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Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Continuing Studies


									27th Annual
Midwest Conference on
Child Sexual Abuse
                                                October 24-27, 2011
                                                Marriott Madison West
                                                Middleton, Wis.

                                                Plenary Sessions
                                                The Body Keeps the Score:
                                                Integration of mind, brain, and
                                                body in the treatment of trauma
                                                Bessel van der Kolk, MD

                                                Why Expressive Therapies
                                                Have Potential to Assist
                                                Trauma Resolution
                                                Eliana Gil, PhD

                                                “I thought he was my friend...”
                                                The Internet— A Molester’s
                                                Jim Holler, Chief of Police (retired)

                          Co-sponsored by
         University of Wisconsin–Madison, Continuing Studies
          Family Sexual Abuse Treatment, Inc., Madison, WI
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
Welcome! The University of Wisconsin–
Madison and Family Sexual Abuse                                  Table of Contents
Treatment, Inc., are proud to bring you
the 27th Annual Midwest Conference                                                              Page(s)

on Child Sexual Abuse. Join us this                        Schedule at a Glance                    4
year for over 40 institutes and workshops                  Oct. 24 Conference Sessions             4
on prevention, investigation, and treat-
ment issues for victims and offenders.                     Oct. 25 Conference Sessions             6

Whether you are an experienced profes-                     Oct. 26 Post-Conference Institutes      8
sional or new to the field; if you work as                 Oct. 27 Post-Conference Institutes      9
a therapist, child protection worker, law
enforcement officer, attorney, medical                     Faculty                                10
professional, or in any position with a                    Continuing Education Credits          12
need to know about child sexual abuse
treatment, this highly regarded conference                 Lodging and Location                  13
offers you the very latest information.                    Registration, Fees, Cancellation      14
This conference takes place at the                         Registration Form                      15
beautiful Marriott Madison West Hotel
and Convention Center. This spacious
facility is three miles west of Madison
on Hwy. 12 (also known as the Beltline),                 Jim Campbell, co-chair
in Middleton, Wis. We have been working                  University of Wisconsin–Madison
hard to keep the conference affordable                   Continuing Studies
and have negotiated a great room rate of
                                                         Chuck Stonecipher, co-chair
$81/single ($90/double) at the Marriott
                                                         Family Sexual Abuse Treatment, Inc.
this year.
                                                         Denise Nolden, conference administrator
After completing this conference,                        University of Wisconsin–Madison
you will be able to:                                     Continuing Studies

• Apply state-of-the-art assessment                      For further information, contact:
  methods when working with sexually
  abused children, adults who were                       Midwest Conference
  abused as children, and offenders.                     University of Wisconsin–Madison
                                                         Continuing Studies
• Apply state-of-the-art treatment                       21 N Park St, 7th Floor
  methods when working with sexually                     Madison, WI 53715-1218
  abused children, adults who were                       To register call: 800-725-9692
  abused as children, and offenders.
                                                         For conference information call:
Workshop descriptions available at                            800-442-7107 or 608-263-5130,
                                                         or email
Registration is limited; please register
early to save your place.

2    Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
Plenary Speakers
                     The Body Keeps                                          “I thought he
                     Score: Integration                                      was my friend...”
                     of Mind, Brain, and                                     The Internet—
                     Body in the Treat-                                      A Molester’s Paradise
                     ment of Trauma                                          Jim Holler, Chief of
                     Bessel van der Kolk, MD                                 Police (retired)

Oct. 24, 8:30 am                                   Oct. 25, 10:30 am
Over the past few years, new insights into         This session will define the two most
trauma’s impact on the body and brain              prevalent sexual offenders who use the
have spawned a range of new treatment              internet for computer-aided sexual exploi-
approaches. Neuroscience research has elu-         tation; the situational offender and the
cidated how, in the course of development,         preferential offender. It will also provide
children learn to regulate their arousal sys-      investigators, service providers, and
tems and to focus on what is most relevant.        parents with a glimpse of what children
Trauma, abuse, and neglect derail these            may encounter on a daily basis while on
processes and affect brain development.            the Web. Participants will learn what to
Since traumatic imprints are stored in sub-        look for and what tools are available to
cortical brain areas and are largely divorced      them to fend off these types of offenders.
from verbal recall, the focus needs to be on       Information for parents will be provided
the somatic experiencing of trauma-related         with the knowledge needed to oversee
sensations and affects. These deep imprints        their child’s use of the computer along
are the engines for continuing maladaptive         with the basic steps they can take to help
behaviors. We will explore the role of             assure the safety of their children while
body-oriented therapies, neurofeedback,            surfing the Internet.
yoga, theater, IFS, and EMDR in resolving
the traumatic past and discuss the integra-
tion of these approaches during different
stages of treatment.

