OCTOBER 28, WEDNESDAY                                     HALL 2, LEVEL 4
                                                                                      NAIL SERVICE SCHOOL
                         MAIN STAGE (PAVILION 3,
                         EXHIBITION HALL 12, LEVEL 1)                                 An educational event for nail industry
                                                                                      General sponsor – the CBS company
                         II OPEN SHOW TOURNAMENT                                      SECTION «BEAUTY» (Acrylic and gel
                         ‘DE CORP VISAGE – DE KLIE’                                   technologies in nail sculpturing, nail design)
                         The mistery of the Universe birth                            An unorthodox approach in gel and
                         Organizer – De Klie
                                                                                      acrylic technologies
                                                                                      Sergey TERENTYEV, winner of diverse Russian and inter-
                                                                                      national contests, judge at Russian contests, director of
                                                                                      Inquality LLC
                         HALL 1, LEVEL 4                                              Inna KOROBEYNIKOVA, multiple winner of Russian and
                                                                                      international contests, judge at Russian and international
                                                                                      contests, head of the training centre `Inna Korobeynikova
                         X MOSCOW COSMETIC FORUM                                      School`(Moscow)
                                                                                      Inner design correction techniques –
                         Registration of the forum participants                       a double effect. Top professionalism – new
                         Cosmetics and Perfumery market:                              design and basic treatment techniques
                         data, facts, trends                                          Olga PONOMARENKO, an international class technician,
                                                                                      jury member, member of the Russian Nail Art team, holder
                         11.00–11.30                                                  of multiple awards at Russian and international contests,
                                                                                      leading instructor at Alex Beauty Concept, manager of
                         The Russian cosmetics and perfumery                          training programmes at `Olga Ponomarenko Studio`
                         market - figures and facts:
                         a new development scenario                                   Combination of technologies – formula
                                                                                      of an ideal design. Instruction schemes.
                         11.30–12.00                                                  Topical cards of complex structural
                         New trends and the impact of the crisis                      design techniques
                         on the promotion of innovations                              Inessa BASHKIROVA, judge of an international category,
                                                                                      instructor of the Russian Nail Design Team (version OMS),
                         12.00–12.30                                                  creative director of the OMS nail design studio, head of the
                                                                                      proprietary school `Talant`
                         Major models of consumer performance
                         in the crisis environment. What goods                        SECTION «HEALTH»
                         and brands seem to be in most demand                         (A modern vision of natural nails)
                         under recession conditions
                                                                                      Nail rehabilitation after
                         12.30–13.00                                                  removal of artificial materials.
                         Premium segment in the crisis                                Step by step back to healthy nails
                         environment                                                  Ilona KUZYAKINA, leading instructor and director general
                                                                                       of the CBS Company
                         13.00–13.30                                                  Seasonal trends in nail designing.
                         Cosmetics with the eyes of a beauty-                         Colour types, motives,
                         editor: how to work with the gloss?                          illumination colour patterns
                                                                                      Yulia BOLOTINA, nail stylist by Dance Legend
                         Russia’s perfumery market –                                  Oriental tales. Patterning with varnishes
                         tendencies and risks                                         Nataia GANSHAKOVA, instructor and design technician
                         * The programme envisages possible amendments to the         of EzFlow Nail Systems, certified master instructor
                         list of speakers and reports. Follow agenda updates on our   of .ibd. Professional Nail Systems
                         website                                   Organizers – EMG «Staraya Krepost», Nail Service
                         HALL 7, LEVEL 4                                     16.40–17.40
                                                                             Marketing strategies
                         IV ALL-RUSSIA BEAUTY SALONS                         to form the consumer demand
                         CONVENTION                                          Among the convention participants are:
                                                                             Mikhail Kochiashvili, Maksim Sergeev, Andrey Syrchenko,
                         10.00–14.00                                         Yulia Khodorkovskaya, Igor Stoyanov, Anetta Orlova,
                                                                             Yelena Bogachyova, Mikhail Samokhin, Vladlen Labzenko,
                         Plenary session (free participation                 Oleg Katyukhin (Kiev) and other market experts.
                         for NAPIK members)                                  Organizers – EMG «Staraya Krepost», NAPIK,
                                                                             Les Nouvelles Esthetiques
                         Opening ceremony
                         10.10–10.40                                         HALL 8, LEVEL 4
                         Social-economic trends                              XIV INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH
                         for 2009-2010 and ways                              AND PRACTICE CONFERENCE
                         of beauty business development
                                                                             Subject Sections:
                         Business legitimacy issues. Novelties               11.00–15.00
                         in statutory practice of beauty and spa             Cosmetics inside and out
                         11.25–12.10                                         Presentation of Italian Industry
                         Quality standards in the salon business             Organizer – Russian Perfumery and Cosmetics Association

