HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

         In today's business environment, the human resources person is a combination of professional
specialist and management team member. As a specialist, there is staff responsibility for proper
recruiting, selection, placement, training, development and rewarding of people resources. As a
management team member, the human resource professional contributes his or her distinctive expertise
in employment issues to the management decision process.

       Miami University will provide course work that addresses these specialty areas, coupled with
courses that teach basic management skills and promote the development of writing and oral
communication abilities.


         An array of employment related issues are of interest to students in this major. Examples of these
issues include training, compensation, union-management relations, equal employment opportunity and
other areas of labor and employment law.


Technical                                                People Skills
Evaluating competitive trends in benefits                Conflict management
Obtaining legal compliance information                   Interviewing applicants
Reviewing compensation and                               Motivating compliance with procedures
  unemployment claims                                    Predicting the behavior of individuals
Investigating discipline cases                             and groups
Testing applicants                                       Providing counseling assistance to
Processing grievances                                      supervisors and managers
Analyzing jobs                                           Negotiation of labor and other agreements
Developing hourly and salary
 compensation programs                                   Management Skills
                                                         Designing selection procedures
                                                         Training and supervising staff
                                                         Developing standards of performance
Communication Skills                                     Evaluating performance
Orienting new employees                                  Processing grievances
Suggesting information for
  evaluating budgetary problems
Persuading general management
Providing information on the labor market

The human resource management major prepares individuals for entering the human resource function
as a career path and also provides opportunities for promotion to future general management positions.

                                       CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

Entry Level                            Mid-Level                              Top-Level
Employment interviewer                 Personnel manager                      VP human resources
Job analyst                            Labor relations manager                VP labor relations
Compensation specialist                Compensation manager
Personnel supervisor                   Staffing manager
Employee relations                     Manager of health, safety
  supervisor                             & security
Human resource assistant

NOTE: Some of the listed career options may require additional education and/or training beyond the
bachelor's degree.


         An undergraduate program in human resource management prepares students for pursuing a
Master's of Business Administration or advanced degree in human resource management/industrial

                                   EXPERIENTIAL OPPORTUNITIES

        Summer or part-time work in business organizations of all types is encouraged, as well as
volunteer or paid work in public or private agencies and institutions. Involvement in student organizations
such as Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM); Ingenuity, Inc: The Student Entrepreneurial
Society; International Association of Students in Economics and Business (AIESEC); and other student
groups provides career guidance relevant experience.

                              SOURCES OF ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Department of Management                                  Business Academic Advising
307 Laws Hall, 529-4215                                   103 Laws, 529-3631
-Curriculum requirements                                  -Requirements
-Career opportunities                                     -Course selection

Student Counseling Service                                Career Services
195 Health Services Center, 529-4634                      241 Hoyt, 529-3831                  -Career Resource Center
-Career Counseling                                          Dictionary of Occupational Titles
-Career Exploration and Testing Center                      Occupational Outlook Handbook
  Computerized Career Development Program
  Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  Occupational Outlook Handbook

Developed by the School of Business Academic Advising Staff and the academic departmental offices
with adaptations from Liberal Arts and Sciences - Skills - Career Opportunities, Career Planning and
Placement Office, University of Michigan.


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