Earn Money With YOutube

					Do you know that your YouTube videos can make tons of Money? Yes , It’s true. YouTube is a good
platform to view and share interesting video clips. You may upload videos just for fun. But it helps you in
making money online. It doesn’t need much skills and efforts. However, creativity is needed to make
video which pull to generate noticeable hits. Know more about Adsense here. Let’s see how it works

How to get into Adsense Revenue sharing program?
This process involves mainly two steps. First step is uploading a video and making it popular (promoting ).
Here popular in the sense, getting good number of views (hits). With the help of Social networking
websites like twitter and facebook , It becomes easy to get views by posting on profile. I hope ,it’s not a
difficult task for you. Using attractive keywords for your video title ,description and caption, tends users
towards video click. Once you reach certain number of views , you will get a mail from the Youtube team
saying – “you are eligible to earn revenue from the playbacks of your videos”. In my case, I got invitation
after crossing 500 views.
Second step is following sign up procedure for adsense account. For this, Simply click on the link that
enclosed in your mail. Fill the details carefully and wait for review. Once you get approved with adsense,
you will earn a share of the revenue from the ads as long as you meet the program requirements. In
countries like US and UK have direct option to enable revenue sharing, whereas in complicated countries
like India, Pakistan , Srilanka and China , youtube is following Invitation process.

What types of videos can help you to get adsense invitation?
Adsense strictly follows copyright act in monetization of any content. So you will not be allowed to
monetization, unless your video content is copy right free. Check my guideline in creating videos.

    I advise you to create your own video. That may be a short film with own audio, video tutorial or funny
seen . Rule is only original content.
    Avoid using background music that are copyrighted. If you use any music, you need to produce proof
of ownership.
    Check youtube terms of Copyright policy and content. Also check for monetization here.

For any additional information, you can ping me by making comments

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