Goddess Indiana Slave Application by i2cLyqLq


									                            Mistress Diva Slave Application

            Answer all of the questions below and attach it to an email addressed to

Mistress Diva is the only one who reads emails sent to the above email address and She is most
discrete with any and all slave information. She is the only one who will ever see what you

   1. Where are you currently residing or living?

   2. Which adult bdsm personal websites are you on and what is your screen name on these

   3. What is your age?

   4. Describe your experience with bdsm so far.

   5. How many Mistress's or Dominants have you served so far? In what ways did you serve
      them and then how did the Dominants have you serve them?

   6. Do you believe all women are superior and are there to be served by you?

   7. Why do you have the need to serve Goddess Indiana?

   8. What talents do you have that might be of value to Mistress Indiana(Computer skills,
      artistic talents, slave talents)

   9. How will you prove your value as a slave to Mistress Indiana?

   10. What gets you sexually excited about BDSM?

   11. Explain in full detail what you would like done to you in your session with Goddess

   12. What are your limits in a real time scene?

   13. How long have you known about your fetishes or fantasies?

   14. Describe your ideal Mistress…..looks, dress, character, style

   15. When you masturbate, what is your favorite fantasy?

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