                     Why Expressive
                     Therapies Have
                     Potential to Assist
                     Trauma Resolution
                     Eliana Gil, PhD

Oct. 25, 8:30 am
In this session we will address how play
can help uncover, identify, and allow for
the processing of traumatic experiences.
The value of expressive therapies for
those who have suffered trauma will be
emphasized. A review of the neuroscience
and why therapeutic value is gained by
expressive therapies will be discussed
and demonstrated.

                                   Workshop descriptions available at   3
                 Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
                                                                       Monday, Oct. 24
                                                                       8:30-10:00 am
                 Monday, Oct. 24                                       Welcome and Plenary Session
                 Midwest Conference
                 7:30 am              Registration                     The Body Keeps Score: Integration of

                 8:30                 Welcome and                      Mind, Brain, and Body in the Treatment
                                      Plenary Session                  of Trauma
                 10:00                Break                            Bessel van der Kolk, MD
                 10:30                Workshops 1-7
                 Noon                 Lunch (on your own)              10:30-Noon
                 Noon-4:30            “A Time for You”                 Workshops 1-7
                 1:15 pm              Workshops 8-14
                 2:45                 Break                            Workshop 1
                 3:00                 Workshops 15-22                  Frontiers of Trauma Treatment
                 4:30                 Close                            Bessel van der Kolk, MD

                 Tuesday, Oct. 25                                      Workshop 2
                 Midwest Conference                                    Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors
                 7:30 am              Registration                     in Therapy—Part 1 of 3
                 8:30                 Plenary Session                  Christine A. Courtois, PhD, PLC
                 10:00                Break
                 10:30                Plenary Session                  Workshop 3
                 Noon                 Lunch (on your own)              Child Maltreatment in the Economic
                 Noon-3:00            “A Time for You”                 Recession: Trends and Implications
                 1:15 pm              Workshops 23-30                  Kristen Shook Slack, PhD
                 2:45                 Break
                 3:00                 Workshops 31-38
                                                                       Workshop 4
                 4:30                 Close                            Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior
                                                                       Therapy 101: An Introduction to a Great
                 Wednesday, Oct. 26                                    Evidence-Based Practice
                                                                       Jennifer Wilgocki, MS, LCSW
                 Post-Conference Advance
                 Training Institutes                                   Workshop 5
                                                                       Psychosomatic Effects of Trauma on
                 8:00 am              Registration
                                                                       Clients and the Professionals Who Treat
                 9:00                 Institutes 39-42
                                      (choose one)                     Them: An Experiential Approach to
                 10:15                Break (15 min.)                  Becoming Aware and Moving Beyond
                 11:45                Lunch (on your own)              Jeanine Kiss, MA, ADTR, DTRL
                 1:00 pm              Institutes continue              Ann Wingate, MA, DTRL
                 2:30                 Break (15 min.)
                                                                       Workshop 6
                 4:00                 Close
                                                                       Cultural Competence: Working with Latino
                                                                       Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused
                 Thursday, Oct. 27
                                                                       April Dirks-Bihun, PhD, LISW, MSW
                 Post-Conference Advance
                 Training Institutes                                   Workshop 7
                                                                       Possible Challenges When Fostering/
                 8:30 am              Registration                     Adopting Children With Suspected
                 9:00                 Institutes 43-46                 or Verified Sexual Abuse Histories
                                      (choose one)
                                                                       Geraldine Crisci, MSW
                 10:15                Break (15 min.)
                 11:45                Lunch (on your own)
                 1:00 pm              Institutes continue
                 2:30                 Break (15 min.)
                 4:00                 Close

             4     Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
Noon-4:30 pm                                           3:00-4:30 pm
A Time for You: Transitioning                          Workshops 15–22
from Work Time to YOU Time
(Pre-registration not required; open                   Workshop 15
to all registrants)                                    Healing the Incest Wound: Adult
Bob Cohen, BA                                          Survivors in Therapy—Part 3 of 3

