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                             German and English Cognates
                        Knie - blau - Maus - Kaffee - grün - Finger - Biologie

German and English share many words that look or sound the same. These are called cognates. See if
you can find the English cognates of the German words below and make some generalizations about
correspondences in German and English. Use a German-English dictionary for words you cannot find
(A good one is the online LEO German<-> English Dictionary

List the English cognate for each word. Remember that   What generalization can you make based on these
cognates are words that look and sound the same in      cognates? What rule can you use to explain the
both languages.                                         relationship between these German and English words?
1. Pfeife:                 reif:                        Rule?
  Pfanne:                  pflücken:
  helfen:                  Apfel:
  Pfeffer:                 Bischof:

2. Nacht:                  Licht:                       Rule?
  acht:                    lachen:
  hoch:                    Sicht:
  recht:                   Fracht:

3. Ding:                   Feder:                       Rule?
  dick:                    Bad:
  dünn:                    denken:
  danken:                  Vater:

4. Garten:                 gut:                         Rule?
  trinken:                 selten:
  Brot:                    Bett:
  tropfen:                 alt:

5. besser:                 Salz:                        Rule?
  Wasser:                  Kessel:
  Fuß:                     Katze:
  sitzen:                  Zinn:

6. sieben:                 lieben:                      Rule?
  halb:                    Grab:
  Fieber:                  Rabe:
  Weib:                    Kalb:
7. Speculate on the reasons for these similarities between German and English.

8. Can you think of any more cognates in German and English?

Because of these similarities, learning German is not only easy but can also give you new insights
about the English language.

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