Becta briefing docs by HC120912015916


									                    Becta Briefing Documents

These pdf files provide information and support across a range of
issues. The titles are self explanatory:

Digital Still Cameras explained.pdf

DigitalTelevision and its use in the classroom.pdf

Early Learning Goals.pdf

Excellence And Enjoyment.pdf

Fulfilling The Potential.pdf

Handheld Computers.pdf

ICT Across The Curriculum.pdf

ICT and Attainment.pdf

ICT and Pedagogy.pdf

Naacework a Primary Brochure.pdf

PDAs in Schools.pdf

Planning for a Wireless LAN.pdf

ICT supporting pupils with Difficulties.pdf

Role Play and ICT in the Foundation stage.pdf

The role of ICT technical Support Staff.pdf

ICT – The big pICTure.pdf

Tips for using ICT and Inclusive Practice.pdf

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