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					                         A Message from the Principal

Dear Students,

Welcome to the 2012-13 school year at Diamond Valley Middle School
(DVMS), the home of the Diamondbacks! I am excited to join such a great
school and I am looking forward to the amazing things Diamond Valley will be
doing in the upcoming year. This year our focus is on learning, with the
ultimate goal of all students graduating from high-school and being prepared
to attend college.

As you know, our school has won state-wide recognition for our AVID
(Advancement Via Individual Determination) program which is a college
readiness system. The AVID program is one class period a day, where
students will learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking and
ask probing questions, get academic help from peers and college tutors, and
participate in enrichment and motivational activities that make college seem
attainable. Our goal is to have each of you on pathway to be prepared for
college or your career.

Another area we will be focusing on is building Diamond Valley pride! One
way will be through the many activities our ASB has planned for the school
year, including our Spirit Days and recognition opportunities for students who
perform well academically. For those students interested in Band and Choir
we have an excellent music program. There is also a yearbook class as well
as other clubs you can get involved in. Take advantage of these great
opportunities to get connected and be a part of Diamond Valley!

We also need your help in keeping the campus clean. We have worked all
summer to ensure our campus is clean and ready for learning, let’s keep it
that way.

On behalf of the entire DVMS staff, welcome, and we look forward to an
amazing year working towards academic excellence! Our future is bright, go

With learning in mind,

David L. Howland

                      Diamond Valley Middle School
                              291 W. Chambers Street
                         Hemet, CA 92543 (951) 925-2899
                                Fax: (951) 925-6297
                          Attendance Line (951) 765-6602
                      OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

David Howland                               Principal
Scott McIntosh                              Assistant Principal Last Names A-L
Andrew Silva                                Assistant Principal Last Names M-Z

Maureen Fernandes            Counselor -Students Last Name A-L
Andre Williams               Counselor -Students Last Name M-Z
Ashley Mangabat              Speech Therapist
Marilyn Harris               School Psychologist
Miranda Burton               ASB Director

Tonia Gonzalez                              Office Manager
Barbara Diamond                             Cafeteria Manager
Misty Smith                                 Secretary II
Jessica Daniels                             Attendance Clerk
Yolanda Jordan                              Clerk/ Receptionist
Sandra Garcia-Clark                         ASB Assistant
Ruth Schwab                                 Library Media Technician
Bettina Cox                                 Health Technician
Christina Balodimas                         Campus Supervisor
Nancy Ives                                  Campus Supervisor
Maria Meyer                                 Campus Supervisor
Barth Swanson                               Campus Supervisor
Michael Murphy                              Head Custodian

Bell Schedules 2012-13

Instructional Minutes- 336 min
Passing- 30 min
Period             1st Lunch    Period              2nd Lunch
Advisory           8:51 - 9:03  Advisory            8:51 - 9:03
1                  9:08 - 10:02 1                   9:08 - 10:02
2                  10:07- 11:01 2                   10:07- 11:01
3                  11:06 -12:00 3                   11:06 -12:00
1 Lunch            12:00 -12:30 4                   12:05 -12:59
4                  12:35 - 1:29 2nd Lunch           12:59 - 1:29
5                  1:34 - 2:28 5                    1:34 - 2:28
6                  2:33 - 3:27 6                    2:33 - 3:27

Shortened Day Schedule (Tuesdays)
Instructional Minutes- 264 min
Passing- 30 min
Period             1st Lunch      Period            2nd Lunch
Advisory            9:51 - 10:03 Advisory           9:51 - 10:03
1                  10:08 - 10:52 1                  10:08 - 10:52
2                  10:57 - 11:41 2                  10:57 - 11:41
3                  11:46 – 12:30 3                  11:46 – 12:30
Lunch              12:30 – 1:00   4                 12:35 – 1:19
4                  1:05 – 1:49    Lunch             1:19 – 1:49
5                  1:54 – 2:38    5                 1:54 – 2:38
6                   2:43– 3:27    6                 2:43 – 3:27
Minimum Day
Days: 10/11/12, 2/1/13, 3/21/13, 5/30/13, 5/31/13
Instructional Minutes- 240 min
Passing- 30 min
                       Period    Grades 6-8
                       1         8:51- 9:31
                       2         9:36 - 10:16
                       3         10:21 - 11:01
                       4         11:06 - 11:46
                       5         11:51 - 12:31
                       6         12:36 - 1:16


             School Motto:     “Winner’s Never Quit”

             School Colors:    Burgundy, Sage Green, Taupe

             School Mascot:    Diamondbacks

Open Enrollment Policy
The Hemet Unified School District has adopted an open enrollment
policy for student transfers within the district. Students who reside
within district boundaries may apply for enrollment in any district
school. The school district does not provide transportation from
outside a school’s attendance boundary to that school. Approval
depends upon available space at the requested schools, but students
attending their neighborhood schools will always have first priority for
those schools. Applications are available at all school sites and the
district office.

