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					  Job Description and Person Specification

The purpose of the Job Description and Person Specification is to provide information about the role and the
skills a successful candidate must have.
  Job title:                                    Business Development Team Assistant
Job details
    Division:                                            Business Development

  Reporting to:                                                Events Manager

      Grade:                                                         4

Job description
Purpose of the               To support the delivery of efficient and effective business development support
post:                        services which support the Business Development Team to sell a portfolio of
                             products and services, through their life cycle, that meet the requirements of
                             customers and markets. To enhance relationships with customers and stakeholders,
                             to support the achievement of CACHE’s mission, and business strategy To support
                             the Events Manager:
Main duties and
responsibilities:    Cooperative working across the Business Development Team to deliver key performance indicators
                      and customer service charter
                     Customer support through all forms of communication channels
                     Delivery of all Business Development Team administrative support services
                     Quality control of Business Development Team support services
                     Delivery of all aspects of training day and events services including production of support materials
                     Continual improvements in process efficiency including maximisation of the use of technology within
                      the team
                     Efficient and accurate production of sales and customer reports as requested
                     Delivery of all aspects of centre approval administration support services
                     Ensuring regulatory compliance of centre approval administration processes and implantation of
                      CACHE quality standards
                     Servicing financial payments, invoicing and sales financial reporting systems to support the Business
                      Development Team as requested.
                     Conformance and maintenance of Business Development Team operational services and processes
                     Support in the development and testing of new functional developments on CRM systems
                     Preparation, follow up and remedial work with customers as this relates to Business Development
                      support services
                     Production, coordination and dispatch of training day and event materials as required
                     Effective working relationship with colleagues to deliver required service level agreements with
                     Support and guidance to internal and external customers regarding Business Development systems
                      and processes
                     Feedback from customers to identify trends and potential risk to CACHE
                     Resolution of customer complaints
                     Ensuring all relationships with new and existing customers support and match service standards and
                      record all contact events between themselves and customers
                     Proactive communication of customer-facing issues concerning CACHE products and services, both
                      at time of launch and in subsequent operation
                     Support for central initiatives, such as marketing campaigns, sales promotions etc

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                                Job Description and Person Specification

                     Support for CACHE staff working in the field to pass messages to and from customers


Person Specification                                                                         Essential      Desirable

Qualifications                                                                                                

Experience                                                                                                     
2.   Experience of working co-operatively with sales teams                                                      

3.   Experience of implementing marketing operational plans                                                     

4.   Experience of html, digital marketing packages and content management systems                              

5.   Experience of implementing product launches                                                                

6.   Experience of prioritising and scheduling of workloads                                       

Knowledge                                                                                                      
7.   Recent knowledge of the education sector

Skills                                                                                                         
8.   Project management skills                                                                    

9.   Project management skills                                                                                  

10. Ability to deliver work plans as part of a team                                               

11. Ability to meet deadlines                                                                     

12. Ability to use Microsoft Office to a competent standard                                       

13. Ability to use digital marketing packages and content management systems                                    

14. Ability to influence others without relying on authority or position                                        

15. Competent giving presentations to diverse audiences                                                         

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                                Job Description and Person Specification

16. Ability to provide support and advice on marketing and communication to managers              

17. Ability to communicate with customers and stakeholders at all levels                   

18. Attention to detail, including the ability to proof read to a high standard            

19. DTP and layout skills for print and screens                                                   

Competencies [Level 1 of CACHE’s competency framework]                                           
20. Personal Integrity - being a role model for the highest standard of ethics.            
    Representing CACHE in a professional manner that supports the company's values.
21. Getting things done - working efficiently and productively                             

22. Adaptability - responding to changing demands positively. Embracing change.            

23. Focus on Performance - striving for excellence and ensuring high quality results
    A                                                                                      

24. Cooperation - building and maintaining effective relationships, working in teams for   
    the benefit of the organisation and the customer
25. Continual Improvement - striving to continually improve personal, team and
    organisational performance by minimising waste and finding better ways of doing        
26. Customer Orientation - ensuring that all activity is focussed on helping customers     
    succeed and delivering what they need

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