Basic eReader and Nook Instructions for Overdrive by tgzIO6


									Basic eReader and Nook Instructions for Overdrive
(Computer Based)

Log on to the library’s website at and click on the
Overdrive download eBooks button. This will take you to Hood County Library’s
Digital Library web site.
The first time you use the Digital Library you must download Adobe Digital
Editions program onto your computer. Click on the link located on the left side of
the screen.
Click on the Download Adobe Digital Editions icon. This will take you to the site
where you can download the program.
Scroll down the screen and click on the Launch button to start the download
process. You will be prompted to enter your Adobe account username and
password. If you do not already have one there is a link listed that will take you to
the form to sign up for one. This is a free account. Once you have your username
and password entered and the program installed on your computer you can now
browse and check out eBooks from Hood County Digital Library.
On the Hood County Digital Library site browse for books that you would like to
check out and click Add to Cart beside either the Adobe EPUB icon or the Adobe
PDF icon.

Note: Do not select the Kindle version unless you have a Kindle or a device with a
Kindle app.
When you add an item to your cart it will list the book title and the format which
you chose. You also have the option to Continue Browsing, Proceed to Checkout,
and Remove the title. To continue with the check out process, click Proceed to
You will be prompted to enter your Library Card Number and PIN. Your library
card number is located underneath the barcode on your library card and your PIN,
unless personalized, is the last four digits of your library card number.
Once you have verified your library card number you will be given a listing of the
items about to be checked out onto your account and given the choice of a
lending period of either 7 days or 14 days. Once you have confirmed your choice
click Confirm Check Out.
Your book is now checked out to your library account but is not yet on your
device. Click the Download button to start the process.
You will be prompted to open or save the file to your computer. Click Open to
continue the process. This will automatically open the Adobe Digital Editions
program on your computer.
You will see the book that you just checked out listed in your Adobe Digital
Editions library. The band on the upper right corner of the book picture will list
how many days you have left until the book is due.
To transfer a book to your device, plug in your device to your computer and the
program will recognize it and list it on the left side of your screen. Click and drag
the book you want over to your listed device and let go of the mouse button once
the red x turns to a green plus. The book is now loaded onto your device and can
be read on the go.
If you finish your book before the lending period is over you can return the book
early by clicking on the down arrow on the upper left of the book picture to open
a drop-down menu. Click on Return Borrowed Item to return the book early.

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