Diamond Valley Middle School MISSION/VISION STATEMENT

Mission:   All students will continue to learn.

Vision:    Students are motivated and willing to learn, curious and

Teachers are motivated, competent, and compassionate.

Administrators are catalyst for change, supporting staff through
maintaining a flexible approach allowing all to grow and learn.

Diamond Valley Student Standards of Behavior

Take Pride In Yourself And Your School.

Respect Others And Their Property.

Be Prepared To Work, Cooperate, And Learn.

Always Do Your Best To Achieve Success!

DVMS/HUSD nondiscrimination notice

The Hemet Unified School District is committed to providing equal
opportunities for both sexes and the handicapped in its educational
programs and activities, and for employees/applicants as required by
Federal and State law. Employees must be sensitive in guarding
against unconscious discrimination and stereotyping.

Diamond Valley Website


You can obtain important information through our school website
regarding staff, calendar, and surveys.


Fall 2012 Semester

First Progress Report, End of Triad 1         September 28, 2012
Second Progress Report, End of Triad 2        November 19, 2012
End of 1st Semester, First Report Card        January 18, 2013

Spring 2013 Semester

First Progress Report, End of Triad 4         March 08, 2013
Second Progress Report, End of Triad 5        April 26, 2013
End of 2nd Semester, Final Report Card        May 31, 2013

Reports will be sent home with students within two weeks of the end
of each triad.

                          GRADING SCALE
                    (HUSD BOARD POLICY #5124R)

    90 - 100%    A      Produces markedly superior work
    80 - 89%     B      Produces superior work
    70 - 79%     C      Demonstrates satisfactory work
    60 - 69%     D      Needs to improve progress in work
    Below 60%    F      Demonstrates little or no progress in work
                 P/F    Pass/Fail
    Incomplete   I      Required work has not been completed (issued
                        only because of extenuating circumstances)

School Site Council

School Site Council (SSC) – Elected members represent students, staff, parents,
and the community. The School Site Council monitors the site plan and
expenditures of the SIP (School Improvement Plan) budget. Elections will be
held at the beginning of each school year to replace parents, teachers, and staff
who have concluded their two-year terms.


Students who demonstrate responsible behavior will be awarded special
privileges to include the following:

Clean Campus: Earns the right to music, competitions, and other lunch activities.
Good Citizenship: Results in the right to participate in special school activities
such as dances, games, assemblies, and field trips.

Good Grades and Effort: Result in special recognition activities.

A variety of activities are provided for students during lunch and after school.
The Activities Director and Student Council plan dress-up days, lunch activities,
class competitions, after school dances and special field trips. A special 8th
grade only evening dance is planned at the end of the year. In addition, student
clubs and other groups are active at Diamond Valley Middle School. Being on
the Exclusion list will result in the elimination from special school activities.

DVMS students must attend school for a minimum of four (4) periods a day to
participate in any extra-curricular activity, sports, band/Choir, dances, etc.

Perfect Attendance: is defined as a student who did not miss even one period of
class or any tardies. Absences can be made up with attendance at Saturday
School when offered.
Excellent Attendance- can miss one day of school or less than five tardies or
independent study candidate.


Associated Student Body (ASB): ASB provides a number of services including
a student store for P.E. clothes, school supplies, snacks, and yearbooks. In
addition, the Student Council provides student government and plans many
student activities throughout the school year.

Bus Transportation: Diamond Valley Middle School is predominantly a “walk
to” school. Please contact the Transportation Department at 765-5100 for bus
eligibility information or visit this website:

Cafeteria: Students may purchase lunch for $2.75, which includes the basic
entree, roll, side dish, and milk. Many a la carte items are also available. Free or
reduced lunches are available for students who qualify. Forms are available in
the front office. Breakfast is also served at middle schools for $1.50 (available to
everyone). School meals may be pre-paid with a discount being given for the
purchase of 20 or more lunches at one time. This payment may be done on line.
Please see the District website http://hemetusd.k12.ca.us/index.html or call
Nutrition Services at 765-5100 for more information.

Counseling Services: Students may confer with a counselor by signing up for
an appointment (forms located in the attendance office). Counselors call
students to their offices periodically for various reasons.