                         Staff resources. A joint report of
                         practicing managers of Russian beauty               HALL 11, LEVEL 4
                         salons and spa establishment.
                                                                             IX RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP
                         1) major mistakes in selecting personell
                                                                             IN NAIL SCULPTURING
                         2) staff training – necessity and purposefulness.
                            A trainee contract
                         3) incentive system                                 10.00–12.30
                                                                             Opening of the contest ‘Acrylic
                         13.20–14.00                                         technologies in nail sculpturing’
                         A joint meeting of NAPIK members
                         14.00–15.00                                         Closure of the contest ‘Acrylic
                         BREAK                                               technologies in nail sculpturing’
                         15.00–18.00                                         Defile of models in the nomination
                         SECTION «CLIENT-2010»                               ‘Acrylic technologies in nail sculpturing’
                         A business club with the participation
                         of the NAPIK expert council
                         Customer preferences-2009
                         The art of discount.
                         Theory, practice and experience
                           OCTOBER 29, THURSDAY                                     HALL 2, LEVEL 4
                                                                                    NAIL SERVICE SCHOOL
                         MAIN STAGE (PAVILION 3,
                         EXHIBITION HALL 12, LEVEL 1)                               An educational event for nail industry
                         INDEPENDENT CONTEST OF HAIR                                General sponsor – the CBS company
                         DRESSERS AND STYLISTS OF RUSSIA,
                         FINAL                                                      Vintage style in acrylic design -
                                                                                    timeless classics
                         Genuine wonders of hair styling art,                       Yelena MALTSEVA, international instructor at EzFlow and
                         an instant creation of amazing images                      .ibd., international judge and trainer, leading instructor
                                                                                    in nail design technologies at VICTORY training centre,
                         reflecting most advanced style and                         founder of Yelena Maltseva Nail Design Academy
                         make-up trends.
                         Organizer – Constanta TRADE                                Odorless acrylics. Myth and reality
                                                                                    Tatyana ZHERDETSKAYA, manager of the professional
                                                                                    department at the Nailshop Company
                         HALL 1, LEVEL 4
                                                                                    Gel design techniques at a salon.
                         X MOSCOW COSMETICS FORUM                                   Peculiarities of working with soft gels
                                                                                    Nana IVANOVA, international trainer at EzFlow and .ibd. ,
                         10.00–11.00                                                nail art instructor, proprietor of the technology
                                                                                    «Acryl and Gel Combination»;
                         Registration of participants
                         How to survive in crisis                                   SECTION «PEDICURE»
                                                                                    CUCCIO Naturale, the best selling spa
                         11.00–11.30                                                line. An original spa aroma treatment.
                         What marketing strategies prove most                       Pedicure treatment with the use of
                         effective under crisis conditions                          papaya and guava fragrances, scents
                                                                                    of milk, honey, Toscana citrus, muscat,
                         11.30–12.00                                                pomegranate and fig
                         How to make the product vital to the                       Ilona KUZYAKINA, leading instructor and director general
                         consumer TODAY?                                            of the CBS Company

