World Wide Web (WWW):_____ by s7Yg9CK


									                  Internet Definitions

Modem: translates from _______     to _______ and from
analog to digital

DSL: _______ _______ _______ (Frontier) – allows
access to the Internet, faster than 56k modem/dial up,
connected 24 hours a day, can talk on phone at same time
you are connected to the Internet

Cable Modem: (Comcast) – allows access to the Internet,
faster than _______, connected 24 hours a day, can talk
on the phone, watch tv while connected to the Internet

T1/T3: similar to a cable modem, but larger, faster, and
used for _______ (we have one T1 line for Sheldon and

Internet Service Provider (ISP): _______ that gives you
access to the Internet (Comcast/Frontier)

World Wide Web (WWW): the _______ of computers

Browser: the _______ that allows you to interact with
Internet sites (Internet Explorer, etc.)

Toolbar: the rows of buttons at the _______ of the
browser (File, Edit, Back, Home, etc.)

Status Bar: located at the _______ of the browser, it let’s
you know where you are at or the progress of a request

URL: _______ _______ _______, this is where you
can type in the address of a particular web site and go
directly to it
                   Internet Definitions
HTML: _______ _______ _______, this is the language
of web site design. You can see this language by going to
View and Source Code from the toolbar on the browser.

Home Page: either the first page that opens with your -
_______ or the opening page of a _______ _______

Client: a computer that _______ information from a
server (the computers in the lab)

Server: a computer that _______ information for a client

.com: _______ web site, created to make money

.edu: _______ web site, published by schools or school

.org: _______ -_______ organization

.mil: US _______

.net: _______

.gov: US _______

.es:   _______

Search Engine: A _______ _______ dedicated to
finding other web sites related to requested topics.

Search String: A combination of key words and
______ _______ used to find web sites within a
search engine.
                Internet Definitions

Boolean Logic: The use of the words, “_______ ”,
“_______ ” and “_______ ” in search strings to aide
in the search of web sites relating to a requested

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