Nikki Cohen-Wichner, MS, LMFT                          Christine A. Courtois, PhD, PLC
1:15-2:45 pm                                           Workshop 16
Workshops 8–14                                         Building Motivation to Change
                                                       in Sexual Offenders—Part 2 of 2
Workshop 8                                             David S. Prescott, LICSW
Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors              Workshop 17
in Therapy—Part 2 of 3                                 So You’ve Been Subpoenaed: Making
Christine A. Courtois, PhD, PLC                        What Could be the Clinician’s Worst
Workshop 9                                             Nightmare Into the Defense Counsel’s
Building Motivation to Change in Sexual                Worst Reality—Part 2 of 2
Offenders—Part 1 of 2                                  Paul Stern, JD
David S. Prescott, LICSW                               Workshop 18
Workshop 10                                            Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
So You’ve Been Subpoenaed: Making What                 for Traumatized Children—Part 2 of 2
Could be the Clinician’s Worst Nightmare               Anthony J. Urquiza, Ph.D.
Into the Defense Counsel’s Worst Reality—              Workshop 19
Part 1 of 2                                            The Recognition, Diagnosis, and
Paul Stern, JD                                         Treatment of Childhood Sexual
Workshop 11                                            Abuse—Part 2 of 2
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)                Barbara Knox, MD
for Traumatized Children—Part 1 of 2                   Workshop 20
Anthony J. Urquiza, PhD                                Female Offenders—Part 2 of 2
Workshop 12                                            Anna Salter, PhD
The Recognition, Diagnosis, and
Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse—                   Workshop 21
Part 1 of 2                                            Treatment for Latinos: Using Narrative
Barbara Knox, MD                                       Techniques to Treat Sexual Abuse
                                                       Among Latino Children and Adolescents
Workshop 13                                            April Dirks-Bihun, PhD, LISW, MSW
Female Offenders—Part 1 of 2
Anna Salter, PhD                                       Workshop 22
                                                       I Want to Use Evidence-Based Practices,
Workshop 14                                            But it Seems Everything is Evidence-
Attachment Theory and Evidence-Based                   Based
Practice: Diagnosis, Assessment and                    Brian Allen, PsyD
Brian Allen, PsyD

                                       Workshop descriptions available at   5
                 Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
                 Tuesday, Oct. 25                                       1:15-2:45 pm
                 8:30-10:00 am                                          Workshops 23-30
                 Plenary Session
                                                                        Workshop 23
                 Why Expressive Therapies Have                          Problem Sexual Behaviors for Children—

                 Potential to Assist Trauma Resolution                  Part 1 of 2
                 Eliana Gil, PhD                                        Jennifer Shaw, PsyD
                                                                        Workshop 24
                                                                        8 Steps to Becoming a Successful Forensic
                 Plenary Session                                        Interviewer—Part 1 of 2
                 “I thought he was my friend...”                        Julie A. Welch
                 The Internet—A Molester’s Paradise
                 Jim Holler, Chief of Police (retired)                  Workshop 25
                                                                        Sexual Development Birth Through
                 Noon-4:30 pm                                           Puberty: What is Normative and Why
                 A time for you: Transitioning from                     is it Important to be Clear?—Part 1 of 2
                 Work Time to YOU time                                  Geraldine Crisci, MSW
                 (Pre-registration not required; open                   Workshop 26
                 to all registrants)                                    The Seeds of Racism in Ourselves and
                 Bob Cohen-Wichner, BA                                  our Clients: How to Face, Negotiate,
                 Nikki Cohen-Wichner, MS, LMFT                          and Cause Reflective Change
                                                                        Eliana Gil, PhD
                                                                        Workshop 27
                                                                        Child Porn: From Sex to Barbie Dolls
                                                                        Jim Holler, Chief of Police (retired)
                                                                        Workshop 28
                                                                        The Whole New World of Internet-Initiated
                                                                        Victimization: Why are Sexually Abused
                                                                        Teens Especially Vulnerable?
                                                                        Jennie Noll, PhD
                                                                        Workshop 29
                                                                        Trauma-Informed Care—An Introduction
                                                                        Tim Grove, MSSW
                                                                        Workshop 30
                                                                        Advanced Trauma Interventions for
                                                                        Adolescents with Co-Occurring Mental
                                                                        Health Disorders
                                                                        John Seasock, PsyD

