FOODS & NUTRITION I                        NAME: ______________________________

1 – 5. Place the letter ‘F’ in front of each function of ‘fat’; place the letter ‘W’ in front of
each function of ‘water’:

       _____A. regulates body temperature

       _____B. carries out waste

       _____C. cushions vital organs

       _____D. provides energy

       _____E. provides satisfaction

6-12. List the 7 categories of nutrients:

       A. ___________________________ B. _____________________________

       C. ___________________________ D. _____________________________

       E. ___________________________ F. ______________________________

       G. ___________________________


_____13. Main nutrient of the meats & beans group                          A. Metabolism
                                                                           B. Digestion
_____14. Main nutrient of the dairy/milk group                             C. Vitamin B
                                                                           D. Protein
_____15. Main nutrient of the vegetables group                             E. Condiments
                                                                           F. Sodium
_____16. Main nutrient of the grains group                                 G. Fiber
                                                                           H. Calcium
_____17. Term referring to dried peas and beans                            I. Carbohydrates
                                                                           J. Vitamin A
_____18. Term referring to products such as macaroni                       K. Legumes
                                                                           L. Antipasto
_____19. Non-soluble substance that cleans the digestive tract             M. Antioxidants
                                                                           N. Pasta
_____20. Body process that burns calories into energy                      O. LDL Cholesterol

_____21. Accent flavored foods not normally eaten alone, but
         added to other foods

22. ______________________________ nutrients, such as the fatty acids in some oils,
are those that are mandatory for survival.
23. _______________________________ is the nutrient found in citrus fruits and
vegetables, such as oranges, tomatoes, lemons, etc. It helps maintain the immune

24-25. _______________________, found in fruits, and _______________________,
found primarily in breads and cereals, are the two types of carbohydrates.

26. The total daily requirement of the breads and cereals group is:

       A.   6 oz.
       B.   3 oz.
       C.   1 ½ cup
       D.   ¾ cup

27. The total daily requirement of the dairy group is:

       A.   6 oz.
       B.   1 ½ cup
       C.   24 oz.
       D.   6, 3-ounce servings

28. The New Food Pyramid promotes vigorous exercise, above and beyond normal daily
activities. How much is recommended?

       A.   1 hour per day
       B.   1 hour, 2 times per week
       C.   1 hour, 3 times per week
       D.   30 minutes per day

29. TRUE or FALSE          All cholesterol is harmful, building up in the arteries and blocking
                           the blood flow.

30. TRUE or FALSE          Adding sour cream to your baked potato is an example of an
                           added sugar. Added fats and sugars should be limited.

31. The amount of meat in an average-sized serving is:

       A.   6 oz.
       B.   ½ cup
       C.   3 oz.
       D.   ¾ cup

32. The main function of Vitamin B is:

       A.   to build muscle, hair, and skin
       B.   to build bones and teeth
       C.   to regulate body processes
       D.   to supply energy
       E.   to reduce inflammation and help prevent heart disease and arthritis

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