PRESENTATION NOTES BY ANGIE LEVINE

I recommend creating 1 index card for each slide, follow those index cards until memorized. Or read this
as you do a few over-the-phone presentations. Always remember, stories SELL and facts just tell. Smile!


YOUR STORY YOUR WHY - how many hours/wk. in Zrii, $ earned in 30 days, in 6
mos. (2 minutes or less – create emotion for selling opportunity my/their kid’s future, bills/debt, lifestyle)
You can share someone else’s story until you have your own.

I did this using our outstanding 3 pronged marketing system, including A SPECIAL
classified advertising system that generates PLENTY of pre-qualified people calling you
every day. I will share our inbound call system and our team of nationwide presenters
who present for you in just a bit…. & how our system WILL create 6-7 figures for you &
your family in 12 months p/t.


Most of you have answered a classified ad or you’re here to assess our company, the
market, the demand for what we do, and the long term stability. Well, buckle your
seatbelt, the market place is HUGE, IT’S GRWOING EVERY DAY and it’s not going
away in our lifetime… there’s a 6-7 figure income here for those who want it. So I will
touch on our company & product line, then move into how well we pay!

Our award winning CEO builds billion dollar global household name brands YOU
KNOW HIS COMPANIES…. They include Jordache Jeans, Christian Dior & Fruit of the
Loom. So, if you had the chance to partner with a company before it became a GIANT…
would you do it? The fortune is in the foresight. Welcome to Zri, our CEOs most exciting
venture to date. Zrii is lucky #7 and here’s what I know…. You cannot build a billion
dollar name brand without creating masses of millionaires. Our company and inbound
call system are exciting.

Zrii is the name of our global company. We’re debt free and operating in 6 countries
soon to be 60! So we need your help!

We are marketing something that’s in HIGH DEMAND & it’s never been introduced to
the global population before! Zrii is the FIRST company to market an all-natural
Ayurvedic Medicinal product line, GLOBALLY! Being first to market something is

We have a line of clean, all-natural products… yet we FOCUS on EASY, SEXY weight
loss because it’s an insatiable market and it’s SMART business to target the major
populous of the globe and supply THAT sector with what they are DEMANDING

Because 6 in 10 people are obese… soon 1-in-4 will be diabetic… 1.6 million are
overweight in US alone! AND people are clamoring to get a hold of ZRII’S product,
because it help people drop weight lightning-fast!

100 BILLION with a B is spent on weight loss annually. This industry is in a massive
growth phase moving from 100 BILLION to 500 BILLION in next 4 years…. That
means OVER 100 MILLION new customers are coming to you! YES PLEASE!!!

Our Star product INCINERATES FAT, it’s is FLYING out of our manufacturing
headquarters in Utah! Because it’s makes people happy to get slim & sexy!

DEEPAK CHOPRA. The MOST TRUSTED doctor and the #1 doctor in the world!
Time & Forbes Magazine rank Dr. Chopra as one of the 100 most influential people in
the world. We call this the Jordan Effect. Micheal Jordan did for Nike what Dr. Chopra
does for Zrii only on a must grander GLOBAL scale! Dr. Deepak Chopra and The
Chopra Center For Wellbeing endorse our products.              This is unprecedented!


Our Star product is, NV Achieve! THIS IS NOT A DIET – DIET’S DON’T WORK &
THEY’RE NOT FUN! Achieve is a deliciously rich & creamy meal replacement shake –

What it HAS!.... It’s All natural clean & green, Achieve has 22 Vitamins, 20 Grams
isolate Protein, 20 amino acids, heart healthy Omegas AND soluble fiber!!

What it DOESN’T HAVE!... no fat, sodium, casein, no gluten, fillers or artificials and no

Achieve is ONLY 100 calories & 10 carbs! Drink 2 shakes a day and the pounds melt off
fast! Enjoy to-die-for Dutch chocolate or fantastic French vanilla!

