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									What is digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using database-driven
online distribution channels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-
effective manner.

Internet Marketing
The importance of the Internet for marketing depends on the nature of a company’s products
and services and its buyer’s behavior of the target audience.

Internet has many marketing applications such as an advertising medium, a direct response
medium, a platform for sales transactions, a distribution channel, a customer service
mechanism and a relationship building medium.

Online Media Advertising

Organizations are pulling away from traditional media (TV, radio, magazines) to spend more
online. Paid search will account for about 40% of current online ad spending throughout
2011, while online display banner ads will account for about 20%. Newspapers, magazines
and television went down in flames in 2007. Newspapers saw print readership decline, and
watched their online page views increase, and still somehow still failed to connect the dots
and realign their advertising revenue models.

The Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

      Digital Marketing is more measurable
      Digital Marketing makes strategic decisions based on facts
      Digital Marketing is better at reaching your target audience
      Digital Marketing is a constant source
      Digital Marketing provides better word of mouth

Different Types of Online Presence

      Transaction e-commerce site
      Services orientated relationship-building site
      Brand building site
      A portal or media site

Advertisement Methods

      Banner Advertising
          o Banner Exchange
          o Cost per impression banner advertising
          o Pay Per Click advertising
      Email advertisement
      URL advertising
      Viral marketing
      Search marketing
      Search advertising
      Search engine optimization (CEO)

My Opinion
Digital Marketing to me is using the internet, email, IM, voice broadcasts, banner ads and pay
per click search terms to push a message and pull content. Information is easily relayed back
to the company as to how many people viewed it, for how long, did it lead to sales etc.

I believe more companies should invest in Digital Marketing as it is cost effective, more
direct, gives more accurate information in regards to views and effectiveness and it is also
very versatile and constantly evolving. Digital Marketing is the future of advertising.

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