Health Services: The health office is located on the west side of the main office.
Students must report to the health office when they are ill and the health office
will call home if the student needs to be released.
Students are not to call home on cell phones or school phone on their own or
leave campus without office knowledge or permission.
All medications for students must remain in the health office.
All P.E. medical excuses must be registered in the health office.

ID Cards: Every student at Diamond Middle School will be issued a free ID card.
Students are required to carry this ID card during school hours and when
attending any school event. This card is used for checking out library books,
purchasing meals, and verifying identification. The cost of replacing a lost ID
card is $5.00.

Insurance: Accident insurance to cover students while at school, traveling to and
from school, or to and from any school activity, is made available to parents for
purchase on a voluntary basis.

Library/Media Center: The library is one of the most important facilities at
school. Rules and regulations must be followed in order to offer materials and a
place of study for all students. The library will be open for students before and
after school hours. Copyright laws must be followed.

Lost and Found: Students please Do Not Bring valuable items to school.
Students must to keep their belongings with them at all times. The front office
personnel will keep and return lost items whenever possible, however Diamond
Valley Middle School staff members assume no liability for lost, damaged,
or stolen items. Personal items may not be used during class time or they will
be confiscated. Parents may pick up confiscated items in the office.

Supplies: In order to be properly prepared for school, it is recommended that all
students must have basic school supplies. This includes paper, pens and
pencils, and a 2-inch or 3-inch notebook or binder. A backpack is suggested
(rolling backpack is good for growing backs) to carry all of the school supplies
from class to class. Additional items that may be useful at school include report
covers, colored pens, ruler, and calculator. If any other item is needed for a
class, the teacher will send home a note with the student.

Technology/Computers: Students are expected to use the computers, Internet,
and other technologies for educational purposes only. Students are also
expected to report those who may be using computers and other technologies in
ways not related to their education. Students who do not use the computer or
other technologies for educational purposes will be denied access to them.
Viewing inappropriate materials on the computer will result in a discipline


Accidents/Injuries: If students are injured while at school or engaged in school
activities, the student must be report immediately to the teacher in charge, no
matter how minor the injury. The nurse or administration may complete written

Bicycles, Scooters and Skateboards: Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are
to be walked on all areas of the school campus. Bicycles, scooters and
skateboards are to be stored in the bike rack (next to Staff Parking Lot) and must
be locked at all times. Diamond Valley Middle School is not responsible for
replacing any damaged or stolen bicycles, scooters or skateboards. Locks, lock
combinations, or lock keys should not be shared with other students. At the end
of each school day, students are expected to walk their bicycles, scooters and
skateboards off campus. Students are also expected to obey California’s Helmet
Law. Please make sure your child is equipped with a helmet if riding a bike,
scooter or skateboard to school. Bicycles, scooters and skateboards must never
be left in the bike racks unattended. If a student has a before or after school
activity on or off campus, they will need to make arrangements for their bike,
scooter or skateboard. The bike rack will remain locked from the beginning to
the end of the school day.

Bullying: harassment, intimidation or cyberbullying at school is against the law
and appropriate action and discipline steps will be taken by school
administration. Sometimes the investigation may involve the School Resource
Officer. Students need to report any such activity to a staff member as soon as
possible, so all cases can be investigated and appropriate actions taken to stop
any bullying-type behavior.

Cameras: Cameras or video recorders of any kind are not allowed on campus
without administrative approval. This includes but is not limited to digital still
cameras, and video cameras. If these items are found in the possession of a
student, they will be confiscated by staff and a parent or guardian must pick up
the item. Additionally, the school reserves the right to view any photos or video
on the camera or camera phone to determine if disciplinary action needs to be
taken by the school or law enforcement.

Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones must be turned off and kept in the student’s
backpack, book bag or purse during school hours. All cell phones turned on
during school hours will be subject to confiscation and must be picked up by the
student’s parent or guardian. After the 3rd offense, the student may lose the
privilege of bringing the cell phone to school. Cell phones may be used only after
the 3:27 p.m. dismissal bell.

Change of Address: It is extremely important to keep phone and address
records current, so that in the event of an emergency, the school can contact the
parent. It is a good idea to list several adults on the Emergency Card who can
be contacted if the parent cannot be reached. Non-resident students with false
information on their cards will be dropped from the school.

Clean Campus: Students are expected to appreciate and help maintain a clean
campus. It is the responsibility of all students and staff to keep the campus
clean. Any students found littering on the campus will be disciplined. Vandalism
and graffiti are grounds for suspension or expulsion. Monetary reimbursement
for damages may be required from the student and their family.

