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Eric Goldberg CCSeattle 2012 by B6IxooZJ


									Emerging Trends:
  An Overview

          Eric Goldberg
        Casual Connect
           25 July 2012
Direct marketing
Game change
       The Invisible Device
Media resides chiefly in the Internet ‘cloud’
Game states, new content, configuration
chiefly stored and delivered remotely
The classic “device” (console, PC, etc.)
disappears from the player perspective
 Only input and screen remain
‘Ports’ of a game for different input devices
& screen sizes still requires bespoke UEX
 Unless your addressable audience isn’t worth it
 Platform-independent games are mostly a fiction
     Publishing as a Service
Publishing in a GAAS ecosystem requires
 four core competencies:
 Programming (title selection, publishing
 slate + lifecycle management)
 Deployment (porting + across territories)
 Direct marketing
 Monetisation (starting from game design!)
 …and perhaps:
We’re All Direct Marketers Now
Direct marketing has 4 main components:
 Customer service
The good news: the games industry’s DM
chops are primitive
The bad: many competitors for gamer
mindshare are not
Money (That’s What We Want)
‘Pay to play’ monetisation pervades the
game itself, from design through delivery
The alchemy of gameplay + monetisation
has become a vital design and PM skill
A game’s economy, from pricing to
content, is a shared function
Game development and financial functions
Money changes everything
“Tentpoles” + arthouse releases
           Games Take Over
The games business is now a mass market
Games are becoming more than that: in the
Western world, they’re approaching ubiquity
Games entertainment becomes a steep pyramid,
with a few blockbusters at the peak and a flood
of games for diverse audiences at the base
Game mechanics permeate commerce,
business, education, etc.
The most consequential medium-term trend is
the demographic cohorts of game players
 Track today’s children to know the future of games
   The Decline & Fall of ‘Good’
The emerging games market has very real
  potential to displace the games you play
  The next generation and the mass market play
  derivative, repetitive games
  Market share of ‘classic’ games, from console to
  PC, is rapidly declining (on a relative basis)
  ‘Digital’ games would not be the first ‘dinosaur
  killer’ in the games business
  “The Ghost of Games Future”
   The German board game market is a ‘good game’
    comeback story
Eric Goldberg, Crossover Technologies
  30-year veteran of games industry, from
  designer to executive
  Experience across wide spectrum of game
   Online, mobile, PC, virtual worlds
   From start-up (e.g., Gaia, Playdom, PlaySpan) to
    public (e.g., Electronic Arts, News Corp) companies
 Advisor or board member to >30 consumer-
 facing technology companies (since 2002)
 Designer or co-designer of four award-winning
 games, 1st online game to draw 1MM players
        Thank you!
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