Narrative Writing Project Requirements for Social Studies by ZpabO0T8


									Historical Narrative Project ; 9th Grade Spring semester              Ms. Adrion

Narrative Writing Project Requirements for Social Studies This is DUE MAY 24th NO LATE
ACCEPTANCES: Meet with me at 37.5 minutes to proof and edit your work.

Directions: I know that you are all excited to be working on your historical narrative project for our
Global History class. You are to place yourself within your historical person’s life.

One of the many ways in which we study history is to find primary sources. Primary sources are
sources of information that are actually from the time period you are studying examples would be a
diary, journal entry, eyewitness account. Primary sources can be physical objects from that time
period or individuals who lived during that time. Secondary Sources are sources of information
that were written about that person, encyclopedia, textbook, written by historians, sociologists,
anthropologists, economists and psychologists.

You are to research the person you were assigned: Make an outline or use index cards to answer the
following questions. This will give you the background knowledge of your person through research.
This is to be collected as part of your grade. Your research can be bullet pointed or outline.
Bibliography: use at least three sources and one MUST BE A BOOK.

Years of birth and death
Region , city, continent of person’s life
Early family life, Education, Siblings, Marriage
Their affect on history and or their society
Matching today’s problems in history ( Connect the issues of your historical person to our lives

Project Suggestions:

       1) You may construct a digital documentary ( can be powerpoint) : You can use video,
           pictures, images, cartoons with your personal narrative of your life. Digital documentaries
           are short digital movies that contain a montage of images, text or video accompanied by a
           narration done in the student’s voice. Because much of history occurred before the
           invention of movies and television, many of the primary sources available are
           photographs, artwork, and documents. Therefore students typically add motion across
           these otherwise static still images (often called the Ken Burns effect) to highlight specific
           aspects of the visuals.
         Information about how to make digital documentaries can be found on The Digital Director’s
         Guild site ( and on the University of Houston College of Education site

       2)   Make a scrapbook : You may write two poems each poem is to be 1 page minimum total
            and 1 page each as the written component, and 2-4 pages of pictures, visuals of this
            person’s life. ( At least 2 pages)

       3)    Construct a journal or diary scrap book - 3 Journal or diary entries (Each entry must be at
            least ¾ page double spaced.) Add pictures, make a collage, symbols reflecting the
            person’s life. ( At least 2 pages)

       4) A combination of 2 and 3 : Make a scrap book with a one page poem and 2 diary. Journal
          entries. Pictures, visuals, collage to reflect the person’s life ( At least 2 pages )

ALL PROJECTS MUST HAVE A REFLECTIVE WRITING PAGE . Connect your historical person to either
your life or to our societies life today. This is to be at least 1 page double spaced.

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