Closed Campus: Diamond Valley Middle School has a closed campus. This
means that students cannot leave the grounds at any time during the school day
except in the company of a parent or guardian. Parents/Guardians must show a
valid ID when signing the student out in the office when leaving and sign in upon
returning to school. All visitors must be on the student’s emergency card, they
must check in at the office with valid ID.

Complaint Procedure: It is the philosophy of the Hemet Unified School District
to secure at the lowest possible administrative level, equitable responses to
complaints directed against employees by parents/guardians. Prior to filing a
written complaint, the complainant should attempt to speak with the specific
employee involved concerning the complaint. Complaint procedures are
available at all school sites and the district office.

Communication: Communication between home and school is vital. If you
would like to speak to your child’s teacher, simply call the office at 925-2899 and
the staff will connect you to the teacher’s voicemail. You can also access the
teacher’s email.

Conferences: Parent/Teacher Conferences are held in the Fall. Additionally,
parents may request individual conferences by contacting the teacher for an
appointment during their conference period. Counselors are also available to
assist with any concern you may have regarding your student’s academic, social,
or behavioral progress.

Emergencies: In case of an emergency, the office will deliver messages to the
student’s classroom.

Delivery of student items: Items delivered to school must be clearly labeled
with students’ names. Students are to pick up items during their free time. We
discourage flowers, balloons and gift deliveries to the school. If deliveries of
these items are made, we keep them in the office and students pick them up as
they leave at the end of the school day. Additionally, cakes, cupcakes and
dessert type food items are not to be delivered to the school as those items
violate the HUSD policies on food available to students at school.

Fire and Disaster Drills: Students are responsible to obey teachers and other
adults in the event of a fire, disaster, or drill. They must listen carefully and
respond quickly to all directions. All drills are considered serious.
A. Fire Alarm--Students evacuate to a pre-determined location and wait for
further instructions.
B. Earthquake Alarm--Students duck under desks/tables, cover heads with one
arm. When the all clear is sounded, students evacuate to a pre-determined
location and wait for further instructions.
Emergency/Lockdown Drill--Students follow teacher’s directions until the
emergency situation ends and regular procedures resume.

Gang Activities: Gang activities at school are a threat to campus safety and a
disruption of the learning environment. They will not be tolerated. Gang
activities could include intimidation, the wearing of certain clothing, a particular
style of dress, or writing on personal items such as clothing, backpacks, or
papers contained therein. Marking on body parts such as hands or arms are also
included. Students who engage in activities that are determined by the
administration to be gang related will be dealt with through conferences,
suspensions, and expulsions if necessary.

Homework Policy: Students at the middle school level can expect a minimum of
five hours of homework weekly. Parents can assist by providing a quiet place of
study with needed materials, encouraging a routine of completing work daily, and
reviewing assignments with students. However, it is the students’ responsibility
to complete and turn in all homework.
Homework Requests: If your child is legally absent for two or more days, it is
his/her responsibility to request the homework directly from the teachers, or the
parent may make a homework request on the 3rd day of absence by contacting
the attendance office. Please call by 8:00 am to ensure that the homework will
be ready in 24 hours.

Honors Classes: Students are selected for Honors classes based on
standardized test scores, teacher recommendations and grades. The coursework
is at a higher level and the expectation is that students are able to work
independently and collaboratively on open-ended projects.

Lunch: Students must sit at the lunch area while eating lunch. They will be
dismissed by a supervisor before they may leave the tables. Students are
expected to pick up after themselves during lunchtime. They are not to throw any
food, water, drinks, cartons, trash, etc. Failure to comply with these rules may
result disciplinary action and/or doing campus beautification for the remainder of
the lunch period or after school. Throwing food or other items could also lead to

Make-up Work: See Homework Requests

Personal Belongings: Students are not allowed to bring valuable items or large
sums of money to school. Students should keep their belongings with them at all
times. The school personnel assume no liability for lost, damaged, or stolen
items. Students may only bring necessary school supplies to school. Any other
items deemed unnecessary, disruptive, or illegal by school officials will be

Below is a PARTIAL list of items not allowed at school:

IPODS, electronic equipment, MP3 players, permanent markers, whiteout, gum,
chains, sunflower seeds, squirt guns, tools, balloons, shaving cream, rubber
bands, pins, dice, , compact discs, spiked jewelry, laser pointers, cameras, silly
or goofy string, “shocking toys” and video games.

IPOD/MP3 player Policy: IPODS/MP3 players will be confiscated if students are
using them during school hours.

Items Requiring Suspension from school: If any following items are brought to
school, the student will be suspended from school under Education Code 48900:
any beverage containing alcohol, knives, matches, lighters, cigarettes, poppers,
stink bombs, or fireworks.

