If a problem should arise when the students are in Out patient Surgery please call Claudia Diebold by HC12091201410


									                           UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY
                              CLINICAL ROTATIONS
                             OUT PATIENT SURGERY
                        SOPHOMORE STUDENTS (2nd semester)
                                  SPRING 2004

One-Two sophomore level nursing students will be assigned to One day Surgery on
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday mornings from 7:30AM - 11:30AM or
Wednesday mornings from 8:00AM - 12N.

This is primarily an observational experience for the students. They are to be
assigned to follow a patient through the entire out patient surgery experience
from admission or pre-surgery to PACU and/or discharge.

If a problem should arise when the students are in Out patient Surgery please call
Claudia Diebold, course coordinator at 323-6645. If you need to reach someone
immediately call 582-1420 (cell phone) or Sherry Thomas at 323-6174.

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to the nursing education of the
students at UK.

The objectives students will respond to in writing after this experience are:

1.    Identify members of the surgical team
2.    Describe and differentiate the roles of the circulating nurse and scrub nurse.
3.    Identify the type of anesthesia given to the client and describe measures
      employed to monitor the client’s respiratory and cardiac status.
4.    Relate your client’s preoperative diagnosis to the surgical procedure
5.     Identify three potential nursing diagnoses related to this client.
6.    Discuss what information you would relate to a surgical client preoperatively
      to reduce their anxiety about the surgical experience.
7.    Explain the nursing management of the client in the immediate postoperative
8.    Describe your overall reaction to this experience.
          UK Outpatient Surgery Rotation Schedule Sophomore Students NUR 863
                      Claudia Diebold, RN, MSN Course Coordinator
            Phone - 323-6645 Office 441B CON Building Cell phone – 582-1420

                   1-2 STUDENTS SIGN UP FOR EACH TIME SLOT

February 27 Corey Southworth (ILL)
            Crystal Lewis

March 1       Jenny Carpenter                 April   9    Ashley Morgan
              Allison Roenker                              Krista Brown

March 3       Lori Sheffield                  April   12   Becky Howard
                                                           Lindsey Harp
March 5       Mary Smith
              Brandon Green                   April 14     Jen Pettibone

March 8       Kristin Bailey                  April 15     Erin Bell
              Kim Pruitt
                                              April 19     Jessie Grimm
March 10      Heather Million
              Amanda Hunter                   April 20     Martha Purdue

March 22      Krisitn Stumph                  April 21
              Lindsey Denny
                                              April 22     Leann Hisle
March 24      Robin Schepman
              Bryn Yankey                     April 23     Leigh Jarboe

March 26      Annie Meredith                  April 26     Lindsey Page
              Grushan Robinson
                                              April 27     Demetrius Abshire
March 29      Jessica Marion                               Michelle Johnson

March 31      Sarah Danhauer                  April 29     Stephanie Romelfanger
              Nichole Owens *                              Katie Ruth

April   2     Kim Skeene                      April 30     Leslee Bertram

April   5     Sonya Lichtenstein

April   7     Carrie Hamrock
              Aliceson Trimpe

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