you will want to come
together with friends and colleagues in Vancouver to experience CMCC’s “A Taste of Canada.” Capture the spirit of this
great country at an event that features an all-Canadian line-up of food and sounds.
Sign up for “A Taste of Canada” when you receive your registration information for the National Convention.

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