Progress/Grade Reports to Parents: Progress Reports are issued to explain
the status of student’s work/behavior/attendance. They may indicate satisfactory
or unsatisfactory performance and also serve as warnings when students are not
working to their potential. Progress Reports are sent home with students the 7th
and 13th weeks of each semester. Report cards are sent home with students
about one week after the end of each semester. Parents can call teachers at any
time to check on the progress of their student.

Aeries Parent Portal: An online grading system that keeps student & parents
updated on academic progress. Visit our school website for the Aeries parent
portal link for additional information.

Textbooks: Textbooks are provided for students. Books become students’
responsibility and fees are charged for lost/damaged textbooks, library books,
and other school-issued supplies. Transcripts, grades, and other activities are
withheld until all school textbooks and materials are returned or reimbursed.
Please note: Textbook cost average is $55 per book. A list of exact costs is
available from the library.

Transfer Out of School: The parent must obtain a withdrawal form from the
office. The form must be signed by the librarian, attendance clerk and
registrar/secretary. All school issued items must be returned prior to final check-

Visitors: School policy is to allow on campus only those visitors who are
authorized by school officials and have legitimate business at school. Parents
and all other visitors must first register in the office showing a valid ID, be on the
students emergency card and receive a visitor pass. Students of other schools
are not permitted to visit the campus. Any persons on campus without
permission are subject to arrest per Penal Code 653G.


It is the belief of the HUSD governing board as well as Diamond Valley Middle
School administration and teaching staff that regular and punctual attendance at
school is an absolute requirement for a successful education.

Compulsory Education
State attendance laws require compulsory education for pupils between the ages
of 6-18. Regular attendance is a key factor in the success a student achieves at
school. Absences will be excused for the following reasons: illness or
quarantine, medical, dental, or optometric services, and attending funeral
services of an immediate family member. Please provide medical notes for any
appointment. Other justifiable personal reasons include: court appearances,
observances of religious holidays or ceremonies, and parent employment

Student’s who are excessively absent or truant, will be scheduled to meet with
the School Attendance Review Board.

Getting to school on time, with all books and materials, is the students’
responsibility and should be reinforced by parents.

DVMS student’s must attend school for a minimum of four (4) periods a day to
participate in any extra-curricular activity, sports, band/choir, dances, etc.

Absence/Tardy Definitions
1. Excused-Absence/Tardy - Absence or tardiness due to illness or quarantine,
medical, optical, dental appointments or attending funeral services of an
immediate family member (no consequence).

2. Warranted Absence/Tardy - Absence or tardiness due to religious holidays or
ceremonies, serious illness in the family, or court appearance.

3. Unexcused Absence/Tardy - Absence or tardy not authorized by the school.
Parents cannot excuse a student for personal reasons not approved by California
Attendance Laws. Absences by the student without parent knowledge will be
marked TRUANT (see consequences section).

Consequences for Tardies
A student who is tardy to school must report directly to the attendance office.
Arriving late to school (even with a parent note) is an unexcused tardy. If a
student arrives late to school for any reason, their parent must contact the
attendance office in one of three ways. They may call the attendance office
(765-6602), write a note with a signature and date, or stop by the attendance
office in person. If a student is late to school with out parent notification (parent
present, phone call, or note) then the student will be assigned a same day lunch
detention. Also, 8 tardies (with or with out parent notification) in one semester
are considered excessive and will warrant a Saturday school. Excessive tardies
– excused or not will result in a Saturday school.
NOTE: Any student arriving thirty (30) minutes late after school begins will be
considered TRUANT unless late for a reason listed in Education Code 48200.

Consequences for Truancies
Absences which are unexcused and unwarranted are considered truancies.
California Education Code 48200 requires children of school age to attend school
each day. A student who is truant from school is violating state law and is subject
to arrest by school or law enforcement officials, per Education Code 48264.
Students with habitual truancy problems may be referred to the School
Attendance Review Board (SARB), which may refer the case to the Deputy
District Attorney for mediation. The District Attorney may then take the case to
court and parents may be fined up to $500.00. Further truancies may result in
more severe penalties and court action.
Students who are truant from Diamond Valley Middle School will be assigned
Saturday School. If a student does not attend Saturday School, he or she will be
assigned an In School Suspension and be placed on the Exclusion List.

Clearing an Absence
Student absences must be cleared by parent note, medical note, or parent phone
call to the attendance office at 765-6602. A student may take their note to the
attendance window. Parents are encouraged to call for homework by 8:00 a.m.
when a student is absent three or more days. Since attendance is taken every
period in all classes, absences will appear on the progress and grade reports.

