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									             Ayman Tayseer– English>Arabic TRANSLATOR

 SPECIALIZATION                                      TRANSLATION RATES

IT Solutions and Technology, Telecom,
Automotive, Software & Hardware, Web sites &         US$ 0.6 p/source word for English > Arabic
Localization, Business, Marketing, Advertising &
Public Relations. Media, Journalism & News, Press

                                                     This rate could be further negotiated for big

 EXPERIENCE                                          LANGUAGES

Software user interface, Windows XP user            English to Arabic
interface (Arabic) , Office Online site (Arabic     Native Arabic speaker (Egyptian) with a strong command of
section), Corporate Newsletters, Newspaper          the major Arabic dialects (Gulf dialects).
Articles, Training Manuals, Textbooks, General &
Technical Documentation, Website Localization,
Mobile manuals, Printing & Publishing, Media /
Multimedia, Medical (general), Automotive.           TURNAROUND TIME
Over 8 years experience in wide ranges of
translation.                                        2000 words p/day ( 7 to 8 pages )

                                                     WORK SUBMISSION

                                                    Word (rtf, doc),HTML,XML,EDB, ttx

References                                           EQUIPMENT

Furnished upon request
                                                    Hardware : Compatible IBM Pentium IV4.2 GB
                                                               120GB HD, 1GB RAM connected with
                                                               ADSL Connection 256 KB

                                                     Software :
                                                    Windows XP, Office 2003, TRADOS, Microsoft Helium,
                                                    Adobe Acrobat, SDLX, ,Catalyst,


                                                      Address : 17 Mahmoud Sami st- 6th Dist Nasr City
                                                                Cairo, Egypt
                                                        Mobie:+2010 3376329
                                                        E-Mail : atayseer@gmail.com

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