                         12.00–12.30                                                Aesthetics and solution of medical
                         How to use the crisis to the company’s                     problems. Operating polishing equipment
                         benefit?                                                   and working with preparations. Fast,
                                                                                    qualitatively, safe
                         12.30–13.00                                                Marat TSHEGOLEV, practicing doctor prima,
                         Peculiarities in launching new products                    instructor at the Nailshop training centre
                         in the crisis period. How to preserve the                  Organizers – EMG «Staraya Krepost», Nail Service
                         13.00–13.30                                                HALL 4, LEVEL 4
                         Expense optimization: save or spend in
                         the crisis?                                                13.00–14.00
                                                                                    A draw for the subscribers
                         13.30–14.00                                                of the «Beauty Business» magazine
                         A strategy of looking out for new                          Organizer – Salon management
                         opportunities: the means in store in the
                         recession period?                                          14.30–19.00
                         * The programme envisages possible amendments to the
                         list of reports and speakers. Follow calendar updates on   Farma+Beauty trade meeting addressed
                         our website                             to pharmacy chain representatives
                         HALL 5, LEVEL 4                                               HALL 7, LEVEL 4
                         IV ALL-RUSSIA BEAUTY
                         SALONS CONVENTION                                             11.00–14.00
                                                                                       Seminar for our foreign exhibitors
                         10.00–13.00                                                   «Doing business in Russia»
                                                                                       For the fourth time organizers of InterCHARM-2009 hold
                         SECTION «FINANCES»                                            a free seminar in English ‘Doing business in Russia’
                                                                                       addressed to the foreign players on the Russian market.
                                                                                       Doing Business in Russia is your way to success!
                         Money as a strategic product
                         1) accountant automation. Capital flows                       HALL 11, LEVEL 4
                         2) profit planning schemes
                                                                                       IX RUSSIAN NAIL SCULPTURE
                         11.00–12.00                                                   CHAMPIONSHIP
                         Financial security
                         12.00–13.00                                                   Start of the contest in the nomination
                         Finance building. The art of merchandising                    «Gel technologies in nail sculpturing»
                         in a beauty salon or a spa studio:
                         services and retail products                                  12.30–15.00
                                                                                       Closure of the contest
                         13.00 – 14.00                                                 «Gel technologies in nail sculpturing»
                         14.00–18.00                                                   Models show
                                                                                       «Gel technologies in nail sculpturing»
                         THE FINAL OF THE CONTEST «THE BEST
                         BEAUTY INDUSTRY ADMINISTRATOR»                                18.00–18.30
                         The final agenda                                              The award ceremony (main stage)
                         1. A staged presentation of a salon under the motto
                            ‘my salon is the best’
                         The presentation allows no more than 4 salon employees
                         on the stage
                         2. Contest ‘High Relationship’.
                           Management of conflict situations in a salon
                         3. Contest ‘The Price of Beauty’.
                            Positioning and merchandising of services
                         4. Contest ‘Make your Client Happy’. Retail positioning and
                         5. A transformation contest (home task).
                            ‘Imagine I were …… (a flight assistant, doctor, waiter/
                            waitress, serviceman, boss, etc.)
                         6. Results summary. An award ceremony.
                         Among the convention participants are:
                         Mikhail Kochiashvili, Maksim Sergeev, Andrey Syrchenko,
                         Yulia Khodorkovskaya, Igor Stoyanov, Anetta Orlova,
                         Yelena Bogachyova, Mikhail Samokhin, Vladlen Labzenko,
                         Oleg Katyukhin (Kiev) and other market experts.

                         Organizers – EMG «Staraya Krepost», NAPIK,
                         Les Nouvelles Esthetiques

                            OCTOBER 30, FRIDAY                       13.00–13.30
                                                                     How to find clues to different marketing
                         MAIN STAGE (PAVILION 3,                     channels (pharmacies, supermarkets,
                         EXHIBITION HALL 12, LEVEL 1)                internet, catalogues)
                         INDEPENDENT CHAMPIONSHIP
                                                                     Can retailing be non-profile in the crisis
                         OF HAIRDRESSERS AND STYLISTS                environment?
                         OF RUSSIA, FINAL
                         True wonders of hairstyling art, creation
                         of striking images in front of your eyes    BREAK
                         to demonstrate the most cutting-edge
                         style and make-up trends.                   14.30–19.00
                         Organizer – Constanta TRADE                 A trade meeting for regional
                                                                     representatives (training and
                                                                     presentation of cosmetics brands).
                         HALL 1, LEVEL 4                             Reports: Planograms. Promotion. Competition with munici-
                                                                     pal chains. Optimization of the assortment matrix. Stealing
                                                                     in a store. Working with suppliers.
                         X MOSCOW COSMETICS FORUM
                                                                     * The programme envisages possible alternations in the
                         10.00–11.00                                 schedule of reports and speakers. Follow agenda updates
                                                                     on our website
                         Registration of forum participants
                         How to sell competently?
                                                                     HALL 2, LEVEL 4
                         Who buys what, where and why?               III INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP
                         11.30–12.00                                 IN SPA MASSAGE, FINAL
                         Cosmetic products at the pharmacy:          Demonstration of proprietary
                         36,6?                                       spa massage programmes.
                                                                     An additional program will include master-classes
                         12.00–12.30                                 by the leading experts and companies of the Spa industry.
                         Supplier – retailer: new game rules         On the agenda are: massage novelties, presentation
                                                                     of health care systems, ethnic techniques and manual
                         12.30–13.00                                 methods.

                         How to attract the chain retailer?          Organizers – EMG «Staraya Krepost»,
                         An instruction guide.                       International Spa School


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