Consequences of Excessive Absences
The attendance office will notify parents of students with excessive absences.
Parents are legally responsible for their student’s school attendance. Excessive
absences will be referred to a Guidance Council that could result in a SARB
(School Attendance Review Board) process and referral to the District Attorney’s

Temporary Excuse from Physical Education
The physical education department will honor notes from parents, which explain
why students need to be excused from physical activity for health reasons.
However, students who need to be excused for more than three consecutive
days must have a note from a medical doctor. An adaptive P.E. program is
available for students with special needs as determined by an Individualized
Education Plan (IEP).

Off Campus Pass
Diamond Valley Middle School is a closed campus. In order for students to leave
campus during school hours for doctor/dental appointments or family
emergencies, parents must pick them up or follow these procedures:
Parents may write a note stating where the student is going and the time leaving.
The student brings the note to the office before school begins and receives an
off-campus pass to show the teacher when it is time to leave.
Upon returning to campus, the student must check in at the Office for a readmit
to class.
Parents must be present for students to be called out of class. Phone calls
requesting students to wait in the office can not be honored because the identity
of a caller cannot be determined over the phone.

Dress Code
The manner in which a student dresses for school influences their behavior and
learning. Diamond Valley Middle School students will be required to dress and
appear in a manner that does not distract from the school’s learning environment.
Any student who is dressed in a way that is considered by the administration to
be disruptive, offensive, immodest, or unsafe, will be required to change into P.E.
clothes or other school attire for the remainder of the day. Students who refuse
to comply may be suspended from school for violation of Education Code 48900
(k) “Disrupted of school activities, or willfully defied the valid authority of school

Unacceptable clothing includes but is not limited to:
1. Hats may only be worn for sun protective reasons only. They may not
   display any professional sports team logos. Hats must be taken off in class, or
   inside any school building. Hats must also be worn properly at all times. Hats
   that are confiscated will need to be picked up by the student’s parent/guardian.
2. Bandanas or other headwear.
3. Spikes, chains, or other dangerous decorations.
4. Revealing clothing (visible undergarments, bare midriffs, etc.)
5. Clothing with references to sex, tobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons.
6. Clothing or belongings which contain profane or vulgar words or images.
7. Clothes or belongings considered representing gang affiliation.
8. Pants or shirts that are excessively loose or baggy.
9. No pajamas tops or pajama pants are allowed at school.

Any clothing style or grooming that is disruptive, immodest, unsafe, offensive, or
presents risk to students or staff is prohibited. The following dress code was
developed with this in mind.

Hair: In addition to clothing, student hairstyle is also considered an important
element of the Diamond Valley dress code. Hairstyles that are disruptive will not
be allowed. Any student who arrives at school with an unacceptable hairstyle will
be removed from class.
No Mohawks or spikes longer than 3 inches or other extreme styles.

Shirts: While shirts do not have to be tucked in, may be one size larger to allow
for growth.
May not allow stomach to show, even when hands are raised.
May not show underwear (including boxers or bra straps).
May not show cleavage.
No undershirts alone or tank tops or spaghetti straps.

Pants: Pants are NOT to be worn sagging.
May be 1 size larger, maximum, to allow for growth.
May not touch or drag on the ground.
May not be frayed, torn or have any holes that are revealing or immodest.

Shorts, skirts, skorts & jumpers:
Are NOT allowed to be worn sagging nor are they allowed to be worn too short.
May be 1 size larger to allow for growth.
May not be frayed, torn, or have any holes that are revealing or immodest.

Shoes: Shoes are to be correct size and safe.
Athletic type shoes or those with closed heel-strap are acceptable.
Shoes with laces must be tied securely onto feet. NO FLIP-FLOPS.

Jackets/sweatshirts: Outerwear is to be the correct size.

They may not display professional sports team logos.
Hats are to be taken off indoors.
Hair nets, “beanies”, bandannas or other headgear are not to be brought to

Make-up: should be age appropriate and may not cause a disruption.

Belts: Belts and buckles must be free of writing, initials, logos, pictures, and/or
symbols. Belts must be tucked into loops. No more than one buckle.

Tattoos, writing on bodies, or scarring bodies are not acceptable at middle
school. Students are not allowed to wear heavy chains or have them in their
possession, including chains for wallets.

Physical Education Uniforms-- We recommend (not require) for PE attire, gray t-
shirt, burgundy shorts, socks and tennis shoes. We have the PE clothing
available in the office for purchase. You can also purchase the clothing at our
local stores. If you cannot afford the PE attire, please contact your PE teacher.

