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					    MOP 6E project 9.1, page 246

Medisoft Project 9.1, page 246

    Updating Patient Statements

        Dr. Larsen asks you to update the billing. Access the patients’ ledgers in the Transaction Entry
        window in Medisoft™, and enter the charge transactions shown below for October 14 and 15. For the
        two new patients, David Kramer and Erin Mitchell, you will need to enter the diagnostic code listed
        below in the Diagnosis tab of the Case dialog box before you enter their charge transactions. The
    diagnostic codes for the remaining patients have already been entered.

        If a patient has more than one case—in this instance, Robertson, Lund, Baab, and Matthews—be
        sure to apply the transaction(s) to the correct case. (Hint: In the Transaction Entry window, click the
        triangle button inside the Case box to display a list of cases for the selected patient.) After entering
        the charge transactions, print patient statements for patients who have transactions on October 14
    and 15.

    Dr. Larsen asks you to update the billing. The established patients’ statements are stored as files on the
    CD-ROM, labeled according to the patients’ last names. Save the statements onto your own disk. These
    are the billing statements that you will work from. Use Dr. Larsen’s fee schedule (WP 50) and the
    following information to update the patients’ statements. After updating the statements, print all of them
    for your file.

    October 14, 20--:
        David Kramer                 NP preventative checkup,          Diagnostic code: V70.3
                                      age 5; UA (81001); HGB
           Erin Mitchell             99201; UA (81001); UC             Diagnostic code: 599.0
           Gary Robertson            99212; UA (81001); UC             Diagnostic code: 595.0
           Laura Lund                99213; Pap smear                  Diagnostic code: 625.3
           Jeffrey Kramer            99212                             Diagnostic code: 382.9
           Joseph Castro             99212                             Diagnostic code: 930.8

    October 15, 20--:
        Todd Grant                   92212; ECG                        Diagnostic code: 733.6
        Thomas Baab                  EP preventative, age 54;          Diagnostic code: V70.0
                                      UA(81001); CBC; SMA-8;
                                      PSA; fasting lipid panel
           Ardis Matthews            99212                             Diagnostic code: 008.8
           Marc Phan                 99212                             Diagnostic code 466.0

    PROJECT 9.1

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