             6      Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
3:00-4:30 pm                                      Workshop 35
Workshops 31-38                                   Behind the Mask of a Child Rapist
                                                  Jim Holler, Chief of Police (retired)
Workshop 31
                                                  Workshop 36
Problem Sexual Behaviors for Children—
                                                  SEXTING CASES: Effective Prevention
Part 2 of 2

                                                  and Intervention
Jennifer Shaw, PsyD
                                                  Mathias H. Heck, JR, Prosecuting Attorney
Workshop 32
                                                  Workshop 37
8 Steps to Becoming a Successful Forensic
                                                  Trauma-Informed Care—from Concept
Interviewer—Part 2 of 2
                                                  to Application
Julie A. Welch
                                                  Tim Grove, MSSW
Workshop 33
                                                  Workshop 38
Sexual Development Birth Through
                                                  Identifying Abuse and Neglect in
Puberty: What is Normative and Why
                                                  Children Whose Families are Affected
is it Important to be Clear?—Part 2 of 2
                                                  by Chemical Dependence
Geraldine Crisci, MSW
                                                  John Seasock, PsyD
Workshop 34
Post-Trauma Play: The Child’s Natural
Reparative Mechanism
Eliana Gil, PhD

                                  Workshop descriptions available at   7
             Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
                 Post Conference Advanced Training Institutes
                 (Choose one per day)

                 Wednesday, Oct. 26                                      the needs both types of offenders. The treat-
                                                                         ment providers must also make decisions
                 Institutes 39-42                                        about both the process and the content of
                 Institute 39                                            treatment. Regarding process, this workshop
                 Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships                includes information on how and why to
                 and Attachment: An Integrated Approach                  address denial, when and how to confront,
                 Using Evidence-Based Principles                         and how to keep the connection with the
                 Eliana Gil, PhD                                         offender through the process of confronting.
                                                                         Regarding content, this workshop includes
                 This institute will discuss typical parent-             information on which treatment compo-
                 child difficulties focused on attachment                nents are empirically supported, and which
                 problems. It will review the major                      theories of treatment have been validated
                 evidence-based programs (PCIT, PCP,

                                                                         empirically. Treatment efficacy—both short-
                 Theraplay, and COS) and summarize                       and long-term—will be discussed.
                 the basic principles of each model.
                 It also will provide a series of integrated             Institute 42
                 interventions designed to increase                      Critical Issues in Sibling Sexual
                 attunement, and provide parents                         Abuse: Assessment, Treatment, and
                 and children with different experiences                 Re-Integration
                 of each other, challenging established                  Geraldine Crisci, MSW
                 Internal Working Models.                                In this institute, the clinical and research
                 Institute 40                                            literature and clinical features of sibling
                 Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents                  sexual abuse will be reviewed. Topics in-
                 and Young Adults                                        clude: separation of victim and offender;
                 John Briere, PhD                                        joint interviews with victim and offender;
                 Cheryl Lanktree, PhD                                    and the roles of key service providers
                                                                         (police, protective services, probation,
                 Based on their new book, Treating                       and mental health). The critical role of
                 Complex Trauma in Adolescents and                       full family participation in the assessment
                 Young Adults (Sage, 2011), the presenters               and treatment process will be outlined.
                 outline an empirically validated, cultur-               Case examples demonstrate a working
                 ally sensitive therapy that combines                    model to address issues of safety,
                 various intervention approaches to treat                loyalty, engagement, and minimization.
                 multiply traumatized youth. Topics in-                  Re-unification of the family will be ad-
                 clude cognitive-emotional processing,                   dressed including best practice protocols,
                 trigger intervention, mindfulness,                      issues, and problems.
                 family/caretaker treatment, and issues
                 such as substance abuse, self-mutilation,               This institute will review a comprehensive
                 and aggression.                                         assessment and treatment model focusing
                                                                         on the re-integration and re-unification
                 Institute 41                                            of siblings. Case examples will illustrate
                 Nuts and Bolts of Treatment of Adult                    different types of family situations,
                 and Adolescent Sex Offenders                            including age differentials, including best
                 Anna Salter, PhD                                        practice protocols, issues and problems.
                 Treatment programs often split between
                 those that see sex offenders as lost
                 souls and those that see sex offenders
                 as predators. This workshop will take
                 the view that sex offenders fall on a con-
                 tinuum between lost souls and predators.
                 Treatment programs must be able to meet

             8       Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
Post Conference Advanced Training Institutes
(Choose one per day)