Physical Education Lockers--Students are assigned lockers in their P.E. classes.
Students may not share lockers. The combinations should be kept secret.
Valuables such as wallets, calculators, etc. should be locked up during P.E.
classes. Since many students use the locker room at the same time, students
use the lockers at their own risk and should be cautious. School personnel are
not responsible for theft or damage to items left in the lockers.

Hemet Unified School District Dress Code Policy

The Governing Board believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to
a productive learning environment. The Board expects students to give proper
attention to personal cleanliness and to wear clothes that are suitable for the
school activities in which they participate. Students’ clothing must not present a
health or safety hazard or a distraction which would interfere with the educational
process. Students and parents/guardians shall be informed about dress and
grooming standards at the beginning of the school year and whenever these
standards are revised. A student who violates these standards shall be subject
to appropriate disciplinary action. In cooperation with teachers, students and
parents/guardians, the principal or designee shall establish school rules
governing student dress and grooming which are consistent with law, Governing
Board policy and administrative regulations. These school dress codes shall be
regularly reviewed.

For the safety of all students, gang related apparel is not acceptable. The district
will collaborate with law enforcement agencies to update changes in gang-related
apparel as necessary. Any clothing, apparel or “colors”* that a student or group
of students wear to identify themselves for the purpose of harassing, threatening
or intimidating others will not be allowed. Additionally, clothing shall be free of
writing, pictures or any other insignia which identifies a professional sports team
or any group advocating or participating in disruptive behavior.

   * The term “colors” is defined as a display by the wearing or placement of
apparel by a group of students, or an individual student, which would signify the
membership or intent of membership in a student group known to advocate or
participate in disruptive or illegal behavior.

Because gang-related symbols are constantly changing, definitions of gang-
related apparel shall be reviewed at least once each semester and updated
whenever related information is received. Examples of current symbols identified
as gang related are professional sports team logos. Examples of symbols
advocating prejudice are “Iron Cross”. These symbols are not allowed on the
school campus.

Dress Code Violations for Gang Related Apparel

1st Offense: Student changes item/warning.
2nd Offense: Parents notified, student changes item.
3rd Offense: Parents notified, Site Guidance Council Meeting and behavior



Lunch Detention - a student will eat their lunch in the lunch detention room for
disciplinary reasons.
Conference – teacher, counselor and/or administrator will meet with the student
and/or parent attempting to determine how best to eliminate student behavior
problems and to make better choices.
P.M. Detention: 30 minutes, supervised
Saturday School: four hours, supervised in a classroom
Class Suspension – teacher may give a class suspension up to two periods but
must make contact with the parent within 24 hours
ISS (In School Suspension): student is supervised in the ISS Room
Suspension: suspension from school and all HUSD facilities (A maximum of 20
days are allowed per year before a school must recommend expulsion).
Behavior Contract
Transfer to another school: a possible condition for continued enrollment
Expulsion: removal of a student from attendance at any HUSD school for one
semester, two semesters or a calendar year.

Standard Progression
   1. Warning by teacher and parent contact
   2. Teacher consequences and parent contact
   3. Parent meeting and behavior contract signed.
   4. 30 Minute P.M. Detention/Class Suspension and parent meeting
   5. Two 30 Minute P.M. Detentions/Class Suspension/Saturday School and
      parent meeting
   6. In School Suspension all day and parent meeting
   7. Off Campus Suspension and parent meeting

No-Show for Detention = Increased Detention/Saturday School/Exclusion List

Minor Rule Violations
The consequence for breaking any of these minor rules may include warnings to
Chewing gum
Eating in class
Dress Code violation (first offense)
Minor one-time Disruption
Minor one-time Defiance

Major Rule Violations
The consequences for violating of any of the California Education Code
regulations or HUSD/DVMS rules may include detentions, suspensions or
recommendation for expulsion. Involvement of the School Resource Officer will
occur when necessary.
Alcohol –use and or possession
Assault –physical or verbal
Bullying or Intimidation by verbal, written or electronic means
Cell phone calling, texting, or taking photos and videos
Damaging personal or school property
Dangerous Objects including shocking devices and lighters
Defiance towards school authority-major or repeated
Drugs and or drug paraphernalia
Explosive Devices
False Fire Alarm
Gang Related Activity (including instigating, or encouraging mutual combat)
Internet or computer misuse
Laser Pointers
Major or continual disruption of school activities
Possession or distribution of pornographic material
Sexual harassment or assault
Stink Bombs/bags
Tardiness -habitual
Theft/possession of stolen property
Weapons including knives and firearms

An Exclusion List comes into effect for repeated offenses, defiant/disruptive
behavior, Saturday School, In School Suspension (ISS), or suspension offenses.
When a student is on the Exclusion List he/she are unable to participate in any
school activity for a specified period of time. Exclusion List begins the day a
consequence is assigned and ends at midnight of the last day of the exclusion

The progression is as follows:

1st Saturday School = 10 Days Exclusion
2nd Saturday School = 15 Days Exclusion

1st In School Suspension (ISS) = 10 Days Exclusion
2nd In School Suspension (ISS) = 20 Days Exclusion

1st Suspension – 30 Days Exclusion
2nd Suspension – 60 Days Exclusion

Exclusion from activities may also be at the discretion of administration.

