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					             Tools and Approaches in Performance Management

Name of Tool or Approach           “Baldrige” – Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

                                   Provide organizations a set of integrated criteria through which to
Purpose of the
                                   identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.
                                   The criteria are built on        Customer-driven excellence
                                   an interrelated set of core      Systems perspective
Underlying values or               values and concepts.             Agility
                                                                    Focus on the future
principles                            Visionary leadership         Public responsibility and citizenship
on which the                          Managing for                 Valuing employees and partners
tool/approach is based                 innovation                   Organizational and personal learning
                                      Managing by fact             Focus on results and creating value

                                   The Baldrige criteria are the basis for organizational self-assessments
Situations in which the     – either conducted internally or through an outside organization such
use of the tool or approach as the Washington State Quality Award.
is appropriate
                                   Strengths of this tool:
                                        The Criteria focus on business results – customer, financial,
                                           human resource, and organization effectiveness
                                        The tool is non-prescriptive and adaptable. (THIS IS HUGE!)
Description of the tool or              The criteria support a systems perspective
                                        Solid diagnostic tool – integrated and aligned
the approach – what’s the
process, how does it “fit”         This tool is a good feeder into your strategic business process and will
in a performance                   support with the Priorities of Government exercise as it focuses on
management ‘system’,               alignment with goals and results.
how does it ‘work’?                Use the tool as an annual self assessment and gauge for progress in
                                   the seven categories. The categories are: leadership, strategic
                                   planning, customer focus, information and analysis, human resource
                                   focus, process management and results.
                                   Organizations will see strengths and opportunities for improvements in
Outcome or result to be            each of the seven categories. Even the simple assessments provide
expected from using the            good indicators. The full feedback reports provide much more depth.
tool correctly
                                     Get the free criteria off the Internet or request a booklet from the
Resources, training or                NIST site (below).
                                    The Washington State Quality Award offers introductory classes to
other support required to             the criteria and a self-assessment workshop.
use the tool or approach            The IQC web site has the modified version of the assessment tool
effectively                           and information on how to conduct it.
                                    Seek consultation from peers!
                          – is the site where you can access the criteria
For more information…..   – is the Washington State Quality Award
                                   Local help: Wendy Fraser, Dept of Revenue, 664-3209

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