Thursday, Oct. 27                                  Institute 45
Institutes 43-46                                   Complexities of Trauma: Exploring
                                                   the Natural Cycles of Change
Institute 43                                       Mary Jo Barrett, MSW
Empirically Informed, Play-Based                   This training is designed to provide
Trauma Interventions for Sexually                  clinicians with an in-depth opportunity
Abused Children and Adolescents                    to pursue a greater understanding and
Sueann Kenney-Noziska, MSW, LISW,                  professional competency in the area of
LCSW, RPT-S                                        Complex Trauma. We will explore trauma
This institute will emphasize play-based           from a multi-contextual lens. The insti-
trauma interventions for clinical practice         tute will cover training through develop-
with children and adolescents who have             mental stages and relational context, tak-

experienced sexual abuse. Lecture, case            ing into account the nuances of gender,
examples, and experiential activities will         age, race, culture, etc. The format for this
be utilized to create a comprehensive              institute will be a combination of didac-
learning experience. An emphasis will              tic lectures, group discussions, and video
be placed on ensuring participants                 tape examples. Clinicians will explore
receive play therapy interventions they            the complexities of trauma through the
can readily incorporate into their practice.       lens of the Collaborative Stage Model—
                                                   a highly effective multiple-component
Institute 44                                       model. This institute will be beneficial
Narrative, Collaborative and                       to clinicians working in the public and
Transformative Justice Therapies for               private sectors who want to learn a cut-
the Effects of Incest and Sexual Abuse             ting-edge, integrated approach to treating
Walter H. Bera, PhD, LP, LMFT                      trauma, abuse, and Complex PTSD.
Participants will learn new, innovative,           Institute 46
and creative therapy approaches for                Implementing Trauma-Focused
working with those who have experienced            Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
or perpetrated sexual abuse. Narrative,            Jennifer Wilgocki, MS, LSCW
Collaborative and Restorative/Transform-
ative Justice Approaches and Practices can         If you plan to attend this institute you
lead you to experience new enthusiasm              are asked to complete the 10-hour,
in your life and work, while you provide           Web-based TF-CBT training (www.tfcbt.
new possibilities for the multiple parties before the institute. In addi-
affected by past sexual abuse. You will            tion to an overview of the components,
learn new paradigms and skills to over-            this group spends time addressing
come the common dilemmas facing                    advanced TF-CBT issues: the challenges
therapists, social-service workers, and            of caregiver involvement, how to
criminal justice professionals.                    measure desensitization, maintaining
                                                   fidelity to the model, tips for sustaining
The institute will be illustrated with             the practice, and case examples. In the
actual clinical videotapes and cases               afternoon you’ll hear from clients who
studies, detailed handouts and role-               have received TF-CBT.
plays for working with children, adoles-
cents, or adults who have perpetrated
or experienced incest, child molestation,
sexual compulsivity, clergy sexual abuse,
and more. Past participants of this highly
rated session have found it both profound
and pragmatic, providing fresh ideas and
practices they can begin to use immedi-
ately to renew their lives and work.
                                   Workshop descriptions available at   9
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
Brian Allen, PsyD, assistant professor                    Eliana Gil, PhD, partner, psychotherapist,
of Psychology, Department of Psychology,                  Gil Center for Healing and Play, Fairfax, Va.
Sam Houston State University,
                                                          Tim Grove, MSSW, program director,
Huntsville, Tex.
                                                          Integrated Family Services, Bureau of
Mary Jo Barrett, MSW, director of training,               Milwaukee Child Welfare, Milwaukee, Wis.
Center for Contextual Change, Skokie and
                                                          Mathias H. Heck, JR, prosecuting attorney,
Oak Park, Ill.
                                                          Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office,
Walter H. Bera, PhD, LP, LMFT, director,                  Dayton, Ohio
Kenwood Therapy Center,
                                                          Jim Holler, Chief of Police (retired) and
Minneapolis, Minn.
                                                          consultant, Liberty Township Police
John Briere, PhD, associate professor of                  Department in Adams County, Pa.
Psychiatry and Psychology; Keck School
                                                          Sueann Kenney-Noziska, MSW, LISW,
of Medicine, University of Southern California;
                                                          LCSW, RPT-S, Play Therapy Corner, Inc.,
director, Psychological Trauma Program,
                                                          Temecula, Calif.
LAC-USC Medical Center; co-director,
MCAVIC-USC Child and Adolescent                           Jeanine Kiss, MA, ADTR, DTRL, Hancock
Trauma Program, National Child                            Center for Dance/Movement Therapy,
Traumatic Stress Network                                  Madison, Wis.
Bob Cohen-Wichner, BA, co-founder,                        Barbara Knox, MD, faculty, School of
Healing Horsemanship Foundation, Inc.,                    Medicine and Public Health, University
partners, Interstate Horse Center,                        of Wisconsin–Madison.
Stoughton, Wis.
                                                          Cheryl Lanktree, PhD, executive director,
Nikki Cohen-Wichner, MS, LMFT,                            Miller Children’s Abuse and Violence
co-founder, Healing Horsemanship                          Intervention Center (MCAVIC), and
Foundation, Inc., partner, Interstate Horse               project director, MCAVIC-USC Child and
Center, Stoughton, Wis.                                   Adolescent Trauma Program, National
                                                          Child Traumatic Stress Network,
Christine A. Courtois, PhD, PLC,
                                                          Long Beach, Calif.
psychologist, private practice, Washington,
D.C., and clinical and training director, The             Jennie Noll, PhD, associate professor
CENTER: Post-Traumatic Disorders Program,                 of pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Medical
The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, D.C.             Center, Center for Epidemiology and
                                                          Biostatistics, Cincinnati, Ohio
Geraldine Crisci, MSW, clinical social worker,
private practice, Crisci & Mayer Consultation,            David S. Prescott, LICSW, clinical director,
Counseling and Training, Toronto, Ontario,                Minnesota Sex Offender Program,
Canada                                                    Moose Lake, Minn.
April Dirks-Bihun, PhD, LISW, MSW,                        Anna Salter, PhD, psychologist, Department
assistant professor, Department of                        of Corrections, Madison, Wis.
Social Work, Mount Mercy College,
                                                          John Seasock, PsyD, president, Renaissance
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
                                                          Psychological and Counseling Corporation,
                                                          Kingston, Pa.

