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Candise   in Sydney, Australia
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          October InfoQuest evaluation report
InfoQuest policies and procedures
Useful statements

"not being available by SMS is akin to not having a webpage"

"we realized we could simply buy a cell phone and a texting
service subscription for the reference desk" "Most of our
apprehension centered on the actual process of sending or
returning a text message to a patron" includes ideas for
promoting the service "Most questions that we received were
academic or ready reference questions" "If a question requires
lengthy research, we send a text message to inform the user that
we’ve received their inquiry." "We will respond using another
method only after asking permission to do so. Some questions
that are easy to type may have complicated or long answers that
do not complement the texting medium. If a question requires an
in-depth response, our policy is to ask for the user’s e-mail
address, or to ask the user to come in or call the reference desk
for a complete explanation. It is important to explain to the patron
that the answer requires a depth that is beyond the capabilities of
texting (or the librarian’s thumbs)." includes statistics about SMS
             "Some mobile phone plans will charge per text message received
             so it was vitally important that the library does not appear to
             initiate contact with students. Instead we are attempting to make it
             easier for a certain segment of our students (avid texters) to
             contact us. We saw that as reaching out, but not in an intrusive
             sense." "Far from intruding in students' private spaces we felt we
             were offering a new and innovative way for students to connect to
             the library with their own preferred technology." technology:
             MessageNet "It was felt that using a slogan phone number
             allowed the library to promote the new service to students as an
             easily remembered number." "t is extremely easy to differentiate
             between e-mail reference and an SMS query as the sender
             shows up as a mobile phone number and the subject is always
             SMS Message from (client mobile number)" "One drawback of
             SMS reference whether with MessageNet or another company is
             that text messages are limited to 160 characters, so unless you
             are quite concise, librarians may need to learn some texting
             abbreviations. It is possible to send the response in multiple
             messages (known as spanning); however, our librarians try very

             Some points of interest – their staff had a list of standardized
             SMS abbreviations to use, since there is a limit on how many
             characters you can use in a text message. As for the nature of
             text messages, a huge amount (71%) were explanatory, quick
             answer questions such as “When does the library close?”, and
             87% occurred during library hours. They also list sample
             questions and answers. They are an academic institution, but
             some of this info can probably be transferred to the public sphere.

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