Procedural Writing by lanyuehua


									                        12 Angry Men “How to…”
                        Procedural Writing Manual
   Choose one of the following topics and create a procedural writing manual:

   o How to be sent to jail even though you are innocent

   o How to be a good/bad juror

   o How to be a good/bad lawyer

   o How to be a good/bad witness

   o How to commit a crime and get away with it

Knowledge                                   Comments:
   o Demonstrates understanding of play by
      including important ideas and details

   o Makes inferences/includes new ideas
     based on the concept of the play

   o Form demonstrates knowledge of
     procedural writing (numbers,
     transitions, intro and conclusion)

Application                                     Comments:
   o Sense of voice is evident (point of view
       and audience clear; writing is formal
       and direct)

   o Application of spelling/language
     conventions and sentence structure

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