10    Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse

Jennifer Shaw, PsyD, partner, psychotherapist,
Gil Center for Healing and Play, Fairfax, Va.
Kristen Shook Slack, PhD, professor and
associate director, School of Social Work,
University of Wisconsin–Madison.
Paul Stern, JD, prosecutor, Snohomish
County Prosecutors Office, Everett, Wash.
Anthony J. Urquiza, PhD, clinical child
psychologist, professor and director of
Mental Health Services and Clinical
Research at the UC Davis CAARE Center,
Department of Pediatrics, UC Davis
Children’s Hospital, Sacramento, Calif.
Bessel van der Kolk, MD, professor of
psychiatry, Boston University School
of Medicine; medical director, Trauma
Center at JRI, Boston, Mass.
Julie A. Welch, Child Abuse Training
Director, Prosecuting Attorneys Association
of Michigan, Lansing, Mich.
Jennifer Wilgocki, MS LSCW, Child and
Family Therapist, Midwest Center for
Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy,
Middleton, Wis.
Ann Wingate, MA, DTRL, Hancock Center
for Dance/Movement Therapy, Madison, Wis.

            A lot of practical suggestions for me to incorporate into my own
            work setting. This was a great conference.
            —Christy Webster, MSW

            Excellent overall conference. Consistently the best I attend.
            —Clint S., LPC

            The variety of topics and presenters from across the country
            was outstanding.
            —Fred S., forensic program director

            Very practical therapeutic information and techniques; case
            examples very useful and speakers were very well prepared.
            —Kathy L., PhD

                                     Workshop descriptions available at   11
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
                                                          Play Therapy
 Continuing Education Credits                             University of Wisconsin–Madison Continuing
                                                          Studies is approved by the Association for Play
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 after full day of participation. Partial credit is       play therapy (provider #01-113). PDAS maintains
 not awarded; late arrivals or early departures           responsibility for the program. The sessions
 preclude awarding CE credits.                            approved for play therapy hours are: 34, 43
                                                          and 8:30 am plenary session on Oct. 25.
 Some continuing education hours are
 pending approval. Call 800-442-7107 for                  WI Marriage and Family Therapists
 up-to-date approval information or visit the             This conference qualifies as an accredited
 conference website at                  university continuing education course relevant
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 education unit (CEU) as 10 hours of parti-               the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners.
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 tion event under responsible sponsorship,
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 continuing education credits.                            PENDING APPROVAL.