I know we’ve all snuck a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup before right?! Usually 2 are in the
pack! Well, our friend LOVES Reese’s Cups and she just lost 30 pounds blending her
100 calorie, zero fat, creamy chocolaty shake with peanut butter! 30 POUNDS GONE!
What would you feel like if you were 30 pounds lighter in a 30 days?!

THE MARKET: We have 7 revolutionary, breakthrough Ayurvedic botanicals in this
shake – Zrii has combined 5,000 year old ancient wisdom & modern science! THIS has
NEVER been done before!

People are dropping weight faster than ever – 1-2 pounds a day because of our

Guggul “GOOGLE” – A different Google from the one you know, yet equally as
powerful! In Ayurvedic medicine it’s known as “THE FAT KILLER” it incinerates fat
FASTER! It targets belly button fat, hip fat & bootie fat! Masses are reducing their
cholesterol level NATURALLY since “Google” is proven to do that.

Gymnema – “JEM-NA-MA” – is known as “THE SUGAR DESTROYER”! It rips the
pounds off! It’s proven to support healthy blood sugar levels too! We have a rep in our
company who took 5 insulin shots a day! After this product his doctor reduced him to 1
shot a day.

We of course don’t claim to treat or cure disease yet when you give the body an all
natural daily dose of what it deserves and needs, HEALTH can be the result!

So drink yourself slim and sexy, have FUN, and make BIG MONEY, either by
promoting our shakes or by promoting our opportunity based classified ads!

MARY – she’s a 62 year old grandma, she had a huge floppy beach-ball of a belly, that
sagged over her waist band…. she dropped 72 pounds in 12 weeks!

40 something JEFF – like most of us…. His metabolism had LEFT THE BUILDING!
That’s so irritating, right, you can’t eat like you used to… WELL, He drank himself sexy
again! He lost 25 pounds in 4 weeks! You gotta do that! It’s easy and fun, tons of us have
done this!

And we have so many young moms, like SABRINA, she lost 10 pounds in 10 days!

& THE BEST PART IS IT’S $2.75 A SHAKE! You cannot get a burger, a latte, or a
subway for that! I spend LESS per month than YOU do right now, I SAVE about $150
bucks a month on my grocery bill, maintaining my weight and getting all my nutrition it’s
IT’S SO GOOD I FEEL LIKE I’M CHEATING!!!! This is just smarter because
ACHIEVE is the ONLY PRODUCT, I know of, that COSTS YOU money NOT to use!
Save $150 a month like I do, just order it tonight.


HEALTHY, SEXY ROI (RETURN ON INVENTMENT) Let me share the money with
This is a HUGE Industry. Here’s how you’ll make BIG income with the only Deepak
Chopra endorsed product in the world. This will NEVER be sold on a shelf. IT’S ONLY
available through you, me, and the other reps in Zrii.

DON’T WORRY about processing how all this income comes to you, your commissions
are tracked to the minute in your Zrii Back Office.

DON’T WORRY about spending a lot of time on your fun business we usually attract
part timers who work just 7-10 hours a week. You have a hard time convincing me you
want a 6-7 figure income without putting in 7-10 hours a week of non-productive work

AND DON’T WORRY about where you’ll find the people or the leads – our classified ad
system will give you PLENTY of pre-qualified leads who are calling you every day. We
will call them back with you, during your 7-10 hour work week and you’ll make more
working HERE part time, in 1 MONTH …. than some people make in a a WHOLE
YEAR, working 40 hours a week!. I do! (If you don’t use an example of someone who


#1. RETAIL! You all have heard of E-Bay I imagine? It’s amazing right? They
generate 10 billion/year and no one talks to anyone! Most of us know we need an e-
commerce site to capture all that traffic out there on the world wide web… we just don’t
know what it should be! Well, WELCOME TO YOUR ZRII E-COMMERCE SITE!

Complete with your own Shopping cart/buy now button

Deepak videos, Product descriptions, Before/After photos that sell for you!

The company does the hard part – the packing, shipping & automatic EZ re-orders.