Suspensions And Expulsions


Reasons For Suspension Or Expulsion From Public School:

(a-1) Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to
      another person.
(a-2) Willfully used force or violence upon the person except in self defense.
(b)   Possessed, sold, or furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other
      dangerous object.
(c)   Possessed, used, sold or furnished, or been under the influence of any
      controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any kind.
(d)   Offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell any controlled substance, alcoholic
      beverage, or intoxicant of any kind, and then sold, delivered, or otherwise
      furnished another substance and represented it as a controlled substance,
      alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any kind.
(e)   Committed or attempted robbery or extortion.
(f)   Caused or attempted to cause damage to school or private property.
(g)   Stole or attempted to steal school or private property.
(h)   Possessed or used tobacco or any product containing tobacco or nicotine
      products, including clove cigarettes, snuff and betel
(i)   Committed an obscene act, or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
(j)   Possessed, offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia.
(k)   Disrupted school activities, or willfully defied the authority of school
(l)   Knowingly received stolen school or private property.
m)    Possessed an imitation firearm.
(n)   Committed or attempted to commit sexual assault, or committed sexual
(o)   Harassed, threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a witness in a school
      disciplinary proceeding for the purpose of either preventing the pupil from
      being a witness or retailing against that pupil for being a witness, or both.
(p)   Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell or sold the
      prescription drug Soma
(q)   Engaged in, or attempted to engage in hazing as defined in Section 32050
(r)   Engaged in the act of bullying, including but not limited to, bullying
      committed by means of an electronic act, as defined in subdivisions (f) a(g)
      of Section 32261, directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel.
(t)    Aiding or abetting the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury on
        another person.

EC (48900.2) Committed sexual harassment

EC (48900.3) Caused, attempted to cause, or participated in an act of hate
violence (grades 4-12 only)

EC (48900.4) Created an intimidating or hostile educational environment by
intentionally engaging in harassment, threats, or intimidation against a pupil or
group of pupils (grades 4-12 only)

EC (48900.7) Terroristic threats against school officials or school property, or

Please note: Possession of a firearm, brandishing a knife, sales of drugs, or
sexual assault and/or battery will result in automatic expulsion recommendations
which may extend for one calendar year.

Code of Conduct
Students involved in co-curricular (Choir, Band, Yearbook) and extra-curricular
programs, such as ASB, Athletic Teams and Academic Teams at Diamond
Valley Middle School are considered leaders and representatives of our student
body. As leaders and representatives of Diamond Valley Middle School, they are
required to meet and follow defined expectations of academic achievement and
behavior. Two expectations are as follows:

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: If a students’ most recent report card reflects a
GPA of less than 2.0, he/she is ineligible to represent Diamond Valley Middle
School in any academic or athletic contest or performance until the next formal
grading period.

BEHAVIOR: A student on the Exclusion List may not participate in extracurricular
activities. Any violation of Education Code 48900 (see pages 21-22) may cause a
student to be ineligible for a specified length of time, grading period or semester.
All violations of Education Code 48900 involving students in ASB, academic or
athletic teams, or performing groups will be reviewed by the parent, principal,
assistant principal, or counselor and teacher/coach.

Notification Of Tobacco-Free School District Policy
The Hemet Unified School District is a tobacco free district. The use of any
tobacco products is prohibited at all times on district property and in district
vehicles. Information on smoking cessation classes is available from the Office of
Child Welfare and Attendance at (951) 765-5100.

Student Problem Resolution Process

If a student has a problem with another student or staff member, he or she
should take the initiative to solve the problem. We suggest the student follow the
problem solving steps listed below:

STEP 1: Talk with the student or staff member involved. Share your concern with
your parents. See your counselor by filling out a Counselor Request form
located at the attendance office counter.
STEP 2: See the Assistant Principal. Share your concern with your parents.
STEP 3: See the Principal. Share your concern with your parents.

If the problem is not resolved at one step, then go on to the next step. Continue
to keep your parents informed of the situation. Do not allow problems to go
unsolved because little problems can sometimes turn into big ones! School
officials can help you, but they must be made aware of problems that students
are not able to resolve on their own.


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