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Education (ACE) program. Continuing Studies               This conference qualifies as an accredited
maintains responsibility for the program.                 university continuing education course
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National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)
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offer continuing education for National Certified
Counselors. We adhere to NBCC Continuing
Education Guidelines.
                                                                  Capitol view from Bascom Hill—photo by: Jeff Miller,
                                                                      University Communications, UW-Madison

12    Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse

Marriott Madison West
1313 John Q. Hammons Drive
Middleton, Wis. 53562
$81/single; $90/double
Marriott Web site:
Enter Group Code: MIDMIDA
A limited block of discounted rooms
is held at the Marriott-Madison West.
Make your own room reservation and
be sure to identify the group code of
MIDMIDA. The discounted conference
room rate is available only until Sept. 26
or until the block is full. Lodging is not
included in the registration fee.
The conference is at the Marriott
Madison West at 1313 John Q. Hammons
Drive in Middleton, Wis. (608-831-2000).          Location
The Marriott Madison West is located
on the West Beltline (Hwy. 12) Exit at            There’s plenty to do in the Madison area
Greenway Boulevard. The hotel offers              in the fall. One of the best biking commu-
complimentary transportation to and               nities in the nation, it’s also a beautiful
from the Dane County Regional Airport             place to walk or run. Shop at the Farmer’s
and is served by all major Madison cab            Market, State Street, or nearby Greenway
companies. Parking is free!                       Station. Take your pick from a huge
                                                  variety of restaurants, from holes-in-the-
Travel Information                                wall to fine dining to chains. Heck, visit
The Dane County Regional Airport is               the National Mustard Museum in down-
20 minutes from the Marriott Madison              town Middleton. And don’t forget the
West. If you’re flying into Chicago,              UW-Madison campus—try some Babcock
Van Galder Bus Co. provides round-                Hall ice cream or just enjoy the breath-
trip bus service from Chicago to                  taking sunsets from the Union Terrace.
Madison. For information contact                  Area attractions include Frank Lloyd or 800-                      Wright’s Taliesin in nearby Spring Green,
747-0994.                                         Circus World in Baraboo, and Botham
                                                  Vineyards in Barneveld.
Discounted Airfare: Call Fox World
Travel, 888-691-9163, and identify                Visit for an
yourself as a participant of UW-Madison’s         online map and calendar of area activi-
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual                ties, plus information about Madison
Abuse to receive discounted airfare.              and beautiful southcentral Wisconsin.

                                  Workshop descriptions available at   13
                    Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
                    Four Easy Ways to Register                            Registrations are confirmed in writing.
                          Online                                          Do not assume you are registered
                                   unless you have received a confirmation.
                          register.htm                                    Be sure to check the dates for which
                                                                          you are registered. If you do not receive
                          800-725-9692 or 608-265-3261                    a confirmation, call 800-725-9692.
                          (7 am-4:30 pm Central Time). Call and           Cancellation Policy
                          charge the registration fee to your             If you are unable to attend or arrange
                          VISA, MasterCard, or American Express
                                                                          for a substitute, you may obtain
                          account. When you register by phone,
                                                                          a refund minus the $50 administrative
                          please have the registration form
                          completed, including your workshop              fee by contacting our registration depart-
                          choices, so you have all the informa-           ment at least three business days prior
                          tion needed by the registrar.                   to the program. If you cancel three
                                                                          business days or less before the program,
                                                                          or do not attend, you are responsible
                          800-741-7416 or 608-265-3163
                                                                          for the entire fee. To cancel or arrange
                          Mail                                            for a substitute, call 800-725-9692.
                          Return your registration form and
                          check made payable to UW-Madison                Other Information
                          to Midwest Conference Registration              Books and other materials will be
                          Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St,                    for sale and displayed each day of
                          Madison, WI 53706-1487                          the conference.