We do the FUN part! We don’t deal with any inventory! It’s exciting to share our site, or
recruit people with our classified ad system! We help people get slim & sexy and we
help them earn BIG earn income…. and WE ENJOY ALL THE COMMISSIONS. One
Zrii rep in Florida sends people to her site and earns almost $25k/month

CKECKS! With a 10% unemployment rate, let me ask you this…. What is the #1 thing
people want and need… you guessed it…. INCOME! Write this down…. Zrii offers you
up to $300 every time you recruit or refer someone. You know there a major
corporations who hire in-house recruiters, it’s one of the best paying careers! We’ll teach
you how to be a recruiter here at Zrii with our ad system. People will be calling you!!
We have a plan that can generate you $5-$10 in the next 30 days…. Here’s how our reps
are doing that…

We’ll help you recruit 10 people - you’ll be paid up to $300 per person, that’s a $3000
paycheck sent to you within the week! This is an unlimited bonus. Recruit 20 people
and earn $6000. All your money is downloaded onto your sexy ZRII VISA DEBIT
CARD every Monday – I LOVE MONDAY’S NOW! Enrolling 10 people and earning
$3000 bucks…. that’s not to shabby for a part time side business! There are no limits, no
income ceiling, no territory boundaries here at Zrii!


There’s nothing more exciting than REVENUE SHARING with a record breaking
company. Remember, we’re building a 7th billion dollar global household name brand
here! We’re already producing multi-millions - YOU WANT TO REVENUE SHARE
WITH THAT! Imagine, in a few short years, we can be revenue sharing with a world-
famous billion dollar company! It’s as easy, just referring 4 people a month and you’ll get
BIG SHARES. Again there’s NO limit!

Remember the 10 people we just spoke about, you could earn an extra $2500 revenue
sharing check for a total of $5500!


Ginger in Kansas City Joined our company and asked us, “I want $25k in 4 weeks, is
that possible. It is. So she went to work. She enrolled on a Friday and by Sunday 2 ½
days later she’d earned over $8k. She didn’t make $25k in 4 weeks though…. It took her
5 weeks. We don’t feel sorry for Ginger, you can tell her so next time we all see her at
convention. I tell you what… we all have a lot of fun here!

Curt in Wisconsin is a farmer. From his tractor he made some calls and in 9 days he
earned $5,100.00. Maybe we should all get a tractor HAHA!

Hunter out in Texas: Joined us on the 19th of the month and by the 30th, DAY 12, he had
made $16,200.00


We’re don’t pay you one time… it’s FAR MORE stimulating here at Zrii because we pay
you for the rest of your life! There are 2 kinds of people, the general work force and the
upper management tier, often times the managers make more than those working under
them, right?

Here at Zrii, all those inbound callers are stacked either in your LEFT or RIGHT team,
underneath you. WE HELP you start your two teams by finding just 2 people, then we
will fill both your teams up, and train them for you. At first you’ll have dozens, then
100s, then 1000s of people within your teams. Building just 2 teams is easier and
MEGA-motivating because extra people are almost always placed under you into YOUR
teams for you! The company doesn’t care who placed them there, you’ll be paid on
EVERYBODY through unlimited levels!

The computer searches all the website orders, all the referrals, all the recruitments… to
unlimited levels deep, it doesn’t matter if you placed them there AND it DOESN’T even
matter if you sold anything or not. Zrii pays you up to $50k per month in team bonuses.
I know people who don’t make $50k/yr!

We will help you find your 2 with our proven inbound call program! You’re literally 2
people away from a $50k/mo income. If you enrolled me on your left team and my
husband JJ on your right team… we call that retirement, because all the people we’d
enroll would be under you on your two teams and you’d be paid on everybody.

So we help you find 2 people. Then we help those 2 find their 2 people. Do the math, 2
y 2 by 2… as you go just 12 levels deep … you’ll have over 8k people in your 2 teams
and you didn’t do all the enrolling! So ….. as you just enroll 2 people…. if all they did
was the same…. And if everyone just CONSUMES 1 Zrii product per month, … Zrii will
pay you over $29k a month! Month after month. Add one more level and your at $50k a
month! This is a Willable sellable business. It’s yours for life… My 16 year old son,
Chandler, is psyched!

