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									                  Bridge to the Future, Inc.
           22066 Karl Avenue., Detroit, Michigan 48219/2361 (313) 531-7086p/f


Bridge to the Future, Inc. is a registered Non-Profit Organization with 501c3
classification. We hold programs at various facilities and work with public, private
and faith-based organizations to bring programs, staff and equipment to support
the needs of youth who participate in our programs.

Bridge to the Future, Inc. works to introduce urban youth to the arts through film,
art, writing and visual media. We are committed to youth working together to
create an environment of positive outlets to express their ideas. Our approach
includes hands on training, counseling and exposure to the entrepreneurial
concept of becoming a creative artist using tomorrow’s technology. Our mission
includes helping them to understand their role as leaders and creators in their

We have completed many programs that have been funded. Our programs are
Media Arts and education related as we work with urban youth in a multicultural
setting to promote and teach the Arts. We also have 40 computers and software
that are used to teach web site and page creation, graphic design, and basic
Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office programs. Our film and video programs
incorporate use of digital and film cameras, digital editing computers and
professionals from every area of film and video production to train with modern

Our programs involve the process of creative thinking and problem solving
through Filmmaking, Theatrical production, Music, and the visual arts such as
painting on canvas, puppet-making and creative writing.

Listed below are some of the programs we held in collaboration with other
organizations including 30 kids attending the Nutcracker Ballet at the Detroit
Opera House, all of our programs were funded by local public, private or faith-
based grants.

Computer basic training - includes computers, instructors and materials.

Basic Karate Class - building self esteem and giving recreation to kids 6 - 12.
Includes an instructor.

Tai Chi class - for seniors who want to experience the ancient oriental art of
meditation and relaxation. Also teaches herbal healing remedies.

Art Appreciation for Kids - this kids day out program teaches kids 5 - 12 to paint
on canvas, make puppets, paint banners and have an art show at the end of the
program. Arts and crafts instructor and materials provided.

After-school tutoring program - math, reading and writing skills program for
middle school students. This is a comprehensive program that involves working
with a school on your area and/or your kids in-house. The program is designed
around your particular situation. Program administrator and guidelines provided.
Ruddiman Middle School.

Arts & Humanities class - this class is an experience in creative writing and
filmmaking. We bring in cameras, lights and sound equipment. The students
learn to develop a script and then produce a finished film by the end of the
course good enough for film festivals.

College Bound one day seminar for high school seniors - learn about how to
prepare and apply for college, find scholarships and grants, how to study and
stay in college. Program given by college admissions experts from Wayne State

Youth Lock-in - 12 hours of fun, food and excitement. We design the program
around your goals. We have worked with churches on this program.

Our Chairman, Brian Heath has been asked to coordinate the first Festival of the
Arts for children 1 – 18 years old for the United Methodist Union of Greater
Michigan to be held in August of 2001. Bridge to the Future will also help to bring
local Michigan artists and musicians to help. We provided grant writing and
program planning to help secure a grant from Michigan Neighborhood
Partnership for an arts program for Calvary AME Church, Dixon Middle School
and Second Grace UMC Adopt-A-School program to begin April of 2001, this
program includes a documentary film component.

We are developing our 2001-2002 budget now. Please write a check today for
$150.00 dollars and mail it to Bridge to the Future, Inc. in the enclosed envelope.
Please support Bridge to the Future. It has supported urban youth and will
continue to do so for years to come, with your help.


Brian Heath

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