                                                                          University of Wisconsin 39-1805963.
                Registration for Workshops
                and/or Post-Conference Institutes
                Indicate on the registration form the
                institutes and/or workshops you plan to
                attend. While space in particular
                                                                            Win Two-Day Registration to
                sessions is not guaranteed, this allows us
                to schedule sessions in appropriately
                                                                            the 2012 Midwest Conference
                sized rooms.                                                Simply include your email address
                                                                            on the registration form, and complete
                Fees and Discounts
                                                                            the online conference evaluation
                See registration form for fee breakdown.
                                                                            following the conference and you
                Fees include instruction, materials,
                                                                            will be entered in a random drawing
                breaks, continental breakfast, and
                                                                            to win two days free attendance
                continuing education credits. To keep
                                                                            to next year’s conference. Names and
                registration fees down, lunches are
                                                                            email addresses are neither sold nor
                not included.
                                                                            distributed to any other organization.
                Early Registration Fee
                Register by Sept. 26 and take advantage
                of the registration fees listed on the
                registration form. Add $50 to the regis-
                                                                             Congratulations to Jamie S. from
                tration fee if registering after Sept. 26.
                                                                             Louisville, Ky! She is last year’s winner
                Group Discount                                               of two days free registration to the
                Agencies sending five or more people                         2011 Conference.
                may take advantage of the per-person
                group-registration fee. To receive the
                group discount, all registrations must
                                                                          This program is offered by UW-Madison in cooperation
                be sent in the same envelope, faxed at                    with UW-Extension. If you have a disability and desire
                the same time, or phoned in at the                        accommodations, please advise us ahead of time.
                same time. No exceptions.                                 Requests are confidential. DCS–MAC#055–6/11

               14     Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse   • October 2011
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse
2011 Registration Form                                                                           Program #1501
This form may be duplicated. One person per registration form please.
Enter UW# code from address panel. UW# W55
Midwest Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Conference — Oct. 24-25
Post-Conference Advanced Training Institutes — Oct. 26-27
Registration Fee: Please mark the appropriate box.
r	I have already phoned/ faxed my registration, and am sending this copy along with my payment.
                                                                          Reg Fee                Student*              Group **
Monday–Tuesday, Oct. 24-25
  Midwest Conference (2 days)                                          r $285                    r $235                r $265
Monday, Oct. 24
  Midwest Conference                                                   r $155                    r $125                r $135
Tuesday, Oct. 25
  Midwest Conference                                                   r $155                    r $125                r $135
Wednesday, Oct. 26
  Post Conf. Advanced Training Inst.                                   r $155                    r $125                r $135
Thursday, Oct. 27
  Post Conf. Advanced Training Inst.                                   r $155                    r $125                r $135
Total Conference Fees Above
After Sept. 26—add $50 to conference fee total.
Total Payment Due
* Student: Full-time students are eligible for reduced rates. Enclose a copy of your validated student ID with your registration form.
** Groups: Agencies sending five or more employees may take advantage of the reduced per person group registration fee.
   To receive the group discount all forms must be mailed in the same envelope, all faxed together, or all telephoned in

   at the same time. No exceptions!




                                                              city / state / zip

Phone (                )
           area code                                    daytime number / evening number

                           May be used to contact you about registration and also for future marketing

 Enclosed is my check/money order,                                             Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 24-25
  payable to UW-Madison.
                                                                                Conference Workshops
 Please bill the agency at the above address.
 Please charge to the following account:                                       If attending the two-part workshop, please
    MasterCard  VISA  American Express                                       indicate both parts in corresponding time frames.
Card No.
                                                                                Oct. 24, 10:30 Workshops 1-7 Choice:
                                                                                Oct. 24, 1:15 Workshops 8-14 Choice:
Cardholder’s Name                                                               Oct. 24, 3:00 Workshops 15-22 Choice:
Online                                                                          Oct. 25, 1:15 Workshops 23-30 Choice:                                     Oct. 25, 3:00 Workshops 31-38 Choice:
Call *
  800-725-9692 or 608-265-3261 (Wisconsin Relay 711)                            Wednesday-Thursday, Oct. 26-27
Fax *                                                                           Post-Conference Institutes
  800-741-7416 or 608-265-3163                                                  Oct. 26 Institutes 39-42               Choice:
Mail                                                                            Oct. 27 Institutes 43-46               Choice:
  Midwest Conference Registration
  Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St,
  Madison, WI 53706-1487
* Phone or fax registrations must include payments by credit card or purchase order.

                                                        Workshop descriptions available at                  15
27th Annual                                                                        NONPROFIT ORG
Midwest Conference on                                                              US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                     MADISON WI
                                                                                    PERMIT NO 658
Child Sexual Abuse
Oct. 24-25, 2011: Conference                                               Important UW# Code H10
Oct. 26-27, 2011: Advanced Training Institutes                                        FIRST CLASS
This brochure has been sent to many different mailing lists, and you may
receive more than one brochure. If so, please pass it on to a colleague.

Win a 2-day Registration to the 2012
Midwest Conference. See page 14 for details.

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