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									                      Music Dictation Webquest
Introduction: Have you ever listened to the radio and wondered what the musician was
playing? Did you ever get a melody stuck in your head that you couldn’t put down on paper? If
so, then you need to practice your music dictation. Dictation is the process of writing notes on
paper as you hear them. Can you determine different pitches and rhythms?

Objective: In this webquest you will be determining your level of pitch discrimination. During
this process, you might become frustrated with how easy your find it or how difficult. Don’t
give up!! Practicing dictation is the only way to get better.

Task: At the end of this process you will be asked to submit your answers to a quiz and a brief
essay about the thought process you went through while practicing your dictation. You will
also create your own melody or rhythm to perform for the class, which they will dictate back to

Webquest Process:
1. The first step to successful dictation is to practice. Go to the following site to practice
listening to intervals, chords, and scales.
At the end of your practice session, describe your thoughts about interval discrimination in a
brief essay. Submit this to your instructor along with how many practice examples you did.
2. Go to the following site to practice rhythmic dictation.
After you finish practicing rhythmic dictation, record your score, average time, and how many
you completed. Write a brief essay about your thoughts and processes of rhythmic dictation.
How does it differ from melodic (interval) dictation? Did your process differ?
3. After you have finished practicing both rhythmic and melodic dictation, go to the following
website and practice dictation. The practice section
is located under the course examples.
At the end of your practice session, record your score for the sections interval and rhythmic and
submit it to your instructor.
Click on the section, laboratory and practice listening to the chords. This section will prepare
you for the sample quiz. When you have finished, take quiz under the graded material section
and e mail your results to your instructor.
4. You now have the tools to create a successful melodic or rhythmic dictation for the class.
Create it using the Finale or Sibelius software on the school’s computers. The dictation should
be 2-4 measures long, contain 5 intervals, one beat of 16th notes, and in simple meter.
Remember the difficulties you had when you were practicing and do not make the dictation too
difficult. Print off a copy for you and e mail a copy to your instructor. You will perform your
dictation for the class in the next period.
You will be graded with the following rubric:

                         Music - Composition : Melodic/Rhythmic Dictation

   Teacher Name: Sara Emde

   Student Name:     ________________________________________

    CATEGORY          3                    2                  1                R - Redo
Meter & Rhythm        All notes are        Most notes are     Notes are writtenNotes are written
(Rhythmic             written neatly       written clearly    clearly, but     in a sloppy and
dictations only)      using proper         using the proper   barline          illegible manner.
                      barline              barline            placement is     Barline
                      placement.           placement.         often incorrect. placement is not
                                                                               correct. Needs to
                                                                               be resubmitted.
Overall               The composition    The composition The composition The composition
Performance           was creative,      was somewhat      was very basic      was not
                      clean/easy to      creative and      and somewhat        complete, and
                      read, and          legible. Most of  legible to read. At very difficult to
                      included all       the required      least half of the   read. Under half
                      required           elements were     required            of the required
                      elements.          included.         elements were       elements were
                                                           included.           included. Project
                                                                               will need to be
Meter & Rhythm        All measures have 85% of measures 70% of the             Under half of the
(rhythmic             the correct # of   have the correct  measures have       measure have
dictations only)      beats and a        # of beats and a  the correct # of    the correct # of
                      variety of rhythms variety of        beats. Rhythms      beats.
                      are used.          rhythms are       are very basic      Composition
                      Including the use used. Including    and do not          needs to be
                      of Whole, Half,    the use of Whole, expand beyond       edited and
                      Quarter, eighth.   Half, Quarter,    quarter notes.      resubmitted.
                      and sixteenth      and eighth notes.
Melody (melodic       Each measure         85% of the          70% of the           Half of the
dictations only)      contains at least    measures include    measures contain     measures are
                      two intervals. The   at least twp        at least one         missing intervals.
                      intervals are        intervals and the   interval. The        Composition
                      written in a         intervals are       intervals are        needs to be
                      variety of           written in a        written in only      edited and
                      directions.          variety of          one direction.       resubmitted.

Each rating will be multiplied by 5 and
applied to the student’s grade for this

Conclusion: By practicing music dictation, your musical abilities will increase 100%. To be able
to recognize intervals can improve a musician’s pitch and ensemble playing. Test it out,
practice a melodic dictation every day before you practice and see if you can listen to yourself
or the band and determine what intervals are playing. Rhythmic dictation can be a great tool to
work out challenging rhythms. If you get stuck, sing or clap the rhythm to help yourself out.
There are many other tools which can help you practice dictation, just ask your instructor for
more information. Dictation is important in all musicians’ lives, if you enjoy music; dictation is
the best tool to improve.

This webquest was created for a high school level music class by Sara Emde.

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