Think about that everyone just consumes 1 product a month, they don’t have to anything
beyond that!

Right about now I usually have someone who asks me, WELL…. WHO DOES SELL
THE PRODUCT??? Network marketing, is a powerful mode of distribution. We are not
a few people who each sell A LOT of product. We are A LOT of people… each
consuming just 1 product. It’s a lot like E-bay. Do you know the average sale on E-bay
is $40.00? Yet they generate billions. LOTS of people just buying a little.

I read Robert Kiyosaki and books by other business moguls, they all write about how to
generate wealth…. They ALL say the same thing… they say the wealthy and intelligent
build NETWORKS. So what are you going to do?


What if, working p/t you received up to $1250 bucks a month toward any luxury car you
wanted?! Since Zrii is footing the bill I kicked my Mazda out and brought in a
convertible BMW! I tell you what this company is sexy and fun, the excitement is
palpable! And anyone can do this thanks to our universal system!

Conference calls like this go live 2x a day – just send people to them! You’ll also enjoy 3
live training calls every week! IT’S ALL FREE!

And the MOST important part of our system…. Is Our Exclusive FREE Multimedia
training BOOK!

Let me ask, do you have a Facebook? OK, but is it making you $$? Mine does NOW,
because of our FREE FB training! I receive leads all the time from FB because that free
training taught me what ads to pop into the news feed. FB makes our reps $1000s of
dollars & NOW YOUR FB will too!

Opportunity ads, that are proven to work. Mr. Brad Hager, a dock worker, has used these
ads to generate over 20 million dollars. THEY WORK BRILLIANTLY! Our system has
created 11 millionaires to date!

Now here’s the most important question of the day... can you Copy and Paste? If you
said YES you can do this business! Paste our ads into the management, sales, marketing,
teaches/coaches sections and let the inbound calls begin!

Here’s another question for ya, HAVE YOU HEARD OF CRAIGSLIST? Write this
down it’ll blow your mind… CL receives over 700 MILLION page view A DAY!! We
use FB, Craigslist, Career builder, Monster…. to build our 2 teams into 1000s of people!
Do you think, as you post one of our free ads in CL, with over 700 million page views
that you can find your 2??? You’re literally 2 people away from a $50k/mo income. I
knew this… I didn’t care if it took me 2 weeks – 2 months – or 2 years… I’d find my 2…
actually I found 24 in my first month without even tapping into the ad system!

WE ALSO OFFER YOU AN 800# with a pre-recorded voice mail that includes an
inspirational message by our 20 million dollar earner. They leave a message and you can
enjoy as many prequalified calls as you like! THIS IS SO DANG FUN! We are helping
people in a depressed economy get what they need… INCOME! Everyone’s happy to
hear from you! The pre-recorded message states network marketing times and work-
from-home as an independent contractor a 4th time. Our team motto is the truth is good
enough. They understand what we are offering and they leave their information, if not
they hang up. GOOD… I don’t have time to waist on people who don’t appreciate the
power of building a network…. and neither do you. How much would you pay for a list
of pre-qualified leads of people who want more information about your business?? You
have that here!

Please do not callyour messages back. We will do that. We will walk each person
through our 90 second 5 question script and book them for you… into 1 of our dozens of
boardroom interviews all across the USA. As they are in the board room, you don’t have
to be present, our top Zrii executives present and close for you. And when they are in the
board room, guess what, they KNOW the system WORKS, because they answered an ad
and were booked! And you enjoy up to $300 each time someone is enrolled and you’re
in your flip-flops at home!

Our reps are earning $10 -$20 - $30k a month and more just by putting ads in the paper
and letting the top income earners put people in their teams nationwide. WE have several
multi multimillionaires who present and put people in your business for you weekly! Put
an ad in Vegas and 20 million $ earner Mr. Hager will enroll reps onto your team!

KEVIN & ALISON are a really nice couple in Texas, when they joined Zrii they placed 1
ad in San Diego & 1 in Ft. Lauderdale & earned $4100 in 1 DAY…. THEY NEVER
LEFT DALLAS! Susan Walsh has earned $75k a month because of this system! Steven
Thompson has earned a documented $120k a month, he used to drive a beat up old pick
up truck around cleaning pools.

This system works for everyone! I wanted an exciting, fun company, something I could
do from home and Zrii has helped me create more time for myself and my family and I’m
finally being paid what I’m worth, you deserve that too… here’s how to get started …

You have 3 options, your job is to choose the one that’sthe best fit for you.

$99.00 – 1 time business pack

1 Zrii membership - position in the company now – get this tonight so 50% of your
inviter’s enrollments can go under you starting tonight – their ads are already in, they
have appointments already booked, YOU might as well be positioned on their team now,
then the people answering the ads can be placed onto YOUR team.

Your Zrii Websites

1 NV Achieve either chocolate or vanilla

No Ad program.

The $99 pack gets you your position in the company and you can start referring people on
your own. It’s a great way to start and try the product! Especially considering you’ll
spend $99 on dinner and movie this week and have nothing to show for it. At least this
way you’re $99 will be working for you!

Remember, not ordering the $99 pack means you’ll be spending more money than you
have to on your food bill every month. One shake a day and I save $150 a month… so
can you. Ordering this one is just being smart!

Our second option is EXCELLENT!

$299 - one time business pack
1 Zrii Membership – 1 position

Zrii Websites

3 NutriiVeda Achieve (a 3 month supply) - ($170 in savings!) Great for couples/families
– you won’t be fighting over the shakes.

1 convention ticket - meet our CEO, often times you’ll meet Deepak Chopra


So just to be clear… the $299 allows you to place ads in your state only. And yes you
can upgrade anytime. So start where you can.

And our 3rd and final option – the most popular option is our

$999 – Professional’s PARTNER’S Pack, it’s my favorite, I did this pack too…

2 Zrii Membership positions!! Order now so 50% of those enrollments can begin to be
placed underneath you onto YOUR team. And the $999 pack allows you to superceed
the $50k a month team bonus. This pack gives you 2 positions that equal a potential of
$100k per month in income

Zrii Websites

12 NV Achieve ($380 savings!)

2 FREE convention Tickets – meet Farley and most often Dr. Deepak Chopra

5 Stars Aligning DVDs – Oprah Winfrey is on our corporate DVD

Instead of 1 car bonus – this pack gives you 2 car bonuses NO NEED TO FIGHT THE

AND THE BEST PART IS THIS: This pack gives you ALL ACCESS to our
NATIONAL Advertizing Team, dozens of certified presenters in dozens of cities, all
working for YOU. So why not grow 20x faster and earn 20x more? You can with this
pack. If you cannot afford to advertise everywhere in the USA please choose option #2.

I Highly recommend the $999, it’s what most do because it earns you more income and
allows you access to ALL board room interviewers, yet pick the 1-time pack that works
best for you now, because you’re Guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Yes you can upgrade at anytime so just jump in with both feet… just chose your $99 pair
of shoes or your $999 pair of shoes and start running!
No matter what pack you pick, as you enroll 3 people, at your same level, into Zrii,
you’re in for FREE…. You’ll have your ROI back. Most people have their $ back within
their first 2 weeks!


We’ll turn on your 800# & get your first ad placed tomorrow, and put $ in your account
this week. Emily, a 20 year old rep wit zero network marketing experience, placed her
first ad in the morning & by noon had 6 inbound calls! So there’s no reason to wait. You
can do it too… call the person who invited you here and let them know which package
you want right away, before someone else enrolls!

Then head to our “WHAT TO DO 1ST” Training! It starts SATURDAY so write this
down… 9am PST: 605-475-4470 22788#

This is Angie Levine, it’s my honor to be the first to welcome you to your new business,
Zrii has blessed my family in so many ways and I know it will be the best decision
you’ve ever made